Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - how many years can a mountain exist before it's washed to the sea?

1. Painting Monday night: a bench and one of only two closets in this 118 year old house. Guess which one was more exciting?

2. How to lose friends and alienate people: This is not an isolated incident for this vehicle and our driveway at the shore. Last year, diplomacy. This year, woman on the warpath. Guess which one comes more naturally?

3. I'm sucking wind. Lots going on at work, trying to keep up at home, and back and forth to prepare for our soft open at the shore, which is what I consider Memorial Day weekend to be - to get me back in the landlord frame of mind and put the house on notice that it's time to shape up. Spring felt like only a week long this year so we were behind on a lot down there but we're in solid shape now, with only wish list items left to do after this weekend. I'm looking forward to another season of nice people staying with us, three of the weeks are returning guests and the rest are just friends we haven't met yet.

4. Tuesday night I went to bed at 11, was up at 4:30, then up at 5 for good. I was on the 5:45 train in to work Wednesday, home to clean up and pack up and to the shore by 9. My dogs were like wild jackal assholes and I was grumpy as fuck by 10:30 last night. So at 11 pm I jumped on my bike still wearing my work dress and took a ride on the deserted boardwalk to blow the stink off the day.

5. Fuck trump's domestic gag rule, fuck every person who said no one was coming after women's rights when this chump got elected, fuck the NFL for their new national anthem policy, fuck every member of congress standing in silence while trump attacks the rule of law that is vital to keeping us from authoritarianism. Fuck the non-response to Santa Fe and all the other school shootings. Fuck facebook for defaulting everything I share to public again, just about fucking done with facebook.

6. Sweet haul from the OCNJ library earlier this week. Rest in peace Philip Roth. I studied him in my Jewish Lit class in college and enjoyed his work. Thanks for your stories. That's Roth, Anita Shreve, and Tom Wolfe this year already. Damn.

7. Anyone else have a partner obsessed with grass growing like it is akin to inventing fire? Kim, I've already counted you up there.

8. I made zucchini pie and egg roll in a bowl Tuesday. Neither are winning awards for prettiness but both are damn good.

9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week: I'm ready. You? I'm hoping for an early dismissal tomorrow to make it a three point fiver.

Go get 'em today, tiger. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dogs need summer refreshment too

Humans aren't the only beings that like frozen treats. Dogs do too.

1C organic pumpkin
1C greek yogurt
1C peanut butter
(make sure  none of those things have xylitol, it is deadly for dogs).

Mix well - I used an immersion blender but you can do it by hand. Put in ice cube trays, about a quarter of the way full in each. Freeze for 24 hours.

My dogs go nuts for these.

But now, back to people. Happy birthday to my sister-in-law Sarah today!

Monday, May 21, 2018

TWTW - the one where love is all around us

Let me cut right to the chase - I came home to poop on the dining room table on Friday. Yes, you read that correctly, We all got Bruced and i has to restrain myself from setting the table on fire. I have literally never. MFD is going down if he leaves a dining room chair out again. Once I collected myself from seeing a pile of turds on my table, I quickly changed and we headed to the wedding of our neighbor. Congrats Dana & Mike!! It was a fun night and we met nice people. And since it was literally around the corner from our house, I got two loads of laundry done before I fell out around midnight.

Saturday I woke up to pouring rain so I finished laundry, watched the Royal Wedding replay, and finished a book. I also packed for the shore, ran and unloaded the dishwasher, picked up around the house, blah blah blah.

Our oven was supposed to get fixed but we found an even bigger problem with it. While that was going down, I picked up very local honey to help with allergies, got flowers at Home Depot and planted them, and returned something to Target where I ran into Stephen & Aubrey and the best niece and nephew ever. I've sucked at maintaining my flowers the past two years so I cut back and added two more perennials so hopefully that helps. We still need some mulch and hanging plants but at least the bed is done. Oh and I'm not typically one to comment on this but WTH is with the price of gas right now?

Saturday night was Gail's engagement party in Rose's awesome house in the middle of nowhere. Such a gorgeous old home and a really lovely area about an hour away from us. I am extremely happy for Gail and Shawn and we had fun reminiscing about the day they got together at Crystal's bachelorette party. It was great to see everyone and catch up. And and and you guys there was a fucking hotdog bar. It was like I died and went to heaven. 

Sunday we headed to the shore to get our last push done before Memorial Day. This doesn't mean all the work is done, but it means what needs to be done before anyone comes in is taken care of. The stuff that will be done after is the stuff that will be nice to have done but not necessary. The day we do this is always an ass breaking day. In the middle of it when everything is torn apart and seems like it will not be put back together, l like to take a break to sit downstairs with my dogs while I curse softly to myself. Today included moving all beds and cleaning under them, moving couches and cleaning under them, cleaning blinds and baseboards (pro-tip: use dryer sheets for baseboards), tightening hooks, adding hooks, touch up paint, spackling the closet for paint later this week, cleaning all window AC units and installing the ones not in the windows, removing all extraneous blankets and personal shit, dealing with weeds, putting the porch furniture out, taking the living room rug outside and beating it, and removing the old pink cabinet and putting the new one in. I was originally going to paint that pink after Memorial Day but decided not to because I like it in the room as is. I'm going to paint a bench in the kitchen pink instead. I need my bright pink furniture in there. I still need to paint the closet, touch up paint in one more room, paint some trim, put the games back, more weeding, make shower cleaner, and make hand soap. I'm tired in advance. 
But around 5 I had to sit down and be done. We biked the boards and had dinner at Hula Grill, which we can never get into in season. 

