Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts on Home Decor

Homes and how we decorate them are so personal. What you love, I might hate. Something I love in your home I might not like in mine, but I like how it fits in yours.

I'm an eclectic decorator. If I see something I love, I will buy it and make it work. I absolutely love to troll the aisles of Homegoods hunting for treasure. I'm a fan of whimsy and words and color.

Some things I can't stand in my house but might like in yours...
  • Bed in a bag sets.
  • When everything in a room is matchy matchy. 
  • Curtains and blinds. I recognize their necessity but it doesn't mean I have to like them. 
  • Shitty gold or brass doorknobs. I need them changed out on all of our upstairs rooms.
  • Bare walls. To me, it's not mine unless I've personalized it.
  • The pillows that come with the couch.
  • Fake plants AKA dust collectors.
  • Bedskirts. I'm in the process of transitioning from bedskirts to a fitted sheet on boxsprings.
  • Matching coffee mugs.
  • Colored plates. I used to love them. Tastes change. 
  • White walls. There are no white walls in our shore house, and only the basement and bathrooms are off-white in our house. Possibly soon to be not white.
What do you not want in your space?

Replies to comments will be sparse while we're away, I'll get back to you when we return! Follow me and MFD on Instagram to see trip snaps! He typically out instagrams me on vacation.

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  1. Ugh the brass!!!! I hate the brass!! We re-did every doorknob in our house (with the exception of the front door because that presents its own problems) because the brass was so ugly. And all of the light fixtures. Ew ew ew!

  2. I totally agree on the matchy-matchy and bare walls. A friend has this great system where she only buys things in certain colors so everything in her house goes together- it works, but so unattainable for me so I embrace the "shabby chic" look. Also, shiny gold = ew. I don't mind bedskirts, but the fitted sheet trick is so much cheaper so I'm moving in that direction.

    We bought a house a few years ago and the main rooms (living room, master bedroom) have these awesome heavy duty need for blinds or curtains. It's amazing. Apparently we need to add some in our guest room & nursery though b/c my mom said the sun work her up- not looking forward to this! Haha.

  3. My parents always had white wall growing up so I've never really known any different. When I buy I want to experiment with color more and I have loved my bed in a bag from Target but am ready to buy something else that's not. Loving your Insta pics!!

  4. I hate curtains because they are overpriced. Just like underwear. An overpriced necessity. (Because I hate mini blinds more.)

  5. I love the look of matching coffee mugs but I love coffee mugs too much - we have the biggest hodgepodge ever of them

  6. I would not get knobs on cabinets ever again. Don't want blinds or curtains either only in bedrooms. I love my candid pics all over the place bringing back happy memories ! I love people feeling comfortable and welcome in my home. Lucky to have a very neat and helpful husband ! Would love a nice sunken tub for Epsom salts baths. Love neutrals a lot on myself and in my home. Love the blue Buddha you bought me! Love your momma. No punctuation etc. typing this while dancing in front of a bubble and raspberry ing Lola.

  7. I HATE BEDSKIRTS. They're hideous and remind me of my grandma's house. My mom would always nag me to put mine on when I was growing up, so you know the first thing I did when I moved out was throw that thing away. Never again.

  8. I have all the brass and need it to go . . . those things were expensive when I bought them in 1999. LOL! Time to upgrade . . .

  9. oh my word, i hate fake plants. and i kinda hate curtains as well. a lot of our rooms don't have them, but we do have blinds. i love natural light, kc hates it (well, the consequences of natural light aka it heats the house up). also, we used to have a bed skirt but it was so annoying with the cats so we got rid of it. they got up into our box spring in our old bed - like they destroyed it to get up in there if that makes sense. anyway, i put a fitted sheet around the box spring and it basically changed my life. it looks so much better, plus the buggers can't get up in the box spring anymore.

  10. My sheets are even ecclectic. I love white or off white hotel linens often paired with printed/color pillowcases. Hate fake plants too. Cheap silverware... I want to feel like I am holding something of substance in my hand!

  11. i LOVE the way those mugs are hung in your picture. I hate matching coffee mugs too and actually buy a new one in each city i explore. Instead of having random souvenirs from each place i've ever been i have mugs. i love it.

  12. That's funny you don't like curtains and blinds...I love them because I like my bedroom super dark!! I can't think of any furniture pet peeves that I have.

  13. I hate brass handles too!!! They are just awful and makes rooms look so dated. I am not a fan of bedskirts either, haven't had one on a bed in years. I have curtains in our living room and bedroom to keep the heat out in the summer. Something you HAVE to do when you live down here!!! I buy what I like when I am decorating as well. It doesn't have to have a home or go with anything...I just have to like it and I will figure it out later. Unfortunately, I do have some bare walls in our house because I cant decide on some things. I think we are going to be selling in a year or two so I am not super committed to it because I know it isn't forever.

  14. I hate gold and brass anything, it feel so 80's to me. I am not a fan of the pillows that come with couches either, I either donate them or cover them immediately. I know you love color but I tend to use muted tones for my house. I like it to be soothing. I think it works for you but I get the it's not for me but perfect for you.

  15. Definitely a super personal endeavor and totally true! I don't think it's offensive if we all have our own tastes. I like a lot of places even though I would never style my own house that way. I hate fake plants too and I'm dying to get a bed that doesn't need a dust ruffle. So over that whole look.

  16. I couldn't agree with you more on white walls and brass knobs. White walls just make me think of my old apartments when I couldn't personalize anything, there's no warmth or homey feeling with white walls. And LOL at fake plants being dust collectors, my other pet peeve is when watching House Hunters and a younger couple insists they need granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors. Why be so cliche and cookie cutter? How about quartz countertops? And I put a bed skirt in the two guestrooms, but the master has a sheet covering the box spring like what you mentioned and I love it! Bed skirts are also dust collectors :-P

  17. I love mismatched mugs! One of the reasons we choose to register for the dishes we picked was because we didn't want stuff in a "set" with 8 million of the same mug.

  18. I don't like colored plates either. I especially don't like ones that have weird swirls or paint splatters on them because they always look dirty. Ha! Why haven't I never thought of fitted sheets on box springs?! My kids have box springs so I got them bedskirts, which are sooo ugly and since they jump and move around on their beds, they are always messed up. I'm totally doing this! I feel like I don't really like a lot of stuff: accent walls, around-the-toilet rugs, too many family/friend photos, lots of small art spaced out on big walls, chalkboards, starburst mirrors. I also don't like wall decals. We have them in the playroom and kids bedrooms because they are temporary and cheap, but I don't like 'Live Laugh Love" plastered across a living room.

  19. Well, I can't stand white walls, fake plants, or bedskirts, either. :)
    We do love our Fiestaware colored plates (and bowls, etc.), but mismatched mugs is a must. I just wish we had a good way to display our funky mug collection.


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