Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Five: Halloween Week Musings and Reminders

1. Happy Halloween from the Three Amigos. Don't they resemble Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short? Mae is Martin Short. Some outtakes:
When Gus is enraged he closes his eyes so he can pretend you don't exist
2. I'm going to be like a store right now and discuss Christmas on Halloween, okay? Okay. I'm finished Christmas shopping with the exception of my Gamma's family photo calendar that I do for her every year because I need photos from Stephen & Aubrey's wedding to finish it. We'll be away Thanksgiving weekend and for over a week in December, so if it doesn't get done now it's not getting done because I want to enjoy the season, not spend it shopping. Hence, I did all of my shopping online and I'm finished by October 31. I bought my photo cards from snapfish too. There's a 40% off coupon through today. 

3. The Fleetwood Mac concert was amazing on Wednesday night. I had tears during the first song because I've loved them for so's some of the earliest music I remember hearing in my life and I've heard it consistently all the way through. Stevie can't hit the high notes anymore - age? cocaine? booze? - but she still rules. She's my favorite. I love this piece on her from Rolling Stone.
We saw Michael's Aunt Maureen & Uncle Matt before the concert for a bit, and had drinks and wings with Jill & Frank. My parents were in the club box next to us so we watched the encore with them. This was the first time I've been in a box for a concert, and yeah, I don't want to watch outside of a box ever again. I know that's bougie.
We were hungry after the show so we played pretend we were 21 and went to Lorenzo's on South Street. Respect the slice that requires two plates. And this concludes my Wednesday night overview on Friday.
4. Today is the last day of the October Wallet Watch. Link up on Wednesday, November 5, to share how you did. And don't go out and buy all the things this weekend just because you can.
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5. Today is also the last day of the Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge for October. The theme was food. Don't forget to link your results up Thursday, November 6. Choose Your Own Adventure for November starts tomorrow. The theme is organize. 
Life According to Steph

Check back here tomorrow for a special Saturday post talking about my goals for the Organize theme as well as a special November giveaway.

Happy birthday to my uncle Perry today!
Happy Friday! Happy Halloween! Be safe out there.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things that chap my ass*

Zits right in the line of my nostril or along my lip line

When I don't like the nail polish after I have it on my nails

When people whine about something they don't like but won't actually take action against it or stand up for what they do want. Here's a tip: complaining is not actually DOING something. Get off your ass and effect a change.

Prefacing a question with, "Can I ask you a question?" Seriously?

Do you want to build a snowman? / Let it go.

People who enter the train through one door and instead of going into that car, turn and go into the other door's car, causing a backup. Sorry, I'm not letting you go in front of me. Get in the queue behind the door of the car you want to be in and wait your turn like everyone else.

Cars stopping at intersections that have no stop sign

Smelly dogs. Mine are stink, stank, stunk right now. 

Being unable to enter a hotel room at check in time. This may or may not push me to make a scene in your lobby. 

Hearing "I'm bored" from anyone of any age, but especially adults. Seriously? You're an adult and you can't figure out how to entertain yourself or think of anything productive to fill your time? Some days I think my greatest skill will always be my ability to self entertain. 

Kate Hudson. I can't explain it. 

Sexy Anything for Halloween. It lacks imagination. If you want to dress in a manner you consider sexy, you don't need a Halloween costume as an excuse. 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Recommendations

Skimmers, recommendations are in bold. Anything underlined is a link you can click on. Clickity click clack mofos.

Aside from me, this month you get recs from Iva at Awesomely Oz and Liz from The Fitness Blondie.  Links to their social media accounts are under their recommendations. I hope you check them out and follow them all the ways or one of the ways. Go forth and enjoy!

1.  Strong Rum Cake - because innocently intoxicating peers at work is a beautiful things.  Especially those who really need the assistance. 

2.  Wray and Nephews Overproof Rum - because you can’t make a strong rum cake without strong rum.  There’s nothing more beautiful than 126 proof rum – don’t light flames near it though. 
3. Kittens- because new family additions are always welcome.

4. This short ribs recipe - because there’s no better birthday present for your lover than throwing it down in the kitchen. He’s welcome.

5. Being off call - I’ve been bitchy all week because I’ve been on call all week and with that comes 3AMalerts that I’m obligated to respond to whether I know what I’m doing or not. There’s no better orgasmic feeling than “handing over” the responsibility of an entire network to the next poor sap in line and then having a piece of rum cake to seal the deal.  Work phone - CHECK!
Iva's rum cake and new kitty!

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 Link up for Liz's Hump Day blog hop every Wednesday. If you blog, share your blog. If you don't, find some new reads!

1. Old Navy Jeggings - Believe me, I never thought I'd be shilling jeggings on this blog either. But they're comfortable, they're warm, they're cheap, they look good, and they wash well. And when I wear them my privates are covered because leggings are not pants. Thanks to Kathy for showing me the way to them. I now own three pair.
2. Ebates (this is a referral link) - if you shop online and you don't use Ebates, sign up today. You make money for spending it. No other agenda. Sometimes it's $.05 and sometimes it's $6.06, but either way it's more than $0. 

3. The Affair on Showtime - A really interesting portrait of perspective, plus some of my favorites from The Wire and Pacey Witter all grown up and super hot as always.

4. Vitamin E under eye cream from The Body Shop - This feels so luxuriantly moisturizing for the price. Regularly $18, I got it on sale for $10. Holler. My skin drinks it in. Score another A+ for the Vitamin E line at The Body Shop. Vitamin E body butter has been life changing for me. I'm not exaggerating.
5. Be grateful every day. November is almost upon us. Everyone will bust out a daily grateful and I think that's great. I recommend you are grateful for something the other 335 days a year also.

