Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Dinner Series: roast pork, carrots, and mashed potatoes

There are few things I love more than I hearty Sunday dinner. Hence, the Sunday dinner series. Once or twice a month I'll share a Sunday dinner.

I am a huge fan of pork. The other white meat. This Sunday dinner consisted of roasted pork loin, mashed potatoes, corn, and roasted carrots. And corn because MFD needs the corn with the mashed potatoes and pork.

3-4 lb pork loin - bring to room temperature (kosher salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, olive oil, dijon mustard)
3 lb potatoes for mashed (milk, butter, salt, pepper)
2-3 lb carrots (honey, olive oil, thyme, kosher salt)
Rinse pork and pat dry. Rub down with olive oil and dijon mustard. Cut a few holes in it and insert garlic. Season with kosher salt, white pepper, rosemary, and garlic powder.
Put some olive oil in a pan and heat it until it shimmers. Brown pork on all sides, about 5-6 minutes per side.

Preheat oven to 350. Spray a glass casserole with non-stick spray and cook pork about an hour and 20 minutes or until a meat thermometer reaches about 145. I like my pork a little pink in the middle. Feel free to leave it in longer but try not to turn it into sawdust.

Wash carrots well. I don't peel mine because the skin has good nutrients. slice down to equal portions, place in a bowl, and add olive oil until just coated. Add kosher salt and thyme and a bit of honey. Stir well. Spray a rimmed baking sheet with nonstick spray. I usually add these to the oven with the pork, and when the pork is finished I punch it up to 400 and finish these babies off. I like them a little browned. Just keep an eye on them and remove them when they look good to you.

Make your  mashed potatoes. My thoughts on mashed potatoes: 1. I never peel them, the skin has a lot of nutrients I want. 2. I add a ton of butter because this is my life and that's how I like it. 3. I keep it simple with just milk, butter, salt, and pepper.


 photo purple_zpse5f7f916.png
Replies to comments will be sparse while we're away, I'll get back to you when we return! Follow me and MFD on Instagram to see trip snaps! He typically out instagrams me on vacation.


  1. I love that you have purple carrots. I have never seen one in real life as my grocery stores and farmer's markets only have the orange variety. Boo.

  2. So much yes to Sunday dinners. My favourite meal of the week! Enjoy your trip! :)

  3. Amen on the BUTTER in the mashed potatoes. Makes me think of the time we were in OCNJ for breakfast and we didn't have enough BUTTER!!!!!
    Continued Angels and lights for a lovely rest of your trip.
    Love, Your Momma

  4. this looks delish! KC doesn't like to eat pork but i don't mind. i love big hearty sunday dinners!

  5. Saved this post - gonna make the pork soon! I get sick of chicken.

  6. This Sunday supper comprised of simmered pork loin, pureed potatoes, corn, and cooked carrots. Furthermore, corn in light of the fact that needs the corn with the pureed potatoes and pork. My name is Nagraj I'm working in this website I don't peel mine on the grounds that the skin has great supplements. cut down to equivalent bits, place in a dish, and include olive oil until simply covered. Include genuine salt and thyme and a touch of nectar. Mix well. Shower a rimmed heating sheet with nonstick splash. I for the most part add these to the stove with the pork, and when the pork is done I punch it up to 400 and complete these children off.


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