Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thursday Thoughts-Nobody told me there'd be days like these

1. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar. These are my least favorite days to write this post because it's hard for me to write succinctly when my head is spinning. And I'm not editing. What we have is what we have here today, any spelling or grammar errors and all. I got very little sleep, I only had enough iced coffee for one cup, and I'm not in the fucking mood for anything. I'm really fucking pissed off at what the trump cult has delivered to us. I'm really pissed off that there are any trump supporters left. You reap what you sow. Attacks on this country like the one that happened yesterday don't materialize overnight. This is what has been wrought. This is what putting one man above the country and anyone who has been complicit in that in elected positions or as regular citizens has brought. The truth hurts. Outside, winter skies. Watching. 

2. How are we all doing the day after an attempted coup by the outgoing president and his supporters?  I know we're exhausted and stressed the fuck out but we need to keep our eyes on this and how it is dealt with in the days following. 

3. Just so we're on the same page - do not, under any circumstances, in any spaces - create a false equivalency between people assembling to protest Black people being killed/400+ years of racial injustice on this soil and armed insurrectionists storming the Capitol in an attempted coup. There are two Americas: one for Black people, and one for white people. If yesterday did not show you that, you are so deeply entrenched in White Supremacy we have to get you a fucking exorcist. Remove the property damage factor from both scenarios. Property is not more important than people. White supremacy teaches us it is, for a reason - so we will see things that are wrong, but fall back on protecting property over people. But property is not more important than people. Even if you will not accept that, for the purpose of this exercise, remove property damage from any protests this year AND from the storming of the Capitol yesterday from the scenario. Do you see the difference in the police/societal treatment of and response to Black people in a crowd and white people intent on destruction in a crowd? Shit, what they wore for crowd control is the first fucking tell. Let me know if you need links to videos of Capitol police taking selfies inside with domestic terrorists who breached the Capitol building or of Capitol police moving aside barricades for the crowd to storm the building. MFD has protested inside the Capitol numerous times and been arrested there. Yesterday is not how it goes down. I repeat: there are two Americas. One in which Black people can killed for doing anything and the majority of white people will find a way to excuse it (they should have complied! oh he was a drug dealer etc etc you know the drill) and one in which white people can storm the nation's Capitol in an armed insurrection in which people are left dead, explosive devices left behind, they put their feet up on desks that are not theirs and don't get 1/100th of the heat Obama got for putting his feet on HIS motherfucking desk, the bust windows and fuck off all over doing whatever they want, and THEY ALL WALK OUT, LARGELY UNHARMED. Because they are allowed to, and white people are on the internet immediately excusing this away as if this is not a major fucking incident against the fabric of this country. These motherfuckers with visible faces in photos had better be identified, arrested, and tried. 

4. As for you fucking moron QAnon chans fuckers - just fucking go the fuck away. You don't know jack fucking shit and your idiot fucking conspiracy theories are JUST FUCKING STOP. ALSO. This is the "fa" we are anti. In case you wondered what the fuck antifa actually stands for. Anti-FASCIST which we should all be but you are not. Stop fucking doing weird fucking internet searches and making yourself feel better about the fucking idiot man and party you backed by blaming yesterday's attempted coup your boy started by yelling ANTIFA like the stupid fucks you are. Do you see why your idiocy is dangerous? It's even worse when you claim to have no party. 
The president must be removed because he's an unhinged dangerous fuck with no respect for America or its institutions and he still has the nuclear codes and plenty of days left to blow the fucking world away. It's been proven no one can get a handle on this fucking fool. If he's not allowed on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, he sure as shit should not be allowed to be in the vicinity of the nuclear codes. Leaving him in office is a failure of every cabinet member and member of Congress. Further, every elected official at the state and federal level who postured to the point of inciting and inviting what happened yesterday even if at the end they did not vote to object because they were blown back by the violent insurrection  - AND ACCEPTED THE RESULTS OF THEIR ELECTION WHILE HAVING A PROBLEM WITH THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RESULTS - must be expelled from office. We have traitors in this country, a lot of you are them and more of you voted for them. We do not need to identify those traitors in a national security event and then LET THEM FUCKING STAY. Everything comes home to roost. Someone come get this dangerous idiot Josh Hawley who is the star of American Psycho: The Congress Version. Tell him to keep Pennsylvania out of his mouth. Missouri, you don't have to take him back, but someone needs to take him somewhere. Get on the fucking phone and on every form of social media and demand elected officials - yours, mine, ours - remove the dangerously unhinged president and everyone in an elected position who propped up his stolen election charade to the point of sedition. Democracy doesn't just stand by and through because we want it to. Without the will and input of the people there is no fucking democracy. It's bad enough these motherfuckers have chosen corporations over people and pushed us into a functioning oligarchy. They nearly burned the Capitol to the ground yesterday. This is a chance for us to rebuild this country the right way. With liberty and justice for ALL. Power to the people.
5. Kudos to Georgia for delivering Warnock and Ossoff to the United States Senate. I said this in a few spaces yesterday but it bears repeating: Stacey Abrams is the name we know. What happened in Georgia does not happen without years of activists and leaders in communities of color laying groundwork, building community, and grassroots organizing -  especially the Black community. People working their asses off. And as we see from this Georgia story, led mostly by Black women. In regards to Black women (and Black voters). Can we be finished stopping at thanking Black women after we have relied on them to save our asses - which they are not responsible or even intent on doing, but is often just a side effect of working for their own communities - despite how they are treated across the board throughout the country? Instead, can we hire them for leadership positions, pay them what they're worth, invest in their organizations, ensure our politicians center issues that affect them and their communities even when that means un-centering ourselves, and recognize and respect their social and political capital and power at every level of government - and in business, education, everywhere - in all communities? They don't need more words or thanks. They need investment, shoppers at their businesses, readers for their books, capital, power, support for their causes, workers and donors for their campaigns, an end to the school to prison pipeline, safe and affordable housing, healthcare, money, opportunities, road blocks removed, and to be in every room where decisions are being made - all of which they have earned a million times over. Sometimes what's needed the most is for us to shut up, listen, and move out of the way. What are we doing in our own lives and communities to make sure this is happening? If we are protecting white supremacy in any way we are the road block. 

6. In closer to home news, we finally have the bullshit leftover election shit that has been littering our house for months corralled to one dining room corner and some signage downstairs. 

7. What else. Oh the washer was fixed yesterday. A fucking hose came loose. So I've been a washerwoman since. I was supposed to go back to the shore last night but I couldn't summon the energy, despite always having a zillion drinks at all times to keep me caffeinated and hydrated. I have been killing it out there with feeling fine and focus and concentration. White supremacy and treason ruin everything. Don't be a white supremacist. Don't support treason because its dress matches your voter registration. 

8. Food of the week: comfort spaghetti and veggie meat sauce (pulled from the freezer) and a pantry clean out meal: chicken thighs thrown in a crock with cream of mushroom soup, onion soup mix, and a few cans of mushrooms. Oh. And protein brownies that tasted like cardboard. Do not recommend. Please don't. For real. I love and use Kodiak waffle mix and muffin mix. This stuff is blech. 

9. Reminder: everything that goes down, must come up. The world has watched America fall. We've become weak because we've dropped everything else to hold onto whiteness. It's time for the reckoning. And the rising. 97% of the problems in this country remain once trump leaves office. What position will you fill on the come up?

10. E-cards: 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Nobody Told Me There by John Lennon (that's a pretty raw version, and I love it). Most peculiar Mama, some of the weirdest shit I ever saw

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