Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Five 1.15.2021

1. We all need things to look forward to. Anticipating the arrival of pie crust cookies is mine right now. Pandemic winter survival tip one

2. I'm back on my weekly fresh flowers and candles lit every night bullshit. Pandemic winter survival tip two

3. The calls for unity and healing without accountability and a dismantling and reconfiguration of systems that bend to White Supremacy (uh, that would be all systems) are tone deaf. This country chose the wrong path post-Civil War, which led to Jim Crow. We are poised on another precipice. Unity and healing make things better for people who benefit from white supremacy - people who look like me. This is not the time to try and take the quick and easy way. True healing and unity require work and uncomfortable conversations and changes. 

4. I've been reading a lot of Netgalley books, but I have some books in for pickup at the library. For those of you who like Courtney Summers (she wrote Sadie, which I loved, and Some Girls Are, which was a brutal but good read) - she has a new book coming out on February 2 called The Project. The subject matter is cults, which is one of my favorites. I finished it last night. It was fine - I know that's not a ringing endorsement, but it held my attention...which is. The past month of reading feels more like me than I have since March 2020. It feels like being at home in myself. 

5. Walking into the weekend like it is salvation. I was able to stay on task every day this week for work, which is one of my main goals aside from hydration (hit that shit also this week) so I'm feeling like a rest is in order. 

I've also committed to try other blue light blocking glasses which I eventually bought from La Piazza which has sunglasses I want too (learn more), am planning to haggle a little on my car this weekend and looked through Craft Customs to get a description of the steering wheel look I had in my old car and want in my next, and perused some private chef experiences on Food Fire + Knives for post-Covid world plans.

Happy Friday!  

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