Friday, January 15, 2016

Shit MFD Said Vol 26

Yelling up the stairs
MFD: Steph? I want to know what temperature it should be...66 or 67?
Me: What?
MFD: I want to know what I should put the air on. 66 or 67?
Me: We're not putting the air on.
MFD: I think I have to put the air on.
Me: No!
Mfd: It's not December. It's August.

Found this gem in a note on my phone from the beginning of December
Me: Are you going to do the front window?
MFD: The lights aren't right.
Me: You're not going to find the perfect lights. 
MFD: Those people around the corner have them. I'm just going to their house and asking them where they got them
Me: What? You don't know them. You can't just knock on their door and be the weird guy asking about their lights. 
MFD: Sure I can. I can just casually ask. 
Me: No.
MFD: Can I write a note? 
Me: Are you going to sign it Clark Griswold? Because this is fucking crazy.
MFD: I'm going there. 

When I come home to couches recovered and a new rug in the living room
Me: You can't find your thumb but you know where to find the extra couch covers that have been stored upstairs in the spare room for a year?
MFD: Well I remembered where you put them. Now, I couldn't find the dog bowls that were right in front of me last night, but, you know.

After he got a tooth removed on 12/30
Me: Why did you need OB tampons?
MFD: Because they're small and I can put them in the back of my mouth if I need them when I'm playing. (playing sax)
Me: You could have just cut some regular tampons. 
MFD: Really?
Me: Yes. Really. So basically I bought a $6 box of OB tampons and you might use two.
MFD: Maybe someone will have a wound when they're over and we can use them then. Or to clean up a major spill.

Have a great weekend amigos!

All read and approved by MFD before they go live...
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  1. "maybe someone will have a wound" - so classic!! The clark griswold reference is pretty hilarious too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, "maybe someone will have a wound". I'm dying. Also, isn't it just like a man to remember the most random, minuscule detail and then completely miss something obvious or big??!?

    Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

  3. I not only can see him going to the neighbors to ask about the lights, I can see him being their new best friend and getting referrals from them.

  4. Ok these are a riot and so darn unique.
    Keep 'em coming !
    Happy almost weekend!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  5. MFD, MFD, MFD! I can just see him offering a tampon to a slip & fall out front...

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. This is absolutely pure gold! Love that he was gonna go to the neighbor's house (did he??) and the Clark Griswold comment was amazing. And the OB tampons...well, all of it. Thank you for this amazing laugh today!

  7. LOL... Maybe Clark should take the OBs as a wound gift for the neighbors...!

  8. OB's are great for nosebleeds! Did he ever find out where your neighbors got the "perfect" lights?

  9. LOL at the tampons, and MFD is a better man than my husband will ever be to even dream of putting a tampon in his mouth... my husband acts like he'll turn into a monster if he so much as touches an unopened box. And now I have to know - did he consult with the neighbors for the lights?

  10. Oh my gosh the last conversation is epic-ally hilarious! Oh the crazy things our husbands will say/do. Have a great weekend!

  11. o.M.G. I am dying! the couch covers and the tampons!!

  12. haha... I just want a picture of him with a tampon in his mouth.
    ... keep the others on standby in case of a bad nose bleed :)

  13. LOL! MFD is funny. I don't understand why men can't find ish. It's mind boggling. The object in question is 99.9% usually in front of their faces yet they miss it. Hope you have a great weekend Steph! Happy 2016 :) -Iva

  14. The fact that he asked for a specific brand of tampons amuses more than everything.

  15. LOL the tampon thing. Hilarious mental pic of your hubs w/tampons in his mouth.

  16. Did he end up asking the neighbours about the lights? lol. these posts are my favourite :)

  17. My house is probably having an identity crisis, because it is AC one day and heat the next. Weather has been insane here.

  18. bahahahaha the tampons one was hilarious. tmi, but they are the ones i use because they are the only brand here without applicators (that i can find). did he ask the neighbours about the lights?!

  19. LOL at the OB tampons! And MFD is officially the new Clark W. Griswold - hilarious! Happy Friday <3

  20. What a great laugh for a Friday!! Did he end up going to ask the neighbors about the lights?

  21. I seriously got so excited when I saw this post title, hahaha. YES. And it did not disappoint. Your husband is hilarious. Happy Friday indeed!

  22. I am reminded of the SATC scene where Steve walks into a door and Blair Underwood shoves a tampon up his nose to stop the bleeding. I think MFD has a valid point here.

  23. That's so funny what he said about the tampons! My husband swears that we need a go bag, just in case the zombie apocalypse happens, and he swears that we need tampons and pads in case of wounds. And men always can't find things that are right in front of them! I think it's something wrong with their brains...

  24. God bless MFD, I love these posts. Did he end up asking the neighbors about the lights?! I so hope he did, that would be amazing!

  25. LMFAO at the tampons!! I love these posts!
    Where'd you two meet by the way?

  26. Jesus, the tampons! LOLs for days! I would start writing all of the conversations Pete and I have but, really, how many times can I write about all of Pete's theories on how he'd survive the zombie Apocalypse?? And I should really leave this comment on your other post, but I'll cheat and leave it here: I love painting, I'll come paint your basement!

  27. The tampons have to be my favorite . . . and the fact that he was willing to put one in his mouth! LOL!

  28. Hahaha I feel like he could have charmed the lights right off of your neighbor's house.

  29. Lmao I feel like the tampons thing is something I would do and my husband would make fun of me for. I feel he was being pretty inventive with the tampons in the first place haha.

  30. So I'm dying to know what happened with the lights! Did he go?!

  31. I love that he wanted to go just to find the perfect lights, did he really go? I can't imagine him putting tampons in his mouth, but I kind of can too.

  32. So...did he go find out where they got their lights? Such a cliff hanger!

  33. Oh my God, the tampons! LOL!

    And I'm with the others ... What happened with the lights? (This is also something my husband would do, and that made me laugh even more since I was also picturing Eric in that situation. Haha.)


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