Friday, December 25, 2020

Friday Five 12.25.2020

Merry Christmas! I've got some time this morning. Debbie and I are here with Bruce and Ben waiting for MFD and the old dogs to arrive and for Mimi's bacon breakfast muffins to cook - a holiday staple in our house. I love when a friend's recipes/traditions integrate into my life like that. 

1. There were four beach trees in Ocean City this year. This is the 37th Street tree, which I went to see yesterday. I also tried to see the 55th Street tree but it was already gone. Three out of four isn't bad. I absolutely love that people do this. It was a huge bright spot for me this year. 

2. Christmas nails are sugarplum-ish? By the time 12/24 comes I am so damn sick of red and green. The sugarplum color is Essie without reservations and the metallic is OPI Made it to the Seventh Hill!

3. Due to the horrible overnight weather, MFD stayed in Philly to get to his 3:30 am Code Blue shift he does every Christmas Eve at the homeless shelter. He was going to go back and forth from the shore but the storm had us change those plans. We facetimed a few times including to listen to Fairytale of New York together, which we are usually screaming out in the car around 8 pm every Christmas Eve night. This is the first Christmas Eve we've spent apart in probably 18 years? We had water come in in Philly and at the shore and some flashing gone at the shore but otherwise weathered it fine. I'm sorry for all of those without power this Christmas morning. It's like the shit icing atop the urinal cake that is 2020. 

4. Last minute change of menu for Christmas Eve - snacks only. Debbie and I picked, drank wine, and watched The Moody Christmas (good) and A Christmas Story. And were up much of the night with the storm. Naps all around today.

5. Communed with a riled up ocean this morning. I will not be here for Christmas in its entirety again for quite a long time, certainly not on Christmas morning to be able to go down to the beach alone to converse with the universe. In a year of tremendous loss for so many in so many areas, I am so thankful I have everything I need and more both within myself and in my life to make it comfortable. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas. If you are scrolling through happy, bountiful photos today and you are not there emotionally, mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, any way...I’m holding space for you. 

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