Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Five 1.22.2021

1. I know I've talked about how much Ben loves toys, but he also loves blankets, especially soft blankets like the velour jawns and the barefoot dreams blanket. He has claimed that for himself. As an aside, does anyone have the BarkBox sheep toy intact they would be willing to part with? It was a favorite and he eviscerated it finally this week. It had a good long run though. I can't find it for less than 20 freaking dollars on ebay. I love my dog but no. I'll gladly pay shipping if anyone has it and will part with it!

2. T-shirt of the day, a Christmas gift from Carol & Dad from a personal favorite, Wire and Honey! And the dregs of my coffee batch. I let it run too low, and on a Friday. Shame.

3. I drove down to 25th Street for sunset last night and it was all decorated with shell necklaces along the fence. 

4. Bruce has been a total butthole this week and has been on the table to get my attention numerous times. 

5. Upholding white supremacy sounds like "why does it matter if what color they are/not everything is about race/you are so divisive." From an article in The Atlantic a few years back: At the time of his death, the country had turned on MLK, and one major driver was a concerted effort among conservatives to take "white supremacy" and flip it on its head, and to gaslight Black activism. The same thing is happening now, has been happening all these years. White supremacy has gone nowhere in the post Jim Crow world, and white people ignoring it won't make all the problems that stem from it go away. Best to start wading through it and dealing with it. 

p.s. Like the rest of the country, I cannot stop. It's nice to know people in the White House working on something other than seeking to do harm, causing chaos, or engaging in menacing chicanery every minute. 
pps last night was out of this world. Thank God for waterproof boots
ppps Today is the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade and we have never stopped fighting for control of our bodies from government law. The convenient Christianity of this country is exhausting. 
Happy Friday!  What are you up to this weekend?

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