Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Thanksgiving Week that Was

A full week off. There were daily beach walks, sometimes multiple per day, lots of treasure hunting, dogs running, fishing, sunrises, fall props. 
There was Thanksgiving in adherence with NJ gathering guidelines, with everyone contributing to group cooking and cleaning up efforts, a turkey hat passed around, a what are you thankful for session around the table, a tie dye dress code. There were homemade desserts and purchased pies, only one of which made it to actual Thanksgiving day. The rest were consumed beforehand.
There was a lot of resting and just being. There was a new moonpod MFD purchased. 
There was a little bit of Christmasing, including Santa on a fire truck which always makes me cry. We caught him early and it was socially distant AF, the town did a great job with this this year despite our annual Black Friday Christmas in the Downtown being cancelled. There was a night of matching Grinch pajamas courtesy of CiCi and movie watching with jiffy pop and candy to fill the littlest Grinch lover's heart and make his almost three year old day when everyone individually appeared in Grinch pajamas. 
There was miscellaneous - cleaning out cabinets, jobs for all, excellent weather, nails, small business shopping and local love, poop adventures, fishing, mask wearing and hand washing like whoa, a curious kitten, lots of time together planned out and planned for exposure-wise beforehand. There was sadness on my part when my family was gone after a week, and then there were books and pizza and more beach walks and 

here we are in December. What a fucking  year we're closing out.

Congratulations to my Dad on his first full day of retirement today. Yesterday was his last day of work at a company he was with for 44 years. I learned work ethic and loyalty from him, and I'm so happy he is moving on to the next phase of his life now. It's well earned. 

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