Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shit MFD Said: Vol 23

On the plane
MFD: I'm tired.
Me: Me too.
MFD: Do you have a sleep mask?
Me: Uh, not with me, no.

MFD:  I feel like your mom right now. Cleaning out a zip lock bag and turning it inside out to dry.
Me: You might be my mom right now. Although I do that too, so I might be my mom also.

On the way to our hotel in the Badlands
MFD: You want to stop there, don't you?
Me: Yes
MFD: We can go tomorrow. I have to go to the bathroom.
Me: But the light is good now.
MFD: OK Ansel
Me: Who's Hansel?
MFD: Ansel. Ansel Adams
Loud laughing

MFD: Where is your purse?
Me: I don't know.
MFD: Oh there it is. Did you borrow this bag from Chewbacca?
Me: Shut up! I've been carrying that purse for over a year. You just now noticed it?
MFD: No, I know. I like it but it just now occurred to me that it looks like Chewbacca's bag.

After showering in the Badlands
MFD: I think that purple shampoo really works.
Me: The purple shampoo I bought for my highlights?
MFD: Yeah. People say how is your hair so blonde?! I say It's the secret purple shampoo Steph bought.
Me. You're using my highlight shampoo.
MFD: Yes, for most of the summer, it's for blonde hair duh!
Me: wait, you brought that shampoo on vacation?
MFD: Of course.

At a restroom area in Grand Teton
MFD: Someone was knocking at the door forever. I was like I'm in here!
Me: What were you doing?
MFD: Reading your blog on our anniversary.
Me: In a public bathroom?
MFD: Yep.

Driving through Yellowstone
MFD: Aw look, a husband and wife fishing team.
Me: You can let that dream die.
MFD: Shit SMD Said.
Me: That doesn't exist.
MFD: She has her book. That could be you.
Me: That's what your friends are for.

After a trip to Cabela's, second conversation about this topic...the first one was while he was in the car with friends

Me: Why did you buy a six person tent again?
MFD: I told you. For camping.
Me: But we don't go camping.
MFD: Well we* will.
Me: Who? And when?
MFD: Next year.
Me: You know you had a tent and we got rid of it because we never used it for years, right?
MFD: That was rotten.
30 seconds later
MFD: I bought waders too. So I can fish in the winter.
Me: Good for you.
MFD: I just thought you should know.
*note: by "we" he doesn't mean me. He means he'll go with friends. Which is great! As long as I don't have to go. LOL

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  1. hahah love these! Especially the reading your blog in the bathroom on your anniversary one! :)

  2. These make me laugh every time. Love that picture. The pipe is fabulous, and with a coffee. Why, of course. Have a great day, Steph!

  3. LOL Awesome! The whole camping thing - ew!! Ansel Adams! Quick and funny wit is great! And you are just as good as Mike Doyle! I need to know about the purple shampoo LOL!
    This series could be a book on it's own and your travel/trip blogs. Enjoy this beautiful 75 degree October day!
    Love, Your Momma

  4. I didn't know Chewbacca had a bag hahaha. and omg the woman had a book while fishing? hilarious. I'm like that with KC and sports.. he's like, you could bring a book? I'm like.. you can bring a friend.

  5. He cracks me up. i love that he stole your shampoo. At least it was kinda sweet he was reading you anniversary blog post, on the toilet is a whole other issue! He always cracks me up.

  6. I love reading these.

    Also, WADERS? Dear god.

  7. "I just thought you should know." Hahaha I love these.

  8. The shampoo & Ansel ones were my favorites, LOL

  9. hahah! Thanks for the laugh. Can't stop laughing at Chewbacca.

  10. The shampoo is so funny, as long as he thinks it works I guess.

    I'm not camping either, I need an indoor working bathroom that I don't have to share with strangers as well as a bed that's not on the ground.

  11. You're going to have to start hiding your pricey shampoo!

    1. At least that one is only $8 and he left the $22 bottle alone. LOL

  12. So he can fish in the winter! Haha, if he ever makes it camping or winter fishing, I'll be shocked. MFD, purple shampoo is expensive! Stop that!

  13. BWHAHAHAA. We* Yes, MFD and the mouse in his pocket. Love all of these.... particularly the idea of someone banging on the bathroom door while he's reading an anniversary blog. And the purple shampoo.. oh MFD. Blonde hair don't care!

  14. I love that you were keeping notes on vacation! Too many good ones not to share. Love that he was reading your anniversary post in the bathroom... marriage, gotta love it.

  15. The shampoo conversation I die. Although you can get the cheap version at Sally Beauty for like $4. Get him that version, works just as well and not so expensive. After the fish conversation I'm pretty sure him and might be soul mates haha.

