Monday, December 28, 2020

TWTW - the one with the Christmas

Friday was The Christmas coming off a night of extremely fragmented sleep thanks to a Christmas Eve rain and wind storm. We had water coming in the front door, water on the second floor through siding somewhere, and flashing lost on the back of the house. I was happy to wake up to no more of it. I walked Bruce and Ben and went to the beach to wish the ocean Merry Christmas before coming back to make breakfast, did a Christmas Friday Five blog post, and sat around with Debbie watching A Christmas Story. 

MFD arrived around 11. We opened gifts - old people gifts like a bidet for MFD and a neck pillow for me - and watched more ACS. I put dinner in the oven around 2 (eye round), Debbie made the eggs, and we were eating by 4 like the seniors we are. 
But it meant I could make the sunset with Bruce. He misses going out with me alone as my sidekick dog. 
Christmas night was Christmas Vacation twice in a row, family zoom with MFD's fam, and Gremlins. Which I don't think I've ever watched all the way through and can I say the Gremlins are gross like messy gross and totally rude? I started a new book too. 

Saturday was pretty cold and pretty lax. I did some blogging in the morning, and bought wreaths for outside on clearance for next year. Then I cleared out Christmas. I took Bruce on a sunset walk. 
Throughout the day I read and we watched Murder on the Bayou, two indie movies: The Week End and The Festival, I, Tonya, and Vice. The sum of these few days is more TV than I've watched in months. 

Sunday Since we were up late watching Vice, I was slow to get going in the morning. I started a new book. Debbie left around 11:30. I went to get some groceries. MFD and I took the dogs shelling in the south end. I napped and walked to my corner store for rolls. More reading. I ate a salad which tasted amazing after all the cookies. It was a good and relaxing day. 

Not unlike other years, I am happiest when Christmas is over and decorations are stowed away. Even when they were minimal in the first place like they were this year.

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books: Favorite Reads of 2020. See you here for that! 

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