Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sinking into Sunday thinking

Best friends dogs, how will you survive when coronaland is a memory and I am not in front of your face 24/7? 

All I could think about since New Year's weekend is cannoli cake, so I ordered it from ShopRite this tasted like lemon. I was pissed. I ate it anyway. My new year is not starting out new me or weight loss like this website

Okay not all I've thought about. I have been thinking so much about travel. I found myself on best vista cay resort Orlando this weekend. As well as some Keys websites. and Glacier in Montana. 

I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about what to watch and also what I should read - as in the library books that came in - versus what I want to read, my standard mysteries that have been on my kindle forever and I can read at any time. I'm sticking myself in a non-reading few days by doing that and I need to just stop.

I am not thinking about best snow removal because I just want to make it clear to the universe that I'm not now nor am I at any point in the near future welcoming snow into my life. 

I'm also thinking about the work week and staying on task again like I did last week. It feels so good, I need to make it happen.

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