Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shit MFD Said Vol 20

MFD: These new glasses are a little big.
Me: A little.
MFD: I look like The Fly.
Me: laughing
MFD: Welp I'm going to look like The Fly at the shore. Great, in all the pictures too and you take a million.
Me: laughing harder
MFD: They're not as bad as the lady glasses I ordered and thought they were men's. 
Me: True. 
MFD: bzzt bzzzt The Fly. Or Deniro at the end of Goodfellas. Deniro Fly.
Driving back from a concert
MFD: Is your phone plugged in?
Me: Yes.
MFD:  All Biggie songs?
Me: They're not mine.
MFD: Oh my God there's a CD in there. I think I bought a drug dealer's car. Did I ever show you the routes?
Me: No. I don't want to know. Okay...what routes?
MFD: Drug dealing routes, looks like. In the GPS history. This is like an episode of COPs in this car.

Leaving the pier
MFD: Smell that sunscreen! Smells like the beach.
Me: It's my perfume. It's called Beach.
MFD: Why don't you just wear sunblock if you like the smell?
Me: No. This is nice perfume you know.
MFD: Seems like it would be easier. Cheaper too. 
Me: Just drive.

On July 4
MFD:  I got an American hoagie.
Me: Yeah? 
MFD: Yeah. Because it's AMERICA'S birthday.
Me: Of course.

Looking for flip flops
MFD: Where are they? I moved them but I don't know where.
Me: Not sure. 
Goes downstairs to rummage around 
MFD: Well I found these glasses under the couch.
Me: Glasses.
MFD: Yeah.
Me: Under the couch. 
MFD: Yeah. 
Me: I'm not even going to ask.

Eating an ice cream cone
MFD: This chocolate is boss.
Me: Boss?
MFD: Boss.
Me: Where did you get that word, '88?


  1. i think it's time to being back BOSS! totally.

  2. YES! My favorite! LOL at being super precise with 1987 not 1988, and the "Deniro Fly" - awesome movie! And my husband has asked the same thing about smelling like the beach *oy*.

  3. LOL! I cracked up over the Biggie CD. You should have asked him to take you on a tour!

  4. LOL - the drug dealer car.... Oh MFD, what a great morning you have started.

  5. Those remind me of the sweet glaucoma glasses! Haha! OMG I can't even imagine now who owned the car before but drug dealer is a scary thought. I love that he had to distinguish between 87 and 88, he kills me! Funny as always!

  6. The fly... I love it. And the drug dealer car!!! I would totally look at the gps routes and try to figure out who previously owned it too. Biggie is kind of a giveaway though lol.

  7. Drug dealer car?! Check between the seats for good leftovers! ;)
    Bahahaha... "boss." I love it. I recently tried to bring back "bitchin'" and failed.

  8. Your perfume conversation - best thing ever! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I think it depends which Biggie CD it is to actually claim it as a drug dealer car lol and the routes wouldn't be programmed. A drug dealer knows all their spots they don't need to gps the drug house... Maybe it belonged to someone looking for drugs that would make more sense otherwise that drug dealer should be on world's dumbest criminals! If anyone could bring back Boss it would be MFD lmao. I like that 1987 revival.

  10. A drug dealer's car? Hahahaha. I'm sure you've waited all your life for a live car episode of COPS.

    Does his drone have a camera on it?

  11. What's with guys and drones anyway? My husband saw one for $500 and I was like...are you serious? The drug dealer's car is hilarious! I'm just picturing a dealer punching in an address to get to his next sale. Ha ha. I like the beach perfume too. I guess it would be cheaper to just wear sunblock!

  12. That MFD is quite economical- drones from Groupon, sunscreen for perfume... I see his point! And I used to have sunglasses so big that my guy friends said I looked like a fly too! Hahaha.

    How did I miss the Groupon drone convo?!

  13. LOL so hard at the drug dealers car. So hard. Almost snort laughed coffee out my nose. I was not prepared.
    omg the groupon drone. I can't.
    MFD, I love you.

    1. Also, every time I write MFD, I imagine that it stands for Mike F*cking Doyle, because that would be so fitting.

  14. I laughed so hard when I read the drug dealer one haha.

  15. Biggie, Good Fellas, drug dealer car and a drone.... niceee! Good times!!

  16. He bought a drone?? LOL! Is the the kind he can attach a GoPro to? They're actually pretty cool but the idea of them is creepy.

  17. Hahaha. Finding glasses under the couch is something my husband is a pro at.

  18. those sunglasses though. haha! That's too funny about the car. Makes you wonder...
    Boss is still a good word.

  19. LMAO at an episode of Cops in the car!

    A drone. Really?

  20. Haha that is such a guy thing to say about your perfume.

  21. a drone?!!!
    i laughed at your 'where'd you get that word?' & the perfume. hilarious. also now i am really curious about the car lol

  22. Chris has a drone. What is up with boys and their drones??? The perfume is hilarious, and it is so obvious that you have a drug dealers car. Clearly, the routes give it away. Mae's do what I want-ness? Hahahahaha! AKA stubborn ass pug traits.

  23. American hoagies ha ha. I remember those from my PA days.

    A drone....if you're going to get one, might as well get it from Groupon.

  24. Cracking up! I'm intrigued about his drug dealing car....

  25. Um, that perfume one though... also, I've never heard of the perfume you wear, but if I had, I'd wear it too!

  26. I am cracking up on the car/music/gps routes!!! I would be thinking the same thing!! LOL!

  27. Drug dealer routes, lmao! I went and smelled Beach yesterday at the mall and I agree it smelled too much like sunscreen to me. Even when I put it on. I did enjoy a different BB scent, I think it was Almost Bare and I loved that. Totally looking into that when I run out of my Juicy!!

  28. Get that car cleaned inside and out! No joke - in high school, my brother was a senior when I was a freshman. The drug dogs sniffed his car. We were removed from class. We were not the kind of kids to be removed from class by the drug-sniffing team. He'd had the car for less than a month (an '84 Firebird...awwwww yeah). The cops found a small baggie tucked way down under the seat. Somehow the cops actually believed us by the condition of the bag and pot that it was old and not ours. That was the first time I'd seen marijuana in my life. That powder in MFD's car is not spilled baby powder............... ;)

  29. Funny about the GPS history and also the perfume/beach scent. Guys are good to have around for a good laugh :).

  30. OMG he bought a drone...Jack is jealous. He said in a snide tone where is he going to fly it down there? So funny the drug routes.

  31. I love the idea of a COPs episode in your car. Amazing! Any plans for the drone? Spying on neighbors, food delivery, dog torturing, loads of possibilities. Also didn't Kramer on Seinfeld invent Beach cologne?

  32. I'm dying to know the GPS trips that were in the history!

  33. I'm with Marla. I want to just drive your drug dealing routes now and get a different kind of tour of Philly.

  34. haah the biggie CD...methinks your hubs bought a repo! lmao

  35. Grover has hidden C's glasses under the couch more than once...


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