Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Today is

Impeachment #2 day. Second impeachment? Impeachment squared? Impeachment take two? Insurrection Rejection? See you Later, Traitor? End of Treason Season?

My sister in law’s birthday. Happy birthday Aubrey!

Trash and recycle day, which I missed last week and was happier than usual to participate in this week. 

The day I run out of tea light candles 

My third day with  a major tension headache due to some neck issue 

The third day in a row I will drink over 100 ounces of water 

Calling general contractors day for some work we're looking to have done at the shore. We had a structural engineer out Monday.

Hair washing day, unplanned. I surprised myself so I couldn't dread it beforehand. 

The finish reading the Show Us Your Books linked up posts day

The first day without cupcakes since Sunday 

Searching for hypoallergenic earrings day and this site popped up for best gold plated earrings . I never do gold plated and might try them. I change my earrings once a year so I am always looking to get it right on the front end. this website comes up too, but I don't think they sell earrings at boarding schools. My phone must have been listening when I was watching The Wilds last night.

Re-creating all the work I did yesterday day

The first time I saw the fire This is Your Coup ad from The Lincoln Project. 

The day I should vacuum but won’t day

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