Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm gonna keep on loving you...

How about a little REO Speedwagon to tug on your heart strings on this fine Wednesday morning? There are some things I love so deeply I can say with near certainty that I'm going to keep on loving them. Things like...

Trying new restaurants

Reading books and blogging about books and checking out everyone's Show Us Your Books posts and basically never shutting the fuck up about books

Witnessing the sunrise

Taking advantage of Amazon Prime

Glancing up to see the American flag flapping in the breeze

Laughing at Veep, especially my favorite - Gary

Drinking weekend and vacation coffee

People watching

Seeing awesome things happen to and for the people I love

Strolling on the Ocean City boardwalk 

Spending time with my girlfriends

Watching my beloved 80s movies - Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Sixteen Candles, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Clue, Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Caddyshack, Fast Times, Stand by Me, Heathers

Having ridiculous conversations with MFD

Practicing daily gratitude

Hearing stories of generosity and wins for humanity

Walking in the woods with my dogs at Lori & Jack's

Buying new nail polish

Listening to the Born to Run / Rumors / August and Everything After albums from start to finish 

Wearing lounge attire

Planning vacations

What are some things you think you're gonna keep on loving?

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  1. This is such a fun post!! I'm going to keep on loving my morning runs - totally get me through the day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yes! Wth is it about vacation coffee that makes it so good?

  3. Oh man I haven't seen Heathers in forever. Lick it up baby, Priceless. I will forever love reading and talking about books too. I was just thinking today about scheduling a long weekend so I can just read all weekend. Haha!

  4. Saw the sunrise over the ocean this morning and a long walk at the water's edge. Feeling supremely grateful ! I love looking at pictures and happy memories flooding back. Laughing about 16 Candles on Monday. Laughing about lots of things. We are lucky ducks. Love. Your. Momma

  5. everything except planning vacations. loathe. i'd rather just show up with everything already planned and let the vacay begin!

    here's a little story about humanity i read the other day: there was a big accident on some freeway and a family, including a child was ejected out of the car. all family members except the little child was transported to the hospital (no more room) so they were waiting for the next ambulance to take the kid. the kid was maybe around 5 or 6 and strapped to those safety boards and she was so scared without her parents. one of the fire fighters saw this so he lay down beside her and put on some kind of cartoon on his phone and softly spoke to her/watched the show with her until the ambulance arrived and she was loaded into the van. how sweet is that?

  6. I wrote a letter to my 16 year old self as part of Blogtember today so this is a pretty timely question, there are some things that I enjoyed at 16 I don't enjoy at (almost) 26 and even though there are so many things I enjoy now I'm sure I won't enjoy them all at 36! I do think that I'll continue to love reading, writing and scrapbooking. I can see myself losing interest in social media.

  7. We only got Amazon Prime a few months ago. I don't know how we ever lived without it. NEVER AGAIN!
    The journal I have now has a spot each day where you can write something you're grateful for and it's one of my favorite features. No excuses because you're already looking at your planner every day anyway! And it always perks me up. :)
    Lounge attire should be a dress code. I change as soon as I walk through the door, no joke. Before I even go to the bathroom. And you know I take my bathrooming very seriously.
    Dog videos online is something I'll never stop loving! lol

  8. Buying new, definitely unneeded nail polish. Can't stop, won't stop.

  9. I could spend hours people watching! I love it. Oh and I love the movie Sixteen Candles!! Oh Jake Ryan!

  10. Now I want to have an 80s movie marathon.

  11. The beach and reading!

    Also 80's movies are the best and I can't wait to introduce K to them.

  12. planning vacations and basically never shutting up about books! yes yes. they are definitely things i will never stop loving. and, of course, P&P. alllllll things P&P.

  13. Yes, yes, yes! I also always love seeing that flag in the breeze and everything Amazon Prime. Ordered of course while in lounge wear sipping weekend coffee. Life is good!

