Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Five 12.4.2020

1. Back at the shore as of 10 pm last night. I hate when I forget that I have stripped the bed and not put sheets back on and have to do it later at night. I didn't have any clean sets here when I left, MFD had taken them home. 

2. My old boy sits next to me when I work. I consider every day he is still here a gift. 

3. Best surprise inclusion in a holiday card ever. Thanks Mrs. G! I have had my holiday cards for many weeks and they sit unfinished on the counter. My plan was to go to the post office today. Plans change! 

4. Winter is coming. Thanks to the coronavirus and donald trump fucking all supply chains everywhere with his lack of response and antagonization of everyone all over the world, my windows and doors for the main floor of the shore house are long lead time items. They were ordered back in September, still not in. We're about to see how well this old shore house can hang on through a period of cold days. 

5. I cannot tell you how many hair concoctions I've tried over the years. My longtime friend and best stylist Kristi figured it out for me finally a few months ago and even with the weather change it's holding. I use Pureology Hydrate shampoo, no conditioner, and Pureology Color Fanatic spray on my ends. That's it. I have used and loved Pureology before, but was using volumizing and it was drying me out, as was everything else, leaving the ends of my hair looking like hay bales hobos sleep on in train cars. 

Have you seen the Ryan Reynolds Match commercial? It is fucking hilarious. 

And one of my favorite blog posts every year is up at Bourbon & Lipstick - Gift Guide: What We Really Want (2020 Edition). If you haven't seen it, I think you'll like it too.

Happy Friday! Happy 60th birthday to my uncle Billy today!

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