Wednesday, May 6, 2015

By the numbers

Thanks to Brianne at My Life As...for this post idea.

4- Number of fingers I'm holding up in that photo. Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

106 -  Bottles of nail polish I own, not including base or top coats. It's one of my things. I make no apologies for the excess. I am in the middle of using them one by one without repeating as we speak. Life is so exciting, no? 

58,324 - Miles on my car

11 - Minimum hours per day I'm out of the house Monday through Friday

9 - Number of grandparents I've known (one great great, four great, four grand). Hashtag lucky hashtag blessed. 

20 - As of June, the number of years I've been out of high school.
Sorry for the beat up photo. It's old. Also sorry I didn't wax my eyebrows in high school but that's something else entirely.
NOT sorry about the Kelly Taylor brownish lip color. It's a sign of the times. 
32 - Books I've read so far in 2015. I'm on number 33 as we speak.

63 - Books I read in 2014

51 - Books I read in 2013

17 - Years between me and my youngest brother

25 - The day of the month that I got married
52 - Days until my next week-long vacation. It's our first week long relax/no going and doing vacation in a while. 

6 - The number of days it took me to watch the final 46 episodes of The Sopranos a while back. Only one of those days was a weekend day.

100 - Ounces of water I drink per day following a similar model to the one Kristin shared in this post at Kristin's kNook last week. I use these one of these 20 ounce glass water bottles from Target per day, stuff some lemons in it, and refill until I get it done.

7 - Hours of sleep I get most nights

0 - Broken bones 

2611 - Photos on Instagram, mostly of coffee, my dogs, food, quotes I like,'s my favorite form of social media by far. 

3 - Post-college jobs I've had

1 - Number of books I read at a time 

Care to share some of yourself by the numbers?

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  1. I'm seriously impressed with the amount of nail polish you have! Here I thought me being over 25 was high! I really like the idea of using them each one by one. I might have to try that because I seem to always gravitate towards the same 3-4 and haven't used others in months.

  2. Love this! What a fun post! I will think about the important numbers in my life. Have a great day, Steph!

  3. I only read one book at a time as well. I don't like splitting my attention between characters and plots. I'm a big fan of pulling out the old school photos. At least your hair doesn't look like it could be used for an Aqua Net ad. You are very blessed in the grandparent department.
    Here's my life in numbers:
    Hours until my flight departs for Texas - 17
    Bags packed for trip - 0
    Guess I should quit reading blogs :)

  4. Very unique post!! 5-number of siblings 3-chickens born in 3 different decades, 77,83,94! 2-parents still living 82.5, 84.
    41-years since I graduated from high school.#GOSKINS JMJ on the nail polish!!! Love instagram.
    0-pieces of candy I have had since 4-6!!! ditto on the broken bones-0 Thank the Universe!!!
    almost 59-years I have been on this planet- this time around!
    Happy Wednesday! Love, Your Momma

  5. I love these kinds of posts. That is a lot of nail polish but hey it's your thing. Instagram is by far my favorite too and mostly dog, book, and coffee pictures.

  6. I like this idea for a post! I love the rose in your senior prom pic - my sister and I were just talking about "artsy" pics like funny!

  7. I love these posts! I need to start making sure I get 100 oz of water..i hover somewhere around 80 most of the time

  8. I like this idea!

    20 is also the number of years since I graduated high school which I realize is a stupid thing for me to say since we met freshman year of college and that would have been impossible had we not graduated at the same time. 24 is the number of the day I got married. 2 is the number of books I read at a time. Sometimes 3. I pick books based on my mood. 234023897 is the number of times per day I tell my dogs to stop doing something they're not supposed to do.

    You've been very fortunate in the grandparents department. I've known 6 of mine (2 great, 4 grand) and one is still living.

  9. My 20th high school reunion is next weekend should be interesting! Your eyebrows don't look bad considering the decade. Nobody waxed them when I was in hs!! That's a lot of nail polish! I'm too lazy to do mine. I get manicures for special occasions!!

  10. I love this post.

    I also have zero broken bones even though I flew out the window of a truck, I consider this a great life accomplishment.

    I can also only read one book at a time.

  11. What a great post! I still can't get over 106 bottles of nail could open up your own nail polish store or nail salon lol love it!

  12. Ok seriously I thought I had a nail polish collection, but you blew me out of the water! Look at your senior photo - LOVE! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. I want more nail polish but I always think I'm rebuying something I already have. This is not a real problem.

    I'm two books at a time, since one is audio and the other is kindle. Only rarely do I get them confused. I think hearing the audiobook in a voice that isn't my own helps with the separation. I've finished 26 books this year. My goal was 20. I probably read three last year so I'm pretty happy with this change.

  14. ahhhh at the nail polish!! i have one right now, i bought it on friday and used it for saturday and it will most likely be in the bin by the end of the week. i never paint my nails so i got rid of them all! i love your idea of using them one by one though. love that high school photo! and i have 0 broken bones as well, woo woo! :)

  15. Is that my beloved Cashmere Bathrobe on your fingers up there? If not, it looks a lot like it. I'm not sure I can count high enough to count how much nail polish I have, although I think you have more.

    No broken bones! I hope you knocked on wood after writing that one.

