Thursday, October 22, 2015


W A T C H I N G ... The Affair and Criminal Minds.

W A N T I N G ... to see The Martian but not setting aside any time to make it happen.

A N N O Y E D ...  that I've fallen off the exercise wagon. Lunch walks and weights ramping back up soon.

W O N D E R I N G ... What the fuck they're thinking cutting back on mammograms. You and me and I'm sure everyone knows a few women diagnosed with breast cancer well under 40 these days. I was actually expecting them to start mammograms earlier.

S H A R I N G ... street art I passed on Sansom yesterday.

A N N O U N C I N G ... the winners of the Show Us Your Books anniversary giveaway - Kristen from See You in a Porridge won the $50 Amazon giftcard and Kate from Another Clean Slate won the bookwormboutique swag. Congratulations ladies! Thanks all who entered and all who read anything, ever. Booknerd gang for life, yo.

R E A D I N G ... the second Fina Ludlow novel by Ingrid Thoft.

W O N D E R I N G ... why some people load the dishwasher and some people leave dishes in the sink. boom. I'm calling you out, non dish-washer loaders. You know who you are.

C O O K I N G ... Nothing, I did all of my cooking this weekend. I'm contemplating moving my weekly food prep to Monday night though. If you care about that and you like to see it, when and where would you like to see that? On a Thursday Thoughts post? Via instagram? On the blog facebook page? Do you want to be on an email list? Let me know.

W O R K I N G  ... On 498 lists for 498 things and also on driving myself into the crazy home.

C A T C H I N G ... Up with Tara over lunch at The Wrap Shack yesterday.
F E E L I N G ... this week's weather. It is perfection.

N E E D I N G ... to be in two places at once a lot of days. Have they invented that yet?

E N J O Y I N G ...  The two pairs of plaid pixie pants I bought this fall from Old Navy.

L A U G H I N G   A T ... this. I will never get the sexy _____ costume. I will always love the don't give a fuck costume.

Fill me in...what's going on with you this month?

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  1. Just today I was thinking that I wish I could be in two places at once. Tired of feeling like I don't have time for anything. Ugh!!

  2. You should definitely see The Martian--we went 2 weeks ago and it was really good! Matt Damon was a perfect pick for that role.
    Gaaaah to the dishes-in-the-sink leavers. I can't stand that! Love the Don't give a **** costumes, too haha.
    Happy Thursday!

  3. I do most of my food prep on Mondays. On Sundays, we explore or rest. I need to find my walking mojo again too, before winter slips in and I'm sliding around.

  4. Haaa! There really are 2 types. My youngest sister is most definitely the dgaf type - last year she did Macklemore with the footie pajamas and coon skin cap from the music video! On a side note, have you seen this woman's post making fun of how ridiculous sexy costumes have gotten? It's a mock-tutorial for how to do a "sexy Abe Lincoln" costume, and her writing is cynical and hilarious.

  5. Oh the non dishwasher loaders, what the what!!!! Just put it in the dishwasher.

    LOVE LEFT SHARK, he is amazing!

    Congrats to KRISTEN, woohoo!

  6. Love the not sexy shark. I can understand wanting a fitted costume but this sexy everything is out of control.

  7. Those plaid pants are so cute...why haven't I seen them at ON? Currently I've just been working part time, cooking, baking and not really doing things that need to get done. The laundry pile is just staring at me because I haven't been throwing in a load each morning. Blah

  8. I love those pants! And I'm with you on the costumes. Plus, you won't be freezing cold all night if you dress up in a plush shark costume!

  9. I love the pixie pant trend! I am short and have short legs and the pixie pants fit me perfectly! I need to catch up on Criminal Minds I used to watch it every week but I missed a few episodes and haven't taken the time to catch up.

  10. Drinking... coffee
    Watching... The Closer reruns
    Making... smoothies again
    Going... broke, at the vet
    Doing... a massive garden cleanup
    Missing... a gulls weekend at the beach :-(

  11. I loathe doing the dishes - we dont have a dishwasher :/ xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. We've been wanting to go see the Martian too...I'm actually planning to try to read it first, but I keep putting it off and Doug might just drag me before I read the book.