  14. 80's movies NEVER get old to me. Even the corny ones :)

  15. In theory, I love watching the sunrise. In reality, there's a voice in my head and tells me to stay in bed just a little bit longer... it's so annoying! :)

    Trying new restaurants is always fun.

    Daily gratitude = YES. Everything.

    I love walking with my dog anywhere, always a blast.

    and I live for lounging attire.

  16. Oh dear... I've only seen 4 of those movies. This is a great list! People watching, coffee, Amazon Prime, girl time, and planning vacations are on my list too, as well as traveling, watching the sun set, and photo booths.

  17. Lounge attire is becoming more and more appreciated! Like as soon as I get in the door after a long day. Yes to Amazon Prime, vacation planning and several others. Oh and of course the song from REO.

  18. time with my dog and family, lounge attire, coffee, gratitude, sun (rise, shine, set), cape may, my little house, my garden, reading on a rainy day, sleeping on a rainy day, being snowbound, and on and on and on...

    1. AND THE FULL MOON!!!!!!!!! How did I forget???

  19. I love all your 80s movies picks. I would totally have an 80s movie marathon with you! Also love this post will probably be borrowing it!

  20. Yes to all of these things!!!! Especially reading, consuming coffee, trying new restaurants, trying new beers/cocktails, stealing puppy kisses, listening to 90's music, and playing Mario Kart. :)

  21. Totally have that song in my head now! And you know how much I love planning vacations! I can't come back from one unless I have another one planned and something to look forward to :)

  22. it's hard or me to think now, of course. i'll keep on loving books (had to copy!), diet coke, and travel!

  23. What a beautiful list! I also love Amazon Prime and all about the books! I've found that I love deep books. I want to feel all the feels when I read. I want to cry deeply, laugh heartily, and smile from ear to ear.

  24. Thank you for the tune in my head, I'm thoroughly enjoying it now.

    I'll never tire of Rick Astley. Hahahha

  25. Ah...REO Speedwagon! Now all I can think about is that lead singer's mullet! I will always love spending time anywhere in Cape Cod, The Big Bang Theory, cheesecake, having the house to myself, reading a good book in bed, pizza and a girls night out (or lunch). I do love Veep too...Julia Louis Dreyfus is hysterical.

  26. I love so so many of these things! Especially: flags, sunrises, trying new restaurants, & planning vacations.

  27. Your blog
    Stalking the pugs
    Sh*t MFD says
    ....I have a problem.

  28. I love 80s movies! I noticed you listed Dirty Dancing first -- it's my favourite!!!

  29. Count me in for all those '80s movies, and Rumors every time! (Born to Run most of the time too :)) Daily gratitude is an amazing and life-changing thing, and it just so happens I think nail polish can sometimes be too. Love this post as a window into you!

  30. You know me. I'm gonna keep on loving a post that starts with a little REO Speedwagon. Fun fact: my dance teacher in 11th & 12th grade, her husband had been a touring musician with REO for several tours. Another fun fact about her: her best friend from high school is married to Mark Hammil (yes, Luke Skywalker). I really got distracted from the meaning of this post, didn't I?
    I'm going to keep on loving: hair bands, the second point that you wrote word for word, hoodies, animal print, and the smell of salt water.

  31. YES to everything on your list. Except Veep, I haven't watched it yet. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus though so it's definitely on the someday list :) And Rumors - YES!

  32. ooooh I love this! weekend coffee + vacation coffee is so much better than work coffee...

  33. I love almost all of the things you've listed here. I was going to share the ones that stood out most for me, but then I realized I'd basically be regurgitating your post.

    Things not mentioned that I'm sure I will always love: Elliott Smith, writing, and trying new recipes.

  34. I have to agree with a lot of the things you listed here, especially book love and people watching. Oh and lounge wear. That's the first thing I do when I get home. I'm also going to add cuddles from your pet, hiking/being in the woods and prank wars.


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