Friday, May 29, 2015

10 Ways to Speak My Love Language

1.  Let me know when you've found an awesome recipe.

2. Inform me of a good sale.

3. Recognize that not every photo is good enough to be cross-platform and only share photos across social media platforms (facebook/instagram/twitter/blog) if they're really special.

4. Use proper grammar and communication.

5. Avoid wearing leggings as pants in public without a dress or shirt covering your parts.

6. Pause when we're walking so I can take pictures like I like to do, or know I will catch up with you when I'm finished.

7. Ignore the way my hair migrates into a side ponytail on its own and refrain from mentioning that I look like I'm from the 80s when that happens.

8. Treat my dogs with importance.

9. Ask what book I'm reading.

10. Pick the restaurant.

What are some ways to speak your love language?

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  1. I hate when blog posts are "ruined" for me because every single photo was posted on Instagram already, and I can guess what the post is going to be about. I am careful to not use all of my Instagram pictures on my blog. And YES to #8, #4, and #5. I have trouble picking restaurants, too...I try to narrow it down to three and ask my husband to choose from those.

    1. AMEN to this with already seeing all the photos!

  2. Bring me wine! That is my love language! #10!!!! I hate have ing to make the decision on where to eat! Its too stressful

  3. Sharing a good book recommendation tops my list and treating my dog well. This is a sign of a good person. I totally cross-post because i am too lazy to take separate pics for each. Lazy for the win. Still love me?! Random notes or texts just to say you thought of me, always tugs my heartstrings.

  4. -give me wine
    -workout with me
    -let me yammer on about muay thai/fitness without rolling your eyes
    -treat others with respect
    -don't litter!
    -share good book/show recommendations and then talk about them with me!

  5. Love this!
    -Book recs and showing interest in what i'm reading definitely gets me happy. Listen. Don't talk down to me.

  6. pick the restaurant, yas, yas, yas! i will always name the same 5 places so someone else choose or it's pb&j!

  7. 10 reasons why I love you!

    1. Don't ridicule me for my use of the word "jawn."
    2. Random texts/emails/cards in the mail to say you were thinking of me.
    3. Embrace my need to sing along to everything on the radio.
    4. Be kind to waiters/waitresses/bartenders
    5. Asking "do you feel as good as you look?" instead of just assuming I must feel fine since I "look so good!"

  8. Such a fun post!!! For me it's doing the little things around the house when you know i'm tired, like dishes or vacuuming - that makes me happy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. 1 - don't kill bugs or hurt creatures
    2 - tell me and show me how much you love my dog
    3 - don't hate
    4 - appreciate my garden
    5 - laugh when I say something I think is funny
    6 - visit me
    7 - like some of my favorite books so I don't remember how different my taste is
    8 - talk about weird stuff with me, like tarot, astrology, numbers, colors, stones
    9 - do things in 9s

    see what I did there?

  10. Why is picking a restaurant so hard? I love when someone else tells me where I'm eating :)

  11. I am guilty of cross platforming pictures. :(
    I don't do it ALL the time though (in denial obviously)

    Good recipes and treating the furkids with importance.


    Oh - and stopping to take pictures <3

  12. I thought I was the only person whose ponytail randomly migrated to the side! I always feel half-ridiculous and half-IDGAF after I notice it :)

  13. I thought I was the only person whose ponytail randomly migrated to the side! I always feel half-ridiculous and half-IDGAF after I notice it :)

  14. I hate when it's my turn to pick the restaurant, I can never decide! Happy Friday.

  15. Stupid Blogger ate my comment...

    1. Buy me flowers (grocery store or farmer's market is just fine, no need to spend a ton!)
    2. Do little things around the house so that when I go to do them, I find them already done. Glorious!
    3. Treat my dogs well.
    4. Don't post/tag unflattering pictures on Facebook and IG. Ugh, hate that.
    5. Share good book recommendations and beauty products.

    ps. Whatcha reading right now? :)

  17. I'm guilty of #3, but I'm way good at #10. :D

    For me, being prompt would be on the list.

  18. #4 <3 <3 <3 <3
    My hair drifts into side pony too, what's that about?
    I'll add: ask me about my run/yoga class, offer to take an awesome yoga picture when I randomly strike a pose, and make extra coffee for me.

  19. YES to good sales and proper grammar :-D

    Happy Friday <3

  20. So I realized that now that we are FB friends I probably bother you with my cross platform shares BUT I will continue to do so because so few of my facebook friends are friends with me on any other social media. And I don't share every pic, but I do share some, so possibly I'm not as annoying as others. But maybe I am :)

    And hmmmm, my love language is bringing me coffee and emails/texts for no reason other than to chat.

  21. Yes I cringe when I see certain people in leggings. I mean workout pants are acceptable but there's a line you don't cross. I do the same thing with the pictures. Husband is accustomed to it by now. Have a nice weekend!

  22. I'm going with make me some coffee and I'll steal the picking the restaurant one. The leggings one is good too...they certainly were not made to be worn with a short shirt or cropped jacket. Hope you have a great weekend!

  23. Funny about the cross-posting photos because I just want some people to not post the same photo on Facebook. To you, they are slightly different. To me, they are exactly the same.

  24. Know the difference between advise and advice. Offer to open my prosecco for me. (I get too anxious waiting for the loud pop.)

  25. If #8 ain't the truth! and 4. and 5. But not 10, I love picking the restaurant. I'm very picky. And bossy.

  26. These are good! I love for people to share their recipes, I'm always looking for something new to try :) I like to pick the restaurant, but I always offer to let the other person. Mainly because if I'm really craving somewhere or something I can make P go with me :)

  27. My ponytail always migrates. ALWAYS.

    I will always ask you about books and pose for your pictures :)

  28. Haha my hair does the same thing!

  29. Pick the restaurant and love my dogs..that's really all I can ask for in life! Haha! Have a great weekend :)

  30. I love finding good recipes, the Lee Drummond enchiladas was one I did this week with a few modifications and it was bomb. :) I love picking restaurants, I usually ask the other person if they have preferences since some people are more picky than others. I'm doing that right now for next Saturday, woop! :) Have a great weekend Stephanie! -Iva

  31. Just got this Saturday morning! Great blog idea. Always be grateful for your ponytail. I do not have one, lol. I am happiest when my people are happy and safe and sound. That's what I love.
    Love, your Momma

  32. "Pick the restaurant" Definitely!
    And sit on the couch WITH my dogs, instead of acting like they don't belong on the couch.

  33. Sharing a good recipe is always a win in my book, too! Nothing better than personal recommendations from people who have actually created/tried it. I also love when people pick the restaurants- I don't know why but I never want to.... I'm not picky and I'm usually good with just about everywhere!

  34. So much of this. Picking the restaurant, stopping for pics, asking me about reading in general, and proper grammar!

  35. These sound pretty similar to what would be my love language! I definitely agree about the cross posting pictures. I guess to each his own, but I think some pictures belong on Facebook, some on Instagram, and I usually just forget to post pictures on Twittter.

  36. Oh man. I allllways make sure my ass/poon are covered when I wear leggings. No one likes a camel toe or see-through ass cheeks.


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