Monday, January 4, 2021

TWTW - welcome 2021

It's safe to say this photo collage represents my weekend/end of holiday oblivion break entirely: since New Year's Eve on Thursday I read a short story and three books (started a fourth), and watched 30 episodes of Yellowstone. What a fucking show. We are obsessed. 
Thursday New Year's Eve was warm, and we took a family beach walk, then picked up some lunch and pie from Bennie's. We pre-ordered lobster dinner from Jon & Patty's. It was delicious. MFD did his year end donations and I was asleep before midnight for the first time in ever and it was awesome. 

Friday a new year dawned, Friday Five blog post is here. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast, we took a fucking cold and short lunch beach walk, drank a lot of peppermint tea and I made the requisite pork and sauerkraut while MFD did the mashed potatoes and corn. Blueberry pie for dessert. 
Saturday and Sunday run together. Sunday was Laura's birthday of course. Snacks were had. Leftovers. Tea. Dog Beach and our beach walks. My poison pin from Malena's Vintage Boutique arrived. Relaxing, watching, reading. 

Happy birthday again to Laura (yesterday) and my aunt Sue (today). 

This morning...if I was commuting, it would be akin to heading into the office full of promise and the train is broken down so you're an hour late no matter what. 

First day back at work since 12/23 at 1. Let's go.

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