Monday, December 14, 2020

TWTW - the one with the mild temps

Friday was more errands than I’ve run in months for work, and I called it quits a half hour early. MFD and I took All the dogs for a walk on the beach to see the tree on 21st. He went fishing, we got dinner from Boyar’s, he went fishing again, and I was up way too late, falling asleep around 1.

Saturday only to wake up at 4 to Bruce shitting, then again at 7 to Bruce needing to go out. At that point fuck it. I got some stuff together for MFD to take to Philly, and he left for work. I cleaned shells then spent about four hours assembling stuff for work while watching the last of season two of Virgin River and Happiest Season on Hulu. My new clearance Christmas present kettle arrived, I dropped stuff off to the recycle center, sat around with Bruce, took a nap late, and when MFD got back we ate Wawa and chilled.
Sunday Another night of dog shits and insane wakeups, this time Gus and Bruce. I lay back down and snoozed from 7 to almost 10 while MFD was out fishing. It was great. Up and at 'em to drop something off to a coworker in a neighboring town, get groceries, and enjoy the sun and 60s. We took all the dogs to Dog Beach. MFD stayed to fish and I went home to sweep, vacuum, and mop the apartment; make chicken and rice for Bruce, chicken and peppers and rice for us, and freeze leftover chicken boiling water into ice cubes for dogs for later. I fell asleep on the couch and moved to the bed around 2:30. 

That's all she wrote. The weekends fly, man. How was yours? 

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