Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - Lady Day got diamond eyes she sees the truth behind the lies

1. I was super pumped to get my Mom Mom's chair from my Dad and Carol who are moving later this year and don't have room for it. Here I am in it in her apartment in the early 80s and here it is in my basement today. I love it so much and I'm thrilled. 
2. I bought a pair of shoes on super clearance at Madewell for...sometime in the future. I am typically a TOMs wearer anyway, even to work. I push the envelope on casual shoes. Wearing actual shoes felt illicitly thrilling. I have *got* to get out more. 

3. Thanks to Kristi for the color and chop. I feel lighter and free. The top left is the before. 

4. I've been ripping through some books this week. Both of these come out next week. In other entertainment news, I am obsessed with this group on facebook - the same video of the same guys dancing to a different song every day. I howl. Like choking laughter. 
5. Do your dogs watch TV? Bruce does (first photo). Ben will sometimes. 

6. Thanks to Mush for sharing the Princess Bride thing with me. People who woke up to injustice only under the Grifter's regime and now find free time on your hands, don't fret and do not go back to sleep. There is plenty of work to do. That doesn't stop because someone you voted for in office. Check out the First 100 Days project on Mural Arts Philadelphia, a new art project designed to engage the public around policy issues that could (SHOULD) be addressed in the new administration. We must press Biden to work FOR THE PEOPLE. All the people. Fuck corporate welfare and the billionaires. True equality will require radical, massive, sweeping change via programs/public work projects/financial reforms/regulations, the likes and scale of of which has not been seen in this country since The New Deal (1933-1939) after The Great Depression. True radical change will address white supremacy across all systems. That starts with all of us. 

7. I had no lettuce but plenty of veggies this week, so I just ate them with dressing and croutons. Since I was in Philly to get my hair done, we ordered sushi as we usually do when I am back there. 
8. If a dog had a mug.

9. Reminder:

10. E-cards: 
Whew. Back at the shore as of last night. Last Thursday Thoughts of January. Time keeps on ticking.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Angel of Harlem by U2

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