Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Big wheels rolling through fields where sunlight streams, meet me in a land of hope and dreams

Eating sushi like I always do when I come back to Philly (no good place I know of at the shore). We ordered in from Osaka in Feasterville. It was delicious. My mom dropped off a pork roll pretzel and coffee this morning too. 
Visiting with my mom, who had a big fan group as she was eating

Operating a day behind all week. I have known the date (rare for me) but thought Wednesday was Tuesday, keep thinking today is Wednesday, etc. 

Painting my nails green (OPI Envy the Adventure) and brownish (Essie On the Bright Cider). I need to start moisturizing stat. 
Getting my hair done by the fabulous Kristi. Bye blonde, all auburn now. This is the only photo I've taken. 

Living in dog town as always
Waiting for the cabinets to be done in Philly. The house, which I have not occupied full time since April and will not be re-occupying full time at this time, is a giant shithole mess that needs to be completely cleaned out with a lot of work coming up inside. This is step one. We used a local woman cabinet painter and she's great! This is the primer and first coat on the backs. She takes the doors. I'll do before and afters when it's done but what a huge difference.
Preparing for winter at the shore. It's been pretty cold this week. Fleece lined leggings and long sleeve tees to replace short sleeve under cardigans, you're up.

Listening to Land of Hope and Dreams by Bruce Springsteen. (it's the lyric after the hyphen in the title). As usual, I listened to mostly Bruce Springsteen this year. 

Watching The Undoing. I watched all of it this week. I've also caught some of The Crown since MFD is watching it, and I ask questions incessantly and I think he hates it. But I'm actually watching TV. New TV, not reruns of something I have watched 420934820 times. I think I might be getting back into it.

Reading I read a book in a few hours Sunday night, but have bounced around since. I couldn't get into the next one. I'll start another one tonight. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. The Favorite Reads of 2020 Show Us Your Books is Tuesday, December 29.m

Reminding us all that nothing's wrong with you if you never buy into the magic of the season in December, or if you usually do but aren't this year 

Ecarding - all of us at some point this year, am I right?

What's new with you?

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