    I so love Old Navy pixie pants...they have them in maternity sizes too, which has been amazing because my wardrobe still looks pretty much the same! The plaid ones are super cute.

  13. Yay! I love when people I know win giveaways! It makes me less jealous that it wasn't me, lololololol :)
    I'm guilty of being a non dishwasher loader!!!! Dishwashing has always been the chore I hate the most... yes, so much so that I can't even put them in the dishwasher! lolololol I would legit rather clean a toilet than do the dishes!!!! That is Pete's designated household chore. ;P

  14. I think mammograms should start when you visit your gyno as a young girl AND update to the latest equipment that is more accurate and less painful. Money is misappropriated to CEOs and insurance companies, etc. Fix it now.
    I think you have to wait to be on the other side to be in more than one place at once, that being said, I do think someone should perfect beaming us to places we want to be. Goddess speed to all to accomplish everything we need and want to accomplish happily and easily always, AMEN.
    Enjoy this spectacular day! Love. Your MOMMA

  15. I'm feeling the same way about The Martian! I was waiting forever for it to come out, and now I still haven't made time to go see it. Loooove those plaid pants- I'm all about the green plaids this year!

  16. I've embraced don't give a fuck costumes over the years. I definitely did the sexy whatever during my college years and then I hit law school and was like fuck this, it's October in the north and it's COLD. Since then I've had a myriad of costumes involving onesie pjs. This year I'm going to be Tara Reid from Sharknado (which is just black pants and a leather jacket and a saw for a hand) and next year, Legends of the Hidden Temple! Go team silver snakes.

  17. I'm horrified that they're cutting back on mamograms as I think they should be started earlier. In my opinion they should be mandated at age 30 as more and more women are being diagnosed in their 30's. I have a friend who is my age going through chemo right now for breast cancer.

    I want to see The Martian too, but like you just haven't set time aside to go see it. There's always Netflix ;-)

  18. The shark costume is killing it. Love it.

    I have to see The Martian. HAVE TO.

    The mammogram thing...I can't even discuss without getting my rage up. WTF is wrong with people?!

    Loving the street art. Some people are so talented!

  19. LOVE the pants/shoes! Get em girl!

  20. Rockin' 'my new Pixies today too girl :)

  21. LOL on that shark costume. I am totally the one on the...never mind. I'm not even in the picture because I don't dress up.

    THANK YOU for calling out people like my husband. Makes me so mad. Most days, he'll leave his (empty, done being used) glass NEXT TO the sink, on the counter. Unacceptable.

    I like when you do the food prep on the blog but also seeing the in-progress IG posts is fun.

  22. hahahaha the costumes! hilarious. i will never understand the sexy____ ones but i guess if there's one night you can't be judged for dressing like a ho, it's halloween night!

    i saw those pixie pants in ft. lauderdale but they didn't have my size AND the prices were wack (same as here).

  23. The weather is super nice, I'm not usually a fan of fall but this week has been comfortable both night and day.

  24. Oooooh I love those plaid pixies! Just perfect for fall. And I'm with you on the weather, it's been so beautiful here in Idaho as well. I wish this season could last forever, or really that winter just wouldn't come. I like seeing your meal prep stuff - I think it would be fine in Thursday Thoughts posts!

  25. I'm with you on the martian. i want to go but i also want to sleep. the two types of girls on halloween is perfection.

  26. The currently wondering had me laugh out loud for real!!! Too funny, because I get it, trust me. I get it.
    I cannot go see the Martian, because I'm still the only soul who still has not read the book.
    I don't recall if you said you were a HIMYM fan or not, but do you remember Slutty Pumpkin? Anyway, I hope enjoy the rest of October :)

  27. omg, the dishwasher. Sometimes I hear my husband open it to load his plate and audibly say "damnit" to himself bc it's clean and he now has to unload it because I heard him open, lol.

    And I want to see the Martian badly too! My brother in law was reading the book all throughout our trip and laughing out loud throughout. I've heard the movie is a pretty good imitation of that.

  28. So happy for Kate and Kristen for winning the giveaway. I totally full on dress up and never on the sexy angle. I am just trying to get through each day at the moment.