  16. Hahahahaha these are always my favorite posts! The Chewbacca's bag thing killed me and he's using your purple shampoo?! I'd be so pissed! That fancy stuff is expensive! Just too funny all around.

  17. These are always so fun to me! Amen to no camping. Jason went a lot as a kid, I have zero desire. I am a city girl, all the way.

  18. Hahahahahhaa Chewbacca's bag?!?! That is hilarious. Chris uses my shampoo sometimes too and he doesn't really have hair. I wanna be like, you know you are washing $20 down the drain right?!

  19. Things I always think when reading these: Oh, thank god I'm not the only one married to a weirdo. Scott and MFD would get along well. Wait, we should keep them apart because I don't want to know the things they'll plot. Steph and I would have to run away.

    Reading your blog in a public bathroom and holding up a line is freaking priceless.

  20. hahaha chewbaccas bag. michael makes fun of everything i do. especially when i get weird with instagram. my favorite was the purple shampoo, no doubt!

  21. I like when the "we" is actually the friends too :)

  22. These are great, I love the laughs.

  23. I seriously laugh out loud everytime I read these. hahahaha, he sounds so funny! And my husband is obsessed with sleep masks too! He uses one I got free from like a gift deal and it says "Princess" across it.

  24. Seriously so funny! I love that he tries to convince you to go fishing by saying you could read lol

  25. Camping and fishing as a couple? Hmmm... somehow I don't see it. But at least in a six person tent it would be roomy! I wash out zip loc bags too, just like my grandma did...

  26. I love the purple shampoo story and shit SMD said! Always fun ready these convos.

  27. I love when you post shit MFD said. He's freaking hilarious. And he smokes an old man pipe?! Whaaaaaaaat? Reminds me of my uncle from back in the day.

  28. Haha I love that he was reading your blog in a public restroom! I also love the shampoo & the fishing team. These always crack me up.

  29. Which purple shampoo brand does MFD, I mean you, use?

    1. hahaha. It's glimmer lights for blonde/silver hair. It's in a purple bottle and the shampoo is purple too. I know they sell it in some specialty stores, and Sally Beauty. Not sure where else.

  30. Bahahahahaha... the shampoo!!! Pete is scared to use any of my stuff. I put the fear of God in him. I love that he actually brought it along, too! LOL
    Totally picturing your husband on the toilet with his pants around his ankles... don't worry - the iPad in my head is covering his privates. lol

  31. hahahaha I think my favorite is that he was sitting in a public restroom, on your anniversary, reading your blog! Hilarious!

  32. Hahaha the fishing couple got me the best. I would seriously love to just be a fly on the window in a car with you guys or something.

  33. He's too funny! Using your highlight shampoo takes the cake!

  34. Ahhhh my favorite! And chewbacca's purse and a 6 person tent for the win :-D

  35. Neil is not allowed to use my shampoo and conditioner. I don't buy expensive beauty products often, but I do with my shampoo and conditioner. I sorta maybe wish there was a hidden camera to see MFD reading the anniversary blog in a public toilet.

  36. Reading the blog thing is awesome and Ansel Adams really gave me the giggles.

  37. I've stated many times that I don't camp, so I totally get that one.

    Chewbacca's bag had me dying.

    He is using the "Secret Purple Shampoo". I swear this had me rolling. Of course he took it on vacation!!! LOL

  38. Love his young/old man picture! I also love the smell of cigars, which may have something to do with it.
    Aww, he was reading your post! For some reason, I didn't think he followed.
    "You can let that dream die" and the tent convo are my faves this round!!

    Weren't these on a linkup a long time ago? Have you considered bringing it back or creating one?

  39. He was reading your anniversary blog post in a public bathroom? LOL! I guess it is kind of sweet ... Though the location is definitely questionable. Haha.

    Eric always try to get me to go camping with him again. We went once a few years ago in preparation for my Bonnaroo trip with my girlfriends, but those are the only two times I've gone. I mostly had fun, but it's really not my thing. (Especially the not showering for 5 days thing I experienced at Bonnaroo ... Fucking disgusting.) Each time I was relieved when I could finally be indoors with air conditioning again. I am just not an outdoorsy kind of person.

  40. The purple shampoo is killing me. Justin steals my stuff all the time for his super short hair and i swear he uses the same amount I do. It kills me. He just finally realized how much I spend on it and I think he'll be picking up some cheap stuff from Target soon :)

  41. The purple shampoo thing cracked me up! At least you know it works. Haha! I am so with you on camping and fishing. Add hiking and snowboarding too. Jacob has friends for that crap. We can go on dates together, like opposite sex couples do. My SIL follows her husband everywhere and it's really weird.


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