Thanks Iva & Liz! Check them both out when you get a chance. 

What about you? What do you recommend this month?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some of the best friends I've never met

I was an only child for six years, with a lot of aunts and uncles and hands on grandparents and parents. From what they tell me, it made me a bit of a tyrant and one of my frequent demands was that books be read to me again and again. Hum the hamster was an early favorite. Gamma hunted him down for me a few years back at an obscure book site. I can't remember a time when I couldn't read.

I always had friends from the neighborhood and school, but I wasn't a kid that needed to be entertained. I was frequently off living a very full and exciting life inside the pages of my books, which I read insatiably as soon as I was gifted with new ones or returned from a library trip with my mom or Gamma.

Ramona, Beezus, Peter Hatcher and his annoying little brother Fudge. Laura and Mary Ingalls. The Boxcar Children. Sheila Tubman. Claudia and Jamie and the mysterious Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

I remember agonizing over not being able to just read Christopher Pike's party series all day. Andrea and I discussed the fate of our older friends on the bus on the way to school every morning.
No one ever monitored my reading, so I was shocked and intrigued by the Dollangangers and Casteels in V.C. Andrews books early on. I breezed through The Babysitter's Club. I came of age with Margaret and some other Judy Blume girls, as well as the Wakefield twins. I remember reading countless Sweet Valley High books during the summer weeks I spent at the shore with my family.

In Mr. Epting's ninth grade english class we were reading silently and I cried my eyes out at the end of Great Expectations even though it seemed that Pip and Estella would end up together. The melancholy uncertainty got to me anyway.
The day I met Jane Eyre changed me forever. What a girl, that Jane. I could carry on through my teens and adulthood, but we'd be here for days and days.

Some days I can remember more things about characters in books and how I related to them than I can remember about myself. I've frequently spoken of book characters as if they're real people. There is nothing like a book where the character comes alive for you. Authors who excel at characterization rock.
Books have given me so much and opened up ideas and worlds to me I'd never be aware of otherwise. What are some of your favorite characters?

If you like book talk, consider linking up with Jana of Jana Says and me on Tuesday, November 11 to share your recent read (s).
Life According to Steph

You mean more book talk?
Sorry not sorry, my friends. 
Book nerds, represent.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

TWTW - it can't possibly be the end of October already

1. Friday night I worked late and came home to candy corn lights up. Holler, Halloween. Beautiful skies too. I went inside and did nothing all night. I don't recall watching TV, reading, or even really talking to MFD. I just sat around with the dogs.
2. Saturday morning MFD and I did a big Sam's trip, then Lori and Debbie arrived. We headed to Sean's game at Villanova. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. Villanova won 1-0.
3. We hit Sandy's for some mac & cheese bites, wings, and beer.
4. My mom, Aubrey, and Sean's girlfriend Nicole met us back at my house to shoot the shit, watch the Flyers, and order in. My mom gifted MFD with this giant bowl of candy. This picture is here because I took no others.
5. Sunday morning Lori and I headed to Fairmount Park to walk in the Lupus Loop with Team Lupalicious, headed up by none other than our Lupus covergirl herself, Marla from Luck Fupus. Marla was rocking her purple hair and tutu and looked fabulous as always. It was great to see Marla's husband and sister Brie of A Breezy Life, and meet some of Marla's other people. We had to cut out halfway but it was a great morning to be out and about for an under-researched cause. Be sure to follow Marla's blog so you're in the know about these things.
6. We stopped in to visit Gamma & Pop. Pop is always a riot.
7. Up since before 7 and starving at 11:15, we popped into Red Robin for a quick bite before loading Lori's car up so she could make the long drive home.
8. Weekly food prep is easy as hell this week. Breakfasts are from the freezer - breakfast burritos. Sunday soup for weekly lunches is one of my favorites, stuffed pepper soup. So simple and delicious. Snacks are greek yogurt, pomegranates, bananas, and carrots. Dinners are baked chicken with steamed or roasted broccoli and some beef over noodles thing MFD is planning on making.

9. Sunday dinner - baked chicken with pesto, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, steamed broccoli and rice.
There's chicken under there, I swear
10. Things I did not do this weekend: clean well, pick up much, stay on top of dog hair, avoid sweets, drink enough water. I was so tired by noon on Sunday, I just wanted to get through the food prep, take a shower, and lounge. And that's exactly what I did. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it. Except when it comes to clean sheets. If you only do one thing on Sunday, make it clean sheets. Trust.

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On Mondays I'm doing a picture linkup called Picture Practice with Kelli at Just Beachy. If you'd like to participate, here are the prompts through December. Share on your blog, or if you don't blog on Twitter or Instagram every Monday with the hashtag #PicturePractice. This is my photo for the prompt glass. I love mosaic glass. A lot.
This is going to be a good week...Fleetwood Mac on Wednesday and Halloween Friday. Boo, mofos.

Happy birthday to my hairstylist and long-time friend Kristi today.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes
1. Zoya Pandora
2. Zoya Chanelle
3. Zoya Aubrey

essie favorite fall polishes

4. Essie Bahama Mama
5. Essie It's Genius
6. Essie Merino Cool
7. Essie Cashmere Bathrobe
8. Essie Warm & Toasty Turtleneck
9. OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress
10. OPI Baguette Me Not
Nail polish is fucking awful to photograph, really. There is much more distinction in the Essie colors than the Polyvore Pretty above leads you to believe.

Your turn to hook a sister up. What are your fall favorite polishes?

Toodleoo, mofos. Happy weekending.

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