Friday, January 1, 2021

Friday Five 1.1.2021

Happy New Year! Coming to you live from my couch at 9:56 am, wearing in my pajamas, lamenting my greasy face, listening to Women of Folk on Spotify, and admiring my nail polish. 
1. My actual full New Year's Day wishes can be found here - make people feel loved today and every day of this year. Love is so much more than partner, familial, and platonic love. There are so many ways to manifest human love. 

2. I'm bringing all the light I can into 2021, along with work/life boundaries, space for rest, grace for myself and others, walking, hydration, and very fucking low expectations. As you can see, I am bringing Friday Five through to 2021. Thursday Thoughts and TWTW have been staples of this blog since it was started in 2011, so they're coming through. Show Us Your Books of course, second Tuesday of every month. I'm always open to writing about anything else you want to read, and you are always welcome to leave a comment to that effect or email me 

3. Bacon grease is life. Last night was the first NYE as long as I can remember that I didn't stay up until midnight, which then of course becomes 1 am once the dogs settle from fireworks, and usually closer to 2 as MFD is assembling his shit for New Year's. This is the first year in forever I'm not doing something associated with mummery on New Year's Day, and it's nice to not have to start the day tired AF, timing the beginning of dinner prep with parade shit (I use bacon fat in my dinner prep), invariably having to leave and barrel down 95 like a bat out of hell because MFD forgot something, and then coming back to finish it off. We eat pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and corn here on New Year's Day to usher in the New Year with luck. Do you have a standard New Year's Day meal? 

4. We should not be in a rush to return to what we considered normal that did not actually work for us - that wore us down, exhausted us, made us feel like the true enjoyment of life is only to be found at the edges of living. That is such fucking bullshit. How many of us realized how worn out we are, how tied we are to being cogs in the capitalist wheel? How overscheduled we are? How overscheduled kids are? All people big and small need time to just be, think, dream, imagine, play. Fulfillment is reached in many ways, but it starts inside ourselves and it's dangerous to look for it everywhere else, which we sometimes do instead of taking too long of a look inside because then we might feel like doing work in there. At the end of the day we need to be able to sustain ourselves. We're worth the work. If we stop fighting it and attempting to distract ourselves by running everywhere, being involved in every activity, doing everything, being everything to everyone, never saying no, being so rigid in traditions that having to alter them feels like the end of the world instead of an opportunity for something a little different or easier, participating gladly in the Cult of Busyness, and sharing it all online like exhausting ourselves to the point of uselessness is something to aspire to, we might find that we enjoy just being. Missing things, doing things differently, and not doing everything hasn't and won't kill us. Break the chains of the Cult of Busyness. 

5. Nails are OPI Do You Sea What I Sea? and Essie stop, look & glisten

I hope you have a great day and weekend easing into this year. Thanks for starting another one with me. 

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