  16. I cant wait to tell my husband you have 106 bottles of nail polish. he was just making fun of me!! haha 6 days to watch all 46 episodes- that might be a record! your water drinking is impressive. I was doing good but then I got off track. need to up my game again!

  17. This is a great idea! I think I'll do a post on my blog for my numbers as well. Also, your nail polish collection is AMAZING! I'm jealous. I used to have a ton that I kept in shoeboxes but I purged a bunch. I also started doing my own gel manicures so I can only really use regular polish for my toes now. I'm starting all over with gel polish so I only have like 5. :*(

  18. I suck at nail polish. Every time I get a manicure or pedicure, I pick what I think is a new color, but ends up looking like the same color every damn time.

    1-number of donuts I ate today that I did not NEED to eat

    345425425-number of times this week I had to relocate Jack, take something away from him, or tell him "no"

    44-number of days until we move

    0-pieces of furniture in our living room after ours sold on Craigslist reallllly fast (oops)

  19. LOL at the Kelly Taylor reference and holy nail polish bottles! Wish I had your collection :)

  20. are you kidding me about your eyebrows??! They look great!! You should be happy you didn't. I have these butchered ones in all my photos.

    And 7 hours of sleep is impressive! I'm always 5-6 :(

  21. Okay with all those nail polishes I have to know what is your favorite formula/make and color?

  22. Love it! I did a post like this a LONG time ago, I may have to do a new version of it- they are fun! I cannot get over your polish collection. I really love having my nails painted, but I'm just no good at it/not patient enough... I only paint mine maybe once every couple of months. My sister did just get me a couple new Essie colors for my bday that I'm excited to try out though! :) I have a 64oz water bottle I use at work and can usually polish off 2 before the day's over!

  23. Oh I love this idea for a post, will totally try this out soon. That's a lot of books, I am impressed. Lately I just fall asleep trying to read. Don't get me started on Instagram, I feel like I have made friends all over the world via this outlet. And I really have! I love it!

  24. Holy crap! Your nail polish collection is huge! 20 is also the number of years I've been out of high school. Good Lord. 14 is the number of days until we take a short Memorial Day weekend trip. (Nowhere major) 0 is the amount of energy and patience I have for packing and my husband asking about which shirt he should pack.

  25. That is a lot of fucking nail polish. I love how the english call it nail varnish. I may start calling it that. You really are hash tag blessed in the grandparents department, that's freaking amazing. My favorite Kelly Taylor brown lipstick from the 90s is L'Oreals Nature's Blush. That shit was the bomb

  26. What a neat idea for a post! A few comments: 106 bottles of nail polish?! My senior photo looks similar except we didn't get to hold a rose. You guys were definitely fancier! I've broken 1 bone in my life. It was my foot which was then casted. This happened the year I switched from catholic school to public school and I hated my life.

  27. I echo what most have already said. Shit girl you have a lot of nail polish. Hey, that's cool though. :)
    I love the post idea!

  28. My eyes were like that wide-eyed emoji at your nail polish collection. I'm so impressed. Also, I'm inspired to paint my nails tonight, so thank you for that!

  29. Fun post! You met a great great grandma? That is so cool! I probably have about that much nail polish. Are you getting rid of any as you use them and realize you don't like them? I think I should do it too, to start purging. Do you keep the lemons in your water bottle all day? I have a giant glass of lemon water at breakfast time. I squeeze it out of the lemon though, so I don't get pulp or seeds. I love it and would drink more, but I'm so afraid for my teeth!

  30. 1. Your timeless and forever senior picture.
    2. Your love of every shade of pink nail polish.
    3. My number? Today is monthly district data deadline. $39.8 Million in scholarships for 2014-2015. And still counting.

  31. What a great idea for a post! I host a link up every Wednesday and would love it if you could stop by and add a link :)

  32. You're extremely lucky to have have met 9 grandparents. I've met my 4 and those alone are very special. Holy shit you have a ton of nail polishes! haha But I'm sure that saves you a ton from going to the salon seeing that you actually use them. I might have 10 colors max...

  33. You may have more nail polishes than me. Although, I did just buy four more this week and I can't promise that my first statement is true any longer. I lost count last year at 70 something. It's a sickness!!! I am glad to see someone else that only reads one book at a time. Seriously, how do people keep up with more than one? Love the senior picture!!!

  34. Love this post, I'm definitely borrowing it. I don't have nearly as much nail polish as you but I still feel guilty about the # because I never wear it. You look like Brenda Walsh in that pic! haha

  35. Whew 100+ bottles! I probably only have 20. And 9 grandparents, you certainly are blessed! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies? I'm already past 20 years out of high school! You drink 100 oz of water per day? Impressed! I probably average less than the recommended 64 oz.

  36. Yep I'm definitely going to have to do this type of post! So much fun! And no shame on the nail polish I've got so many bottles I can't even begin to fathom but I did make a nail polish book where they are color-coded and the names are listed and also the brand does that make me crazy? I feel like some parts of my life are so chaotic and yet things like my nail polish collection are perfectly categorized

  37. I had to change my nail polish storage a couple of weeks ago b/c I was running out of room in the containers I was keeping them in. No, that is NOT a sign that I need to hold back. I'm glad you agree. :)
    That rose... so sexy! ;P hahahahaha


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