Monday, January 25, 2021

TWTW - excitement abounds

Friday MFD and I took Bruce and Ben down to the beach for a sunset run (them running, not us, don't get it twisted), then he made crab and shrimp ravioli with salad. We started watching The Stranger on Netflix. 

Saturday In a miraculous turn of events, no dog got up before 8. We eased into the day. MFD got some stuffed bread and a pie for National Pie Day from Bennie's, and I picked up a book at the library along with the required groceries. 

I had the best friends out for a very cold sunset walk in their matching vests. LOL forever. I made veggie beef barley soup which is perfectly hearty for a cold winter day, finished a book, and we watched the rest of The Stranger. 
Sunday was a day of rest. We took a super freezing walk in the north end, I painted my nails (9th & Maxwell Eggplant), read a book, and we watched One Night in Miami and Places in the Heart.
I ended up throwing pork chops and baby potatoes in the air fryer and I did week prep things like making a fresh batch of coffee and putting recycling out and packing stuff up to go back to Philly and stuff like that. I finished a book and started reading another too late to be advisable. 

I slept like shit due to dogs and here we are. 

Good thoughts to Mom & Rich and Sean, they had to put their girl Sasha down on Saturday. 

How was yours? 

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