Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday Five 12.18.2020

1. Just a gentle reminder that no is going to die if a Christmas present is late. Please do not rage at small businesses for not getting you something on time, or contact them asking where your package is when they can only see the same tracking info you can. Certainly do not ask them for a refund for something that is entirely out of their control in a season where businesses like theirs are literally dying on the vine because the federal govt has not responded appropriately to support them through a global pandemic. Please do not rage at the US Postal Service - they are absolutely inundated with packages and have been throughout this entire pandemic not to mention the regular mail oh and the volume of mail in ballots going back and forth in a major election year where many voted from home due to said pandemic. All while trump and his lackeys attempted to cap the entire institution at the knees and defund them. If you can afford to do so please tip your postal worker! After all we've handled this year, some late gifts are literally nothing. We've got this. We can wait. It's not about the gifts anyway.

2. It is rude AF to send a jury summons in a pandemic, Philly. 

3. One week until Christmas and I could not care less. I do care about the 11.5 day break from work that is coming with it this year since I didn't use my vacation days like I normally do. The status of my brain and the fact that I resemble the Steve Buscemi Mary Poppins tells me maybe I should have. 

4. The best thing I ate this week was also the simplest - two eggs over roasted root veggies. Freaking delicious. 

5. I think it is instinct especially for women to lead with "Sorry" and I know I am always consciously working away from that. It feels weird not saying it sometimes, like we're leaving a void, but ladies, especially in work comms in general men are not filling any void in communication with sorry followed by a statement. Let it sit. You don't owe the world perfection, stoicism, an explanation for why you're not spending your time how/where/with who they think you should, or a reason for saying no. And most of the time you don't need to use the words "I'm sorry" for things you're using them for. Use them how they are intended. Likewise, we don't have to tell people we're not sorry either - not saying I'm sorry for something implies that we're not. LOL

Bonus inclusion - I love a post-storm ocean when she's roiling, not when she's flat. The sea spray off the tops of the waves was magnificent yesterday. I do not love the amount of masks I've seen on the beach this year. They are the new plastic bags. 

Well this unintentionally turned into a Thursday Thoughts junior. I will not apologize, see above. 
Anyone doing anything good this weekend? 

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