Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Airing of Grievances 2020

Happy Festivus, my friends! A Festivus for the rest of us!

Absolutely zero 2020/serious shit will appear in this Airing of Grievances. Just assume inequity, racism across all systems as well as interpersonal, misogyny, white fragility, patriarchy, Covid and all of the grief and pain and all types of loss that comes with it, the federal govt mishandling of Covid at every single turn, Covid deniers, science deniers, conspiracy theorists, climate crisis, all senate republicans, some senate democrats, trump and his entire grifter family, public and government corruption, said government asleep at the wheel on the opioid crisis, the constant dismissal of mental health and substance use disorder issues and the shaft they get, the criminalization of poverty, the school to for-profit prison pipeline, capitalism killing us, lying liars who lie, argumentative and hypocritical assholes, and straight up motherfuckers are implied, ALWAYS, until they are corrected and fall off. 

This year has been a thing for this world and I don’t need to list any additional world or personal trauma to drive that point home. Yesterday I was adding a new IG story highlight, the second one devoted entirely to my dogs, and came across a tree hitting my house in the beginning of August from a tornado. Like...I forgot about a tree falling on my fucking house while my husband and dogs were inside, necessitating many repairs and rocking my neighborhood, where we do not get fucking tornados. And when I saw the reminder of it I felt no adverse reaction. I had no reaction period. Like I was looking at an okay picture of a flower. This year has done a number on me and I'm ready for this long holiday break. 
That’s the kind of year it’s been. We are all the dog sitting in the room on fire sipping coffee and saying it’s fine. So gather 'round the aluminum pole and remember we’re keeping the annoyances on this list petty as fuck this year. 

-crumbs on the counter. Do you not see them. Or what.
-dog hair stuck in couch cushions
-policing bad language. Fuck off out of here 
-people congregating at entrance and egress points - doors, tops of steps, bottoms of steps, etc. - this bothers me so much that it still makes the list in a year where I have congregated with no one and also seen no one else congregating at these points
-mealy apples
-shower curtains left open
-when I am too lazy to get something that’s upstairs
-my phone randomly capitalizing words or changing words that are typed correctly into other words. Fuck you phone!
-the political signs that are still in my fucking basement and the election shit that's still in my house on all levels
-when the washing machine is unbalanced
-loud cars and people who rev engines in residential neighborhoods
-food waste
-when things fall down the side of the car seat 
-losing sunglasses
-having to repeat myself. I respond like Uncle Louis in Christmas Vacation. THE.BLESSS ING.
-uncomfortable shoes, which is pretty much all of them after 10 months of being barefoot
-having every size battery except the size I need at the moment 
-hair washing days
-weak coffee 
-the grody insides of recycle bins 

Now you go. 
Then Feats of Strength. Until you pin me, Festivus is not over. 

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