Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Culture of Luxury Books

Hello friends - the question - book or e-reader - and some other thoughts about it by Sophie White today as I attempt to get myself back together after vacation. Don't forget that the Show Us Your Books: Anniversary Edition link up is Tuesday, October 13. Enjoy! 
In a world where the modern reader seeks convenience, such devices as tablets have slowly risen to replace paper books to introduce digital copies of the written word. For many, this is a sign of the rise of modern books, and it has since been forecast that paper books will soon be replaced completely.

Bibliophiles may disagree. With the role books has had over the centuries, some book lovers may think that they will never be completely erased, for culture is what they represent. But with today’s highly visual audience, publishers have raised the bar on books’ graphic appeal, introducing a niche of artistic designs and covers that attract collectors, putting more focus on luxury books.

The art of the printed word

The key to getting modern readers interested these days seem to be through a highly attractive book cover design. For bibliophiles, this is taken one step further and would include the overall design of the book. Still, for those looking to peek into high style and art, luxury books have found their place.

Whatever the case, it cannot be denied that books still hold their own magic for readers. There are also different types of books that don’t fit very well for digital copy. This would include highly photo-centric books that are best enjoyed in glossy volumes for full appreciation. These books are items of luxury and are considered as objects of art themselves, to be proudly put on display in the home.

A different sensory experience

One of the most important things a book can have is to capture and immortalize different facets of life – whether through pictures or words – and this is deftly achieved in books that hold both in equal importance.

Luxury books can claim to give readers a different, dignified experience for the senses. With beautiful, memorable photographs that can capture everything from art to fashion and travel, luxury books are themselves a reflection of culture.

The modern audience includes people who consume visual components every day – from advertisements on the street to social media pictures as well as television shows. With so much going on in daily life, books offer an escape and a sight into other worlds.

Printed books in the digital age

With the on-the-go lifestyle many people lead these days, it can be really useful to have a tablet from which to access different books anytime at any place. But the appeal of physical books will never truly go away for the most dedicated reader.

What is even more undeniable is the appeal of volumes of books laid out across shelves in one’s own home. It signifies a sense of comfort and relaxed coziness that book lovers value when they read. This is why home libraries are considered as valuable personal spaces of culture across the world.

Even as e-books rise higher in popularity, books will only evolve to become even more sought-after for creating personal collections in one’s own space. This is why books may never truly go out of print even as the juggernaut of modernism continues to roll.

Sophie White is a blogger based in Australia with a wide array of interests that have to do with high style and its appreciation. She is a bibliophile and true book lover, as well as having a keen eye for the latest in fashion and good food.  With her passion for sophistication and quality, she partners with Assouline, an independent publisher of lifestyle luxury books with boutiques around the world.


  1. I love both, I love to hold a book and actually turn the pages but I do love the convenience of having an e-reader and having multiple books waiting for me to read. I will forever switch between the two.

  2. It's about convenience for me. If I can find it digitally, I"ll read it. If it's hardcopy, that's fine too. I do collect my favorites in hardback and keep them on a shelf though.

  3. I love holding a book and referring back to certain parts. Going to the library today.
    While I do read my phone a lot, it's primarily current events and social media. Books are like friends! I love them.
    Have a happy day. Love. Your. Momma

  4. There was a news article last week that said the sale of printed books is on the rise while the sale of ebooks declined. I wonder if people are starting to reappreciate printed books or if they just want time away from screens.

    Either way, I read both. Preferably printed but I am not adamantly opposed to ebooks. Anymore, that is.

  5. I love reading a book. I do enjoy reading books on my ipad but I find holding a read book to be better. You ladies have all encouraged me to read more which I have been doing. It's going very slowly but at least I'm reading right? I could spend hours at the bookstore and library.

  6. I agree that it's a different sensory experience entirely, one that you really can't beat. i like listening to books but you can't beat actually reading them.

  7. I love both... I'll switch back & forth from my kindle to an actual book. It keeps me level to do both. I have such bad eyes anymore, I like the option to make print bigger on Kindles.

  8. I have never thought of this! I like them both, but have been doing a lot more kindle reading these days due to travel. What I miss about having a kindle is that it is hard to go back and see what you have read. I do love to have hard copy books for my favorites!

  9. I have never thought of this! I like them both, but have been doing a lot more kindle reading these days due to travel. What I miss about having a kindle is that it is hard to go back and see what you have read. I do love to have hard copy books for my favorites!

  10. Interesting take on this for sure! I'm all about the sanctity of books. However, my last two moves have taught me to limit the books I own to ones I really love and use a library! They are just very cumbersome to have around. I also like the idea of reading a book and then passing it on.

  11. i love both! i saw something the other day that said 'ebooks are books too!' and it made me laugh. i still prefer real books and always will, but i like the convenience of my kindle. i also have issues with buying things and keeping them and cluttering up my house.. so i like that i can read the ebook and then buy the real book if i love it enough to physically have it in my house. i also like the library for that, but our library tends to suck.

  12. I have mostly ebooks these days because I get a lot of them for free and because I don't like a lot of clutter in my house. However, there is no better feeling than wondering around a book store for me! And to smell a new book! I still like to purchase some prints to keep if I know I am going to love it!

  13. I was in a brick and mortar bookstore last Dec. and I was like "Oh my gosh, I had forgotten what new books look and smell like". I was on a high. No offense to old books in libraries, but who knows what toilets they've been in! LOL.

  14. i have a different type of book for every book I read. I like easy, breezy books for audible during my commute that don't take a lot of attention to details, I have to have printed books for any time of self help in case I want to highlight and anything new release I read on my tablet because my small town library doesn't usually get new releases quick enough for me. For me, as long as I have something to read, I don't care too much how I get my hands on it. But there is nothing quite like a hardback, that is by far my favorite.

  15. I'm all about both - as I prefer to hold an actual book, I love the ease of being able to immediately download the next book in a series on my kindle :)

    Green Fashionista

  16. I really can't get into e-books. Maybe it's all of those years of reading textbooks online that just makes me brain die every time I see the written word on a screen? Whatever it is, physical books will always be my favorite and go to for reading...unless I'm traveling and don't want to take 5 500 page books in my suitcase... - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  17. I would never turn my cheek on an e-book but I will allllways prefer paper books... there's just something so satisfying about turning a physical page!


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