Monday, January 4, 2016

TWTW - the one with New Year

Raise your hand if you didn't make it until midnight on New Year's hand is raised. I did take Gus to acupuncture earlier in the day, MFD and I were unintentional samesies dressers, and Debbie came over for crab dip and other apps and a super easy ice cream sandwich.
Good thing I made the traditional pork & sauerkraut New Year's meal on New Year's eve because as I was settling in with my coffee to make mashed potatoes on New Year's morning, I got a call from MFD that he needed me to bring his sax to the clubhouse. It's not Mummers Day unless he forgets something that requires me to leave the house in pajamas. And then he came back home looking for something else. I felt anxiety and I'm not even a mummer. LOL
Peters and I met Jenn & Kit Kat at the train station...then I had to get off at 30th Street to pee. So, need to pee before the parade and I wore a coat that wasn't warm enough. Amateur hour. No matter, Peters and I hopped a cab down Market Street to see Frank at Fralinger and take a look see at the street scenes before heading to see Ferko.
We watched Ferko run through a few times.
Then we made our way to the stands where we encountered a hipster in an awesome suit and a marshall with a man bun. We were sitting in the back, which is where you can see the marshalls sweat it seemingly more than the performers sometimes. Many things go into a show, not just what you see in the front!
Lots of chicanery on the train home, a stop at Three Monkeys, then Jenn picked me up and we headed down to Ferko. I was very pleased with the parade through the neighborhood after it was announced that Ferko won second prize. Congrats to South Philly on first prize! Plus time with my favorites before I started whining to go home. Old ladies cannot drink beer all day. Trust.
I loved Ferko this year, especially the music. Here is aYouTube clip of it below if you're interested.
I meant to do a great many things Saturday including driving down to the shore, but when I woke up I didn't want to do much aside from watch Making a Murderer and order food. Luckily MFD and I blurted out to each other immediately that we didn't want to go to the shore as planned which alleviated either one of us from feeling like a ruiner. We stayed home and he went to make his Mum rounds at night. After we watched the parade again, of course.
Sunday it was time to pay the piper. We were on the road to the shore by 9:30. We took photos to put it up on VRBO and winterized it. We stopped at the beach to see the ocean and on the way home we made a huge list of things that need to be done in the spring. Well, not on the way home. On the way to a showing appointment. I was driving Miss Daisy all over NJ and got home a few hours later than planned.
I had grand plans of things to do at home, but I was exhausted. So I made mashed potatoes to accompany the leftover pork, made scrambled eggs and poop soup for the dogs, and egg muffins for breakfast for me this week. Lunches are salads (buying from Wawa) and dinners are leftovers and spaghetti squash with olive oil, black olives, grape tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. I'll make that today or Tuesday.
Speaking of dogs...
And of course, the best thing about January - the return of Downton Abbey.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
I hope you started 2016 off on a good foot! I'm looking to settle into it this week. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...time to stop thinking and just breathe and make some to do lists.

My BFF Laura celebrated her birthday yesterday, and my aunt Sue celebrates hers today. Happy Happy!
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  1. That parade looks like so much fun! We put a dent in watching making a murderer as well - that show is just crack LOL! I think now that Downton Abbey is ending I can start watching so I can binge on it LOL! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The Mummers Parade looked like a ton of fun! My husband and I watched the whole season of Making a Murderer in like 3 days (maybe 4). Its so insane!!
    Happy New Year friend!

  3. Happy New Year! I like all of the pictures from the parade. Looks like such a fun time! I ended up spending New Years in Cape Cod. It was really nice because the weather was actually so warm! I keep hearing about Making A Murderer and I haven't watched it yet. Need to check that out!

  4. yes to doggie acupuncture!! actually, any form of acu i support because it's the BEST treatment ever. I know you were thinking of trying/doing it and it's incredible for all kinds of things. I use to it heal any issue I may have and it's so relaxing at the same time.

    happy 2016!

  5. Your mummers photos are always so cool. It looks like such a fun time!
    Aww doggie acupuncture. He's tolerating it well?

  6. Not embarrassed to say I was in bed by 9:30 on NYE-haha. We celebrated a night in, so no reason to stay up late. Have a great week!

  7. We made it to Midnight on NYE, but barely! I'm going to give our Starbucks that we drank around 4:00 all the credit for our ability to stay up that late! We started watching Making A Murderer this weekend too, and it's so good! We're only 3 episodes into it, but it's amazing how they did that to somebody! I can't wait to watch the rest!