  29. Hahahahahah that halloween meme is perfect!! I am loving the weather this week too. Hence why fall is my favorite! Those ON pants are totally cute. I want to see the Martian but I cant bring myself to pay to go sit in a movie theater with a bunch of potentially annoying as fuck people. I wish my husband would learn where the dishwasher is. Or see that the trash is full. And dont get me started on this mammogram cutting stuff. WTF is wrong with our society?!?!?!

  30. I love finding random street art. I'm in shock that they're planning less mammograms. It makes less than 0 sense to me. Also, I'd like to see the meal preps! Whichever social outlet you choose works for me, though I think we'd lose the details if you chose IG.

    Plaid pixie pants??? How did I miss that? 'Scuse me, heading to the site now...

  31. yep ... the girls Halloween's costumes. I'm always the covered up one :)
    YIPEEE for Kristen :) Love her
    I sort of need those plaid pants - how stinkin' cute!!!

  32. Love the pattern of those pixie pants. Congrats to Kristen and Kate! They definitely deserve their prizes, the bookworms they are. My friend who was reading the book finally finished The Martian so we can finally go see it....whenever we get around to that whole "scheduling it" thing.

  33. Yay, congrats to Kristen and Kate! :-)

    The mammogram thing is crazy. I honestly felt that way when they started suggesting that pap smears don't need to be done yearly. I fucking hate them, but I still get one every year. Cancer runs in my family, so I feel like it's important to get checked regularly for any abnormalities. My mom had uterine cancer years ago (she's been cancer free since 2006!), but she never would have known if she hadn't been getting her annual pap.

    Those pants are so cute!

    I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was 10, but I would definitely be the "don't give a fuck" girl if I did. Either that, or I'd attempt to dress up as a favorite character. I kind of want an excuse to dress up because I'd love to go as Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. I've already got the black hair and bangs, so I wouldn't even need a wig! Boom.

  34. Those plaid pixie pants are SO on point! Love them!!! Love the street art pictures too!! xo

  35. I couldn't agree with you more on mammograms! Ridiculous if you ask me.
    I love those pants- I love plaid!

  36. We stepped out of the Newark airport today and the weather was INCREDIBLE. Fingers crossed that we have an awesome weekend. I LOVE those plaid pixie pants - I might have to grab a pair for myself. God bless Old Navy.

  37. First, the slutty shark costume is absolutely ridiculous. What a joke. The street art on the other hand is beautiful! I love it. This mamogram business is fucking pissing me off. There are no words. Preventing cancer doesn't make anyone any money though you know. Ugh.

    1. And if you do an email list I would love to be added for meal prep.

  38. I don't really get the "actually, you don't need a mammogram until later" thing but I'm guessing there are stories out there of false positives that made women go to extremes? Even so, I have to think the positive outweighs the negative.

    I'm all for comfy, absurd Halloween costumes!

  39. yay for the giveaway winners!! I am dying to see the Martian but we are having a hard time finding it playing at a decent time to get a babysitter here. I would love to join a mailing list for meal prep or will follow along any way possible!!

  40. I was just working on my own currently post. :) I always thought mammograms should be moved up too. Lots of young women get breast cancer. I actually asked for one at my 36-year check up, but because only my grandma and great-grandma had breast cancer I'm not at risk. Whatever. I love your pants and yellow shoes!

  41. You should definitely make time to see The Martian this weekend.

    Military hospitals are particularly bad with women's health issues. If you don't make the calls or ask about such tests, they'll never offer them to you. There's no appointment reminders for anything.

    I'm trying to create a third category for Halloween costumes: trying to get away with regular clothes.

  42. I saw The Martian and it was awesome. and yeah....*hangs head guiltily* i put dishes in the sink...

  43. I sent the Halloween costume gif to all my college babies. Because that's actually THE BEST!! Dancing shark FTW. FOREVER.

  44. hahaha the halloween costume thing is hilarious! i think my costume this year leans towards the 'sexy' side rather than the other one but i feel like i kind of get a break because i didn't get to get my slutty costumes out when i was a teenager...? yeah? no. hahaha. i don't get the ones that make un-sexy things sexy. like firemen (well, men are sexy, but you know what i mean), police officers, nurses etc etc.
    yayyyy thanks again for the awesome link up and awesome prize! KC was like wtf you bought so many books and I was like FREE YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING now go load the dishwasher hahaha.


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