We hit the beach and did not beat the rain home. I love when a storm is coming in and the sky is split all over so there's different light everywhere you turn. 
We watched Jersey Shore Family Reunion and I painted my nails (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cherry Fast) and toes (Wet n Wild megalast I Red a Good Book) even though more painting is in this week’s forecast. After the rain we walked the dogs to get ice cream. It was still humid AF but gorgeous.

Weekly food prep: I am so back and forth this week between here and Philly, I did nothing. So basically eating out of the freezer or english muffins or eggs or cheese and crackers. I'm already thinking about my Memorial Day weekend menu. 

How was your weekend?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Corn Dip redux

Hello and happy Friday, you guys. Happy Royal Wedding II Eve. Alas, I am not having a Royal Wedding Party like I did the last time - have you seen that post? It was definitely one of the best parties ever. I considered trying to throw one together but ran out of time.

Last week I pulled up the ol' blog recipe page and clicked on the corn dip entry. There was no page found. Same for hoagie dip and some other ones. Who the hell knows what happened to them, but when I don't keep recipes on here, I have to find old word docs and I don't like doing that.

So, corn dip. Again, for those of you who've seen it before. Likely a similarly shitty photo to the first time, because it doesn't photograph well. It's always the way that the ugly things taste the best. Either way, maybe you need a dip for the weekend. Maybe this is it.

2 cans mexi-corn or fiesta corn, drained well
1C sour cream
1C mayo
2C finely shredded cheddar
5 chopped green onions
1 can chopped green chiles
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cumin

Mix all together and chill for a few hours. Serve with fritos, tortilla chips, or wheat thins.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - All I can say is that my life is pretty plain I like watching the puddles gather rain

1. I was supposed to go to the shore Tuesday night and come back tonight. I never ended up going which puts me a little behind on getting shit done before Memorial Day. I bought touch up paint at least? Every year without fail we hurtle towards Memorial Day and I have way more painting to do than I thought. This year was tough...too cold to paint for much of the spring. Kim asked where I was in our daily email saying she can't keep track if I'm home or at the shore. You and me both sister. My schedule has been hard this week for where I have to be when and with something Friday night and Saturday night, I won't get there until Sunday at the earliest.

2. Seriously though how the fuck is it almost Memorial Day? My legs have been bare like once and I'm still living in a sweatshirt most days.

3. I still need to get my front flowers planted at home. Maybe Saturday? I attempted to buy cheap hanging baskets at Aldi but when I got there it looked like a crime scene so no dice. I used to send MFD for hanging baskets until he started overbuying and our small patch of front yard looked like The Land of the Misfit Hanging Plants.

4.  I bought new food for Mae based on the name as if it was a bottle of wine or something. In other dog news, we've been cozy inside most of the week due to the rain, it's still superb sleeping weather according to Gus, and Bruce is head butting the flowers out back so they have to be relocated. He is also personally offended by the existence of puddles.

5. I've lived here for over 14 years and I spent 30 minutes driving around Tuesday night trying to get to two post offices within three miles of my house that were open after 5. Using GPS. Couldn't find either damn one. Pathetic. But whatever, it's fine, because then I had to go Wednesday and I was there at the same time as my BFF Michelle so that was special.

6. Are you following Shaun King? If you think all the race shit coming to light is made up, you need to be following him. That link is to his website which will give you all his links. Read his stories and investigative journalism. Open your mind and your eyes.

7. Primary day is over. MFD ran unopposed in the primary. Voter turnout was good. Now we strap in for the general election in November when he runs against the republican incumbent. This is the really fucking serious portion of the campaign for those of you not familiar with the process. It is also the part that can be nasty if people choose personal attacks over running on issues, which his opponent has done in the past. Who knows, people can change. Maybe she’ll run on issues and tell republican money that personal attacks are off limits. It’s good to expect public servants and their financers to show their best selves, don’t you think? People ask me a lot how I'm feeling with everything. It's a weird place to be in - to support and believe in a candidate 100% but since the candidate happens to be your spouse, to feel some kind of way about the impact it's having on your life. It's many, many things that are not easy to describe and are sometimes conflicting. One of them is that it's like never being alone but always feeling isolated. I saw this from Gisele Fetterman on Primary Day Tuesday (yay JOHN Fetterman!!!!) and it rang very true. Knowing how hard this is for me as a spouse at a state rep level, I imagine it times a million as it goes up the chain. Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest and shown support. Many more opportunities to do both coming up in the next few months. We need to flip this seat and have someone in it who knows the opioid epidemic first hand and will approach it realistically and with compassion and isn't anti-immigrant.

8. Freaking Yanny and Laurel. I can’t.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

Corn dip coming at you tomorrow. Just in time for the sweet ass weekend.

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