  8. I record Downton Abby & cant wait to get home to watch it!
    That guy in the Beyonce black unitard :) haha!!!!
    That ice cream sandwich - OH MY WORD!!!!!!
    I gotta watch Making a Murderer - everyone is talking about it

  9. Nice long holiday or so it seems. Friday holidays are awesome! Yours was a whirlwind, for sure! The shore house looks lovely. The beach looks lovely. We were in bed before 11 on NYE!
    I knew all of our chickens stayed in, so that was nice. If I lived in a warm climate, I think I would be up until midnight. The cold makes me tired! Daylight is increasing little by little each day! Thank Goddess!
    Have an easily productive week!
    Love, Your Momma

  10. I am so excited about the return of Downton!

  11. How fun is that parade, awesome New Year's tradition! Glad you guys had an amazing long weekend, and the pics for your VRBO listing are perfect. Still loving all the bright colors in the house. Cheers to a fabulous week and year <3

  12. ahh downton! i am trying to hold off and then i will binge watch it all towards the end of the season. i may re-watch the entire show, because why not.
    i love when KC and I both say we don't want to do something we had planned - it's almost like someone cancelling plans you didn't want to do anyway haha, such relief.
    the parade looks seriously amazing and super fun. love the hipster guy's suit. i did make it to midnight on NYE but i was in bed by half past! fine by me :)

  13. How about this... I didn't WANT to make it to the new year. I was at a party and was so so tired. that parade looks awesome. it's definitely on my list of things I'd like to do in life.

  14. Ferko did awesome, so impressed with how they come up with the themes and music. I too am so behind and making spaghetti squash tonight. Where does the weekend go?!

  15. Making a Murderer. I swear, my blood pressure is exponentially higher now that I've watched it. Maddening.

    I definitely made it to midnight but then 1AM happened and I died.

  16. I really can't say enough how much I loved how the shore house turned out. So gorgeous. I started Making a Murderer this weekend too but kept getting distracted and accidentally talking through it. I want to start it again from the beginning but I already know how much it's going to drive me crazy!

  17. I need to start watching Making a Murder. You're the third or fourth person I've heard about it from. The parade looks like a lot of fun and this is the first time I'm hearing about Ferko. Nice weekend!

  18. That ice cream sandwich looks delish. What were your thoughts on Making a Murderer? I feel like 10 people have told me about it the last week, and I'm like "guys, I watched Christmas Eve. You know that true crime stuff is my shit."

  19. Pete is obsessed with Making a Murderer and I've watched bits and pieces but I haven't gotten on the bandwagon yet. From what I gather it's kiiiinda like a Serial deal???
    That spaghetti squash sounds AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

  20. Happy New Year! We made it to midnight, to eat the grapes, drink the cava, and go to bed soon after. We have been inundated with family for the holidays, so it was nice to do a whole lot of nothing for most of the weekend. Here's to getting back on track.

  21. We ended up at a friend of a friend's house for NYE and it was very chill, though I really struggled to stay awake until midnight - most of us did. LOL This parade every year that your husband is in looks so fun (well to watch, anyway)!

  22. Oh man a sax is a major thing to forget on your way to be in the Mummer's Parade! Good thing you saved the day! The shore house looks super cute. Love the colors!

  23. That quote from the dowager is one of my favorites. It applies to so many people.

    Kudos to you on food prep when you're tired. That's the worst.

    How do you like Making a Murderer?

  24. So funny! A friend of mine shared an OCNJ rental to another friend's Facebook this morning... As I'm scrolling through the listing and the photos, I realize it looks VERY FAMILIAR! What a small world.

  25. Gus looks adorable in his accupuncture attire, and the house pics are awesome!

  26. I would love to see a Mummer parade in person! So awesome! I was up until midnight but only because the little one was sick. Otherwise I probably would have called it a night around like 9:30! Gus looks so adorable!

  27. We made it to midnight, but fell asleep three minutes later. I love texting my friends in the Central time zone and telling them I'm in the future. It's stupid, but a new tradition. I also got sucked into Making a Murderer. I can't stop talking about it with everyone I see. UGH. Happy new year Steph! 2016 is sure to bring you lots of adventures and lots of wonderful sunrises. Also, let this be the year that we figure out how to meet for lunch, coffee, beers or a sunrise. Cheers!

  28. I made it to midnight, but only because I took a nap during the day in order to prepare! We headed to a neighbor's apartment (within the same building-huzzah!) and ate a ton and played a lot of games, so that definitely helped. I've heard of and watched (I think?) The Mummer's Parade, but had to look up Ferko. I love their costumes too!

  29. I didn't make it to midnight either.... we celebrated on east coast time. Your dog getting acupuncture. KILLS ME. I can't even imagine what my mom's dog would do we if we tried that with him. Poor dog is having to adjust to my husband... who is desperately trying to perfect his feeding and pooping schedule. My dad was the spoiler of the dog... so I'm pretty sure our dog thinks he's died and gone to hell. Maybe the acupuncture would help? LOL


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