Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shit MFD Said Vol 18

MFD: Did you see Dennis Quaid freaking out?
Me: No.
MFD: It was so funny. You should watch it right now.
Me: No.
MFD: Why not?
Me: I don't care.
MFD: It was funny. You should ask around.

MFD: I thought this jacket was lost or stolen but then I found it. 
Me: Where was it?
MFD: Hanging up.
Me: Like where the coats go?
MFD: Yeah! Not on the back of a chair. Can you believe it?
Me: Yes. Because I hung it up.

Eating Mint Milanos
Me: These are really good. 
MFD: I know.
Me: Why did you buy these things? Now we know.
MFD: It's Pepperidge Farm.
Me: What does that have to do with it?
MFD: Quality.

As I'm trying to relax on a Sunday and MFD is working and listening to music loudly
Me: Can you turn that down?
MFD: No.
Me: Who even listens to Billy Idol?
MFD: Me.

Me: What is this?
MFD: A movie.
Me: This is the first time we've sat down to watch TV together in forever and we're watching a documentary about gasoline?
MFD: Uh huh.
Me: You like not having cable because the amount of dork TV content is now limitless.
MFD: It's awesome.

MFD: Bob Evans. Down on the farm. We could totally roll up there in jorts if we wanted.
Me: Indeed.
MFD: It's comfort food. Comfortable clothes.

MFD: We need to get a dog vacuum for Geege. 
Me: He just needs to be brushed.
MFD: I think they make them. 
Me: We're not getting one.

Me: Can you go to the store for me?
MFD: Maybe. 
Me: Actually I'll go. I need to drop stuff off at Goodwill.
MFD: What about Badwill?
Me: Nope. Nothing to take there.

All read and approved by MFD before they go live...
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  1. my husband always does that "look at xyz! come here, LOOK!" but seriously, i don't care and why are you making me get up and look at something that i care nothing about?

  2. Lmao. The best is when they lose something and they're lookin and looking all over the place and they ask you if you've seen it. Sure enough, go and look and tah-dah, whatever the missing item was is RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.THEM! Open your eyes boys!! Lol

  3. Okay I totally have one Billy Idol song on my iPod. *Hangs head* Why is the coat in the closet! Haha! I so needed this post today! Thanks MFD for the laughs.

  4. Badwill...haha. Depending on which one you go to, I can see that. I've been to some pretty terrible ones. MFD has the best in every picture you've ever posted, he always has good hair!

  5. omg those first two are my entire life. kirk is constantly forcing me to watch useless youtube videos (usually involving sports, which I care nothing about) and just this weekend we had a discussion about why he feels the need to ask me things like "do we have xyz?" without actually looking for it in its usual place.
    also, he has yet to wrap his mind around how I can be in bed reading while he is watching tv. hes constantly asking "did you see that?!" or "what did they just say?" and im always answering with "IDK! im not paying attention, im reading!"

  6. "It was good. You should ask around" I laughed OUT LOUD. that's awesome.

  7. Pepperidge Farms is definitely quality. They also make amazing dinner rolls. Just saying.

  8. My roommates cat hides when the brush comes out, but lays there like a slug when you run the dyson handle attachment over him. MFD may have a point ;)
    LOL at the coat. Every time John stays over he's all 'where are my shoes?' Um, on the shoe caddy, right by the front door, WHERE THEY SHOULD BE

  9. Forever my favorite posts. They crack me up every time.

  10. hahaha badwill.
    KC leaves his jackets and coats on every single chair we have and he always asks 'have you seen this jacket? it was on the chair' he forgets to mention it was on the chair for a month (okay maybe like a week) and he NEVER looks in the ONE coat closet we have.
    and KC always tells me to watch this or that video and I'm just like.. yeah, I don't care.

  11. The picture speaks 1000 words...

    John is constantly asking where things, keys, the pants he wore yesterday. WHERE THEY BELONG. He also feels that it is ok to make the bed and then just throw his pajamas on the freshly made bed because "he's just going to put them on tonight again." Almost 7 years later and I am still folding and putting them away every damn day and still getting mad about it.

