Monday, December 7, 2020

TWTW - the first one of the last month of 2020

Friday Work work work. I started early to finish early so Bruce could get his booster shots. He was  not okay with it as he had a bad reaction to the initial ones. I took the best friends down to Corson's Inlet to run around while I looked for shells. They came home tired out, I finished a few work things and ate the dinner I had ordered for contactless delivery earlier, and my big Friday night was grocery shopping at 8:30 pm when I was the only person in the store aside from two workers. 

Saturday I unapologetically did nothing. I read a bit, but mostly cleaned shells in batches.  

We headed for our beach walk once the weather cleared. There was like an entire whelk village on my beach. It was amazing. My pickings from that are in the bottom right photo above - all those in under 10 minutes in less than a block. Bruce was not having it. It was cold and he wanted to go home. I understood. More lounging and reading followed. 

Sunday there was a little more life. I put stuff away in the apartment and house, vacuumed the apartment and cleaned the bathroom, cleaned out the dishwasher filter in the house and ran that with vinegar, sorted Christmas gifts, did my SUYB blog, did some beach walking with the best friends. MFD was taking care of stuff in Philly and arrived late with the old dogs.  

I made pork chops in the air fryer, rice, and broccoli for dinner. I also made tuna for lunches. This week the dogs are eating skirt steak, chicken tenders, rice, mixed veggies, and sweet potatoes as a topper for a bit of dry food.

Show Us Your Books tomorrow!

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