Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - we'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne

1. Nine and a half  months of a global pandemic is not stopping me from pulling a Top Nine on Instagram. We’ve got Philly delivering for Biden - it says Philadelphia, PA. In the Democracy business since 1776, RBG dying, my I'm coming out of quarantine things I want to remember post, comparison of the Dad from Teen Wolf and MFD, my 43rd birthday (wearing a RBG shirt because we are birthday twins) visiting Aunt Carrie & Uncle Jim in FL, a recent winter sunset here, the front photo of Mae in the pink princess bed (a click through series), Bruce & Gus asleep at the lake, and MFD's birthday

2. So...big New Year's Eve plans? Just kidding. I actually do have big NYE plans. Like Christmas Eve, this is typically one of my favorite days of the year. I'm going to go about my business making sure I enjoy today even though there's no hustle to get read for New Year's Day and all that jazz. I hope you enjoy it too. I ordered dinner from a small local restaurant. I already painted my nails this morning. I'm going to take a long walk on the beach. We are going to pick a show to watch and probably play rummy 500. It's going to be a good day.

3. I like to end the year with donations outside of my standard monthly donations (Planned Parenthood ever since I could afford to donate anything to anyone and Philly Bail Fund) to feel like I’m leaving the year on a good note. I did that last night. It was hard to choose where to donate this year since so many people are in need and the government is full of fucking assholes who don't give a shit about the people and left them to flail through a global pandemic. SHAME. Since I put money from sponsored posts to charitable donations, I upped my acceptance of sponsored posts through the fall to be able to give more than normal and spread donations. Thanks to all who read or clicked on links in those posts! And extra thanks to organizations out there who expanded services to be able to provide additional support in a pandemic. This year I kept it mostly local to Philly and gave to Covenant House , Broad Street Ministry , Mighty WritersPFLAGThe Amistad Law Project , Juntos, and Women’s Way. If you have anything to spare and can give to anyone doing additional COVID relief work or rent relief/feeding people, please consider doing so. 

4. I’ve been threatening to get crocs house shoes  (I have their flip flops, I mean like ugly crocs crocs) because I have killed my feet wearing super cute Sanuk house shoes with jack shit for support both in the house and around the corner for dog walks multiple times a day. My beach boots are not super supportive either. My one heel feels freaking fractured right now I swear. It’s touch and go. I am headed to a small local shoe store that has a lot of comfortable (ugly?) shoes today. We’ll see. 

5. I’ve been making big ass salads this week and I feel extremely virtuous. I also made copycat CFA nuggets in the air fryer last night that Gail shared from Damn Delicious with minor modifications. They were good. I put a food highlight on Instagram for me to refer back to (I don't think other people use highlights, do they?) so I will hopefully do more food-ing.

6. Walks this week.

7. I’ve read two books this week, the first two in the Shana Merchant series by Tess Wegert. I think it’s finally time to write a good list of my preferred female detective series books. Did you check out the Favorite Reads linkup? If you're looking for a book I know you'll find one there. 

8. Big fans of this soda here. 

9. Reminder as we pass through the calendar end of a difficult year and head into one that will also be hard at least for a while in many ways for many people 

10. E-cards: All of us talking to this year on the phone. Bye, now. Bye.

Happy last day of 2020. It's been a ride. Onward, together, yes?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Auld Lang Syne - this version is from The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin

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