Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Things that can stay, things that can go, and things I hope outlast the pandemic

On the day of the Winter Solstice, I write down a list of the things that I do not want to bring forward with me. Winter is a time to dig deep, reset. When my list is complete, I bury it. I also write a list of things I want to manifest. When it's done, I set it on fire to release it. 

Lighting things on fire is more liberating than burying but both serve a purpose, and both happened yesterday. I sat and reflected. I talked to myself out loud. 

I am not going to share everything on the list of things I don't want to bring with me because frankly the list was quite long and painful to write this year. 

Some things I am absolutely not interested in carrying forward after this fucking year:
-brain fog
-no creativity/production
-not drinking enough water
-the inability to find refuge in the pages of a book
-feeling like a shit employee
-lack of routine
-Shit I do not need (things I own but do not need and have not addressed)

Things that can come through in this next season of life: 
-A focus on rest, and not after I have taken myself to the brink, fried my brain, and simply cannot do any more. Planned rest. Rest for the sake of rest, not rest as reward. 
-Set work hours
-True time off
-To do lists
-Commitment to racial justice
-Rekindled joy found in cooking, reading, writing
-Shopping small
-Porch sitting and just being

And another little list I've been cultivating. 

Things I hope outlast the pandemic:
-Not shaking hands
-Staying apart in line
-Staying the fuck home when you're sick, yes even with a cold, or wearing a mask 24/7 if you leave your house with one
-Serious hand washing like everyone should have been doing all along
-Curbside pickup
-Giving people grace
-The death of the hustle culture
-The knowledge that missing things is not the end of the world
-Mail in and early voting
-Holes in the schedule
-Keeping with the hobbies we suddenly had time for that are actually fulfilling
-Lack of a commute most days

And you?
Cheers to more light every week going forward. 

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