  12. You should ask around. LMAO Also, I love the limitless amount of dork TV!

  13. Omg. The dork TV content. MY LIFE EVERY DAY. there really need to be regulations on this... "I'm sorry, you've maxed out your subscription for ridiculous documentaries. Go find your wife instead."

  14. Pepperidge Farm = quality! That's right! :) haha... Jared can't find his keys and/or wallet almost every morning because I've put them in the basket, on the table, RIGHT by the door for him lol!

  15. Ha Ha I love these. The one about hanging the coat up is hysterical. If he finds a special do vacuum then I want one for my cat too! My husband can somehow find the most boring documentaries to watch too. Although he kept telling me to watch the Scientology documentary that was on recently and that one was pretty awesome.

  16. I can literally hear you two talking - the milano cookie convo happens in our house too! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  17. Haha this is great. Sounds just like my boyfriend and I. Love it!

  18. I too have lost things that I put up in the correct place, so I feel ya, MFD. Also, I just discovered the greatness of mint milanos. And, I bet that groupon offers a nice dog vacuum. If it's to be found, I know you guys will own it soon.

  19. Cracking up! Love the Pepperidge farm and billy Idol conversations...

  20. lmao love these. Dave always reverts to "someone stole my stuff!" when he can't find it. it's like yes, someone broke into our house stole a $1 flashlight and left all the other more expensive products behind

  21. OH MAN - badwill - I giggled too loud at this.

    And documentaries on gasoline - sounds like my house. The second I sit down to actually watch something with Hubby or my son - and it's a really DRY documentary. UGH!

  22. LOL I can't get enough of these! I seriously can not pick my favorite one because they are all so awesome haha!

  23. "Badwill" BAHAHAHAHAAHHA. Also those mint milanos are delish. Have you tried the orange ones? They are so good!

  24. The Bob Evans bit is my fave, obvs.

  25. LOLOLOL I love that the case of the missing coat was solved by looking where the coats go, that sounds about right!!!! And do they really make a dog vacuum because we need one for Gracie stat!!!!!

  26. First of all, the pic of him is priceless! And please tell me you changed the channel and did not finish the gasoline documentary. :) I wish I was a fly on the wall in your house!

  27. I agree with him on the Milanos... in fact I don't ever really need a reason to buy them they are just so damn good!!! I hate it when my grocery has them on BOGO... ugh. Gluttony ensues...

  28. Pepperidge Farm = Quality and Charity. I grew up in CT close to their headquarters. When I couldn't afford the cost of the 8th grade school trip to DC they sponsored me. It was a program through the school. Isn't that awesome?

  29. LOL at these. My husband talks in his sleep and says some very strange things.

  30. YESSSSS my favorite! Billy Idol and jorts for the win :-D

  31. I totally relate to the jacket thing. Like how does clothing magically get from the back of a chair to the closet? And you mean clothes go in closets and drawers? Ground breaking! ..... Men!

  32. Lol...thanks for the laugh!! My sister sometimes talks in her sleep.

  33. LOL to the coat one. Story of my life!!!! Jay asks me where stuff is IN THE FRIDGE all the time. It's like- the fridge is only so big, I'm sure you can find it on your own.

    also, was the gasoline doc on Netflix??? I think I saw that and wanted to watch it. Was it good?

  34. hahaah Billy Idol - but really who listens to him.. lol and Im going to be laughing at Badwill for a long time! lol

  35. I'm gonna start using this comfort food, comfortable clothes. Seems logical!

  36. I have totally vacuumed my dog. I didn't feel a little bit sorry. Speaking of, I should do that again.

  37. I have 'Rock The Cradle of Love" in my head. Thanks MFDD. I do have to agree that Pepridge Farm Mint Milanos are all about the quality. But they should totally up the quantity, those fuckers are expensive. Steve swears his sunglasses were stolen whenever he cant find them. Which is pretty much every goddamn day!!!

  38. Bahahah "lost or stolen" and it was in the closet!!!! I love it!
    And I love how he used "roll up" and "jorts" in the same sentence! lololol


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