Friday, January 8, 2021

Friday Five 1.8.2021

1. Friday in the Banana Republic that is America at the end of the trump administration, January 2021. Ticktock, motherfucker. If I wasn't so fucking pissed at people blaming antifa over FINALLY fucking facing white supremacy head on and dealing with it, I'd laugh at how so many of us SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN and were laughed at, called crazy, disregarded. Racism and anti-semitism on full display from these chucklefuck Capitol stormers, enabled and encouraged by your cult leader, his supporters in the House and Senate (sign Cori Bush's petition for removal here), and complicit law enforcement agencies that allowed this to occur. And you, every day you don't call it for what it is. Ticktock. Ticktock. This is Tarana Burke's full post that is snapshotted here.

I have zero time for anyone arguing any merit of anything to do with this violent insurrection or defending donald trump or defending white supremacy in any other way whether they are conscious that's what they're doing or not. I have zero time for politicians or anyone calling for unity or healing. First, accountability. Then we can discuss healing. For my part there will be no unity with poisonous, traitorous fucks or those who excuse them, whether they are the outgoing president, an elected Congressperson, or Joe Citizen. This is about who we are as human beings and how we respond to our government under attack by angry, ineffective, bumbling, mediocre, mostly white men. This is about the white supremacy required for mediocre white men to be and remain at the top of everything, everywhere, dragging us all to hell, white people included. Whiteness or rightness. The choice must be made. There is no middle here. 

I'm not here on this earth to be palatable to other people or to be a circus monkey dancing around in a cage to make you feel good when things are not good. IDGAF if people think I push too much on this, or think I'm too much in general. The world has told women they are too much since it started, and the world can fuck off. I don't care about losing family, friends, readers, followers on social media. I care more about how awful it would feel to bite my tongue about anything that mattered in order to keep them. There have been a handful of times in my life where I haven't said something when it mattered. Those handful of times are the same handful of regrets I have in this life. Swallowing bitter truths and compromising myself for the comfort of anyone else has never been and will never be worth it. All it takes for evil to preside is for people who know something is wrong to remain silent. I'm not it. 

2. Friday morning started out in my own personal sea of zen with a nice sunrise before the skies turned iron gray and the scenery turned to my own personal Banana Republic where I was locked out of my computer then thought someone stole my appleID and changed passwords everywhere like a lunatic, complicated shit that means nothing to me, and now will remember none of them. Is this what growing up actually is?

3. I've been paper planner-less for a while. Many of the planners I had been using felt like they were boxing me in and not helping me to stay on task. I went to a notebook and electronic system a few years ago. I added this this year after seeing it on A Little Britt of Fun. Today I've got my work stuff and tech writing on Express Hoods, moving services, and food/health/consumer products which is more interesting than I thought, via this website

4. Best friends are super excited to be back at the beach except Bruce needs a matching vest because he's cold so we need to get him one. Look at him smiling last night.

5. New windows on the main floor are finally fucking installed. They are amazing. Doors at the beginning of February because one damn door is backordered and they won't install in pieces. I would have ordered a different door if I knew that. 

I need this fucking weekend. Which is not really the headspace you want to be in in the first full work week of the year. Happy Friday. 

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