Friday, January 19, 2018

Uncelebrated successes

I'm not talking about the big promotion or the big race or the big win - I'm talking about the small fry stuff - the unsung hero happenings that build a good day.  

For me:

Seeing three dryer balls in the dryer, which means no rogue wool ball is hiding in a sleeve or pant leg

Getting Gus outside before he walks and poops excitedly throughout the house

A night in my living room without Game of Thrones 

Going into a store or to a website to purchase a specific item and finding out it’s on sale 

Changing the sheets without having to shoo a dog or three off the bed

Sailing through every light because they’re all coming up green

Stepping onto the train 10 seconds before the doors close

Making the right call on the beach when it starts to rain - to stay thinking it will be a quickly passing shower or leave thinking it will be a downpour and have those things happen

Finding a new pizza place close to home

A big chore taking less time than I thought it would 

Plucking a book off the shelf without reading anything about it and loving the hell out of it

No unmatched socks after laundry is put away

Trying a new product and loving it

Using all the fresh food before it starts to turn with no waste

Happy Friday! What are your quiet fist pump moments?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - from the churches to the jails tonight all is silence in the world

1. I listen to the Clarence Clemons sax solo on Jungleland once a day and I think to myself hot damn. I say hot damn. 

2. Things I don’t get this week: the appeal of matte cars, why you would walk down the street with your phone in front of your face on speaker and yell into it, why my phone needs me to tell it to always capitalize I, how two of us use so many dishes. 

3. A lesson: I called for a massage appointment and my regular lady was off but I was insistent on getting my ass in there Tuesday. Tuesday night I got a massage where the nice woman rubbed me down very lightly with a vat of oil for 50 minutes despite me requesting an increase in pressure twice. I am not sliding down a slip n slide sans water so who the hell needs to be rubbed down in a vat of oil? If my impatient ass could have waited another day... 

4. Reese’s peanut butter eggs (the best shape) and Cadbury creme eggs are in stores for Easter. It’s January. I know this because I bought a Cadbury egg after my massage disappointment and ate it like a hungry wildebeest.

5. Bruce has his Camp Bow Wow interview today so I'm working from home to take him to that on my lunch hour.

6. Sara from Journey of Doing is in Philly for work so I was happy to meet up with her yesterday at Bluestone Lane attached to the Warwick, my favorite hotel lobby in Philly.
7. I read a non-fiction book this week. I know. Me. Nonfiction. This year it feels more important than ever for me to understand how we got here, what I have actively or passively done to contribute to that, and what I can do going forward to help dismantle the systems like the one discussed in The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. I learn by reading so back to the school of mind expanding books I go.

8. Super pumped for the Women's Marches this weekend. Let one motherfucker ask why people feel the need to gather together in our streets. Just one. Info on the Philly March here and the Doylestown Women to the Front Rally here. Both sponsored by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Find an anniversary March near you here.
9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The January Seven

Like Jane Eyre, I can tire of the routine of eight years in one afternoon.

I don't believe in doing something I've always done simply because I've always done it. If something stops working, I stop doing it or change how I'm doing it. Habits are good until you forget why you started doing it in the first place.

I used to make yearly goals. When that stopped fitting, I went to monthly goals. When that stopped fitting, I made quarterly goals. When that stopped fitting, I dropped the goals. That has stopped fitting, so I'm back to monthly goals with parameters for 2018. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted the parameters to be this year. I cane up with two areas of focus and five directives.

Here are January's. Obviously I'm not limited to these things, but these are the things I am focusing on with intention this month. I'll post my seven in the beginning of the month then go back and update that same post after the month is over for personal tracking purposes. I'm not posting this shit for people to read in two separate posts, that's boring as fuck. I'll link back to the original post in a Thursday Thoughts if anyone cares how I did.

Wellness - this is mind/body/spirit so some things on here in coming months may seem weird to you and if that's the case then it is something for my spirit lol
1. Chiro +
2. Squats every time I go to the bathroom
3. 100 ounces of water/day
4. Walk Bruce
5. Morning & evening skin care like an adult instead of a dirty child person

Community - not just my neighborhood, but the world around me, causes I support, etc. This header was involvement for a long time, and then it was improvement, but the goal of anything I involve myself in is to improve my community so I settled on community. Sometimes this will be close and personal and sometimes it won't be. 
1. Donate to Juntos
2. Attend meeting to oppose ICE raids
3. Women's March in Philly & rally in Doylestown
4. Meet the Candidate John Fetterman Event
5. Comfort packs for homeless in Suburban Station twice this month

1. Making a new bread
2. Camp Bow Wow for Bruce

1. A new coat
2. Electrical work for the shore
3. Jim Breuer tickets

1. Purge baskets around the house
2. Update entertainment center decor
3. Once a month photos

Logging on for a purpose

Mindless scrolling

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I feel like I’m always...

I feel like I'm always...

Filling up humidifiers 

Saying BRUCE!

Standing on bitterly cold train platforms waiting for late trains

Sitting on a train

Wishing I was at the shore

Answering “Steph, where is _______?”

Drinking coffee

Thirsting for water

Anticipating a new book

Researching face products for dry, very sensitive skin

Being inspired by others to do things big and small 

Finding pee where there should not be pee

Replacing the toilet paper roll everywhere I go

Getting rid of things but never enough things, since I'm always doing it

Rolling my eyes at what is passing for government 

Wriggling around like a rabid raccoon caught in a trap to take my jacket off at red lights

Trying to do better once I know better

Rubbing a knot out of my neck


Moving a dog so I can get comfortable, only to have another dog immediately fill the newly vacant space

Making lists

Forgetting to put things on lists

Folding laundry

What do you feel like you’re always doing this winter?

Monday, January 15, 2018

TWTW - the one with the outings

After Friday morning fuckery, I arrived home soaked to the skin and worked from home for the remainder of the day, attempting to quell my un-directed murderous rage. MFD picked up his new desk from Marshalls and I thought about how to organize all of his shit. Bruce destroyed a flip flop that MFD suggested I repair with "glitter nail polish." I'll just let that sit there. Pugs and pug paraphernalia everywhere, thank you and good night.
Saturday morning breakfast at The Hattery in Doylestown with my knottie girls and AEB's newest cute chill cherub baby. I picked up flowers and veggies from Doylestown Produce, trolled Marshalls  looking for shore house mirrors (no luck), and survived a Saturday afternoon trip to Wegmans.
I put my flowers up, made dinner, filled out the entertainment center with newly ordered canvases from past trips, and chilled out reading, drinking tea, and eating scones. I've never liked a scone before. Thanks Wegmans.
Sunday morning I visited my niece and nephew which is a good way to start the day. Back at home I did some shore house rental booking and paperwork, sheet changing, laundry doing, all that fun stuff before Miss Autumn's first birthday party. Reading and work work to round out Sunday night.
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is kodiak waffles with real maple syrup. Snack is apples or bananas or hard boiled eggs. Lunch is greek bowls. Dinners are greek bowls or pasta with veggie meat sauce from the freezer or salad.

I've thought about this man a lot the past two years with regards to justice, equity, equality, and how they are or aren't present in our society and who they're present for. As the need for people to take to the streets and assemble for rights/against hateful policies has risen, I've re-read Letter From a Birmingham Jail a few times. I truly don't understand how some people seem to willfully ignore how vital the right to assemble has been to the history of this nation. No equality has come easily. People have been out in the streets for things many of us enjoy today.

To add on to Rep. Jayapal's statement, I think he'd sure as shit call on us to impeach the racist in the White House.

No day off for me. If you're off and doing any sort of service or observation of your own making of Dr. King, let me know! 

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