Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: Mother May I?

1. OLE, mofos. I made guacamole (4 avocados, finely diced red onion, 1 tbs salsa, 1 tbs sour cream, juice of one lemon, juice of one lime, salt/pepper/garlic powder/garlic salt to taste) for a work party today and last night was baked queso tacos.

2. In 2015 I started using a Plum Paper planner and it served me very well. I adored it, it was my bible. I bought another one for this year but over the past month have basically stopped using it aside from the calendar function. I'm not one to stick with something that isn't working, especially if it's designed to make me more efficient and is actually making me less so. I'm going back to basics with a purse sized planner that I'll use in conjunction with my Poppin notebooks. I section them off with paper clips so I have one for work, home, shore, and blog - all my stuff all in one place works best for me.

3. What are you reading? I started Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen last night. Show Us Your Books is on Tuesday.

4. I've shit the bed on the bracelets every weekday in spring goal but I'm loving my new waterproof man's watch with a big ass face. I also wear watches on my dominant hand, I think most wear it on the hand they don't write with? Anyone? Bueller?
5. I went to Target twice last weekend, had to go to the bathroom twice too. Felt safer in the bathrooms than I felt in the parking know what I would like to address though? Can people not be such gross pigs in public restrooms? Let's clean it up ladies.

6. I can't stop listening to Same as the Sun by Jesse Cole. MFD usually bitches at the songs on my Puttering playlist on Spotify - my Puttering playlist is what I listen to when I'm cooking or doing little hausfrauing projects - and he didn't even utter a peep during this one. He was probably just not listening, but still. I'll take it. He refuses to hear the Cup song at all.

7. I can't even muster a Trump joke at this juncture. I did get a huge kick out of the Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer shit. That was a riot. Currently on the fridge:

8. I'm ready to go Office Space on my dryer right now. All loads have to be run through twice.

9. I have spent so much time studying google maps of Ireland this week trying to finalize our trip that it's like I live there.

10. E-card of the week:

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What's New With You

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Shit MFD Said Vol 29

Fiddling with the Roku

Me: Press Start here.
MFD: Do I press begin now?
Me: That's what I said. 
MFD: No, you said start here.
Me: Same thing!
MFD: No.

Always looking for dollar bills in our house 
Me: I actually have a lot of ones right now.
MFD: What, did you go to a strip club?
Me: What?

On a chilly spring day
MFD: It's cold. Right Gussie? Maybe put the heat on?
Me: The heat is on.
MFD: Really? Who are you, Glenn Frey or something? 
Me: Why?
MFD: singing the heat is on...the heat is onnn. The heat is on ooh it's on the streets
Me: I get it now.

Yelling up the stairs
MFD: Hey Steph?
Me: What?
MFD: I uh, happened to notice there was some chocolate brought home from a shower on Sunday? Where would that chocolate be now?
Me: I don't know what you're talking about. 
MFD: Yeah. Chocolate. In clear coffee mugs. 
Minutes later
MFD: Did you take it to work?
Me: Yes. There might be some in the basement. 
MFD: What?
Minutes later
MFD: Was that like a wild goose chase you sent me on?
Me: You actually looked?
MFD: Yes.

Purger vs. hoarder
Me: When can you go to Goodwill?
MFD: For what?
Me: To drop off all the stuff I'm getting rid of.
MFD: Wait! Books! We can take them to the shore. 
Me: Paperbacks only.
MFD: James Patterson! Robert Frost! 
Me: Mike. No.
MFD: I want to read them all.
Me: Here. Read this Henry James book. Go ahead. Read the first paragraph. 
He reads it
MFD: Maybe not that one. Definitely the rest.
Me: You know what? I think I'll just go to Goodwill.

MFD: Did you see Steve's glasses?
Me: No.
MFD: The funeral director's glasses were cool too. 
Me: Were they? I didn't see.
MFD: I want new glasses. I don't think I have the coolest glasses anymore.

Fitting day for a Shit MFD Said given MFD's devotion to Star Wars. May the Fourth be with you.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Behaviors

Inspired by Jana's Confessions of a Reading Life Post
My reading rules...or lack thereof:

1. I don't care if my to read list is out of control because I don't look at it as something to get through. Having a lot of books I'd like to read is preferable to the alternative and I actually hope I can never see the end of my list.

2. When I own a book...I crack the spine, dog ear corners, lay it on the sand, get water on it, highlight it, write in the margins. They are not sacred tomes to me. They are sidekicks that roar through life with me. 

3. I no longer keep books just so I can say I have a lot of books. If I buy it and don't love it, I pass it along so someone else can read it. 

4. I always buy books for myself on my birthday and at Christmas.

5. I don't have any interest in seeing the movie adaptation of most books.

6. My favorite form of book is mass market paperback.  

7. I judge a purse's usefulness by if I can fit a standard size library issued hardback in it. If I can't, it's of no use to me because I carry a book with me everywhere and many of them are from the library. 

8. Once I find an author I love, I will faithfully work my way through their entire catalog. 

9. I usually make the decision to bag a book at around page 33. I do not feel even a little bad when I decide not to finish a book because there are a lot out there but they are not all for me. No one cares that I didn't finish it. 

10. I'm genuinely confused why people who know I read a lot ask me what my favorite book is. Hello I can't answer that. Will you accept a top 10 list?

What are some of your book behaviors?

Thanks again to Jana for the inspiration for this post. Other me & Jana things: new episode of the Armchair Librarians will drop Thursday. Show Us Your Books is a week from today! 

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Monday, May 2, 2016

TWTW - the one with forgetfulness

You are a forgetful motherfucker if you have to go to Target twice in one weekend and the grocery store twice in one weekend. Friday night was Target and the grocery store round one followed by a concert and late dinner. MFD was playing for his old band teacher Mr. Nelson in the Tri County Band. They closed out with God Bless America, and all of the old people in the audience stood up and sang and surprise I cried. I am a big patriotic crier.

By the time we left there after 10, I was hangry, so MFD had to take me to the diner.
I was up late finishing a book Friday and slept in to get nine hours. It was glorious. Plus I got some new Stella & Dot stuff in the mail which started the day off well. I planted over 30 bulbs, and dear sweet plant loving baby jesus let them flower or I will be laying down in the empty spots in my flower bed crying come June.

I spent some time with my genius happy beautiful niece Lola Jean before taking Pop out for an early bird special dinner. The man goes to bed at 6:30. After I dropped him off, I did Target take two and picked up some flowers that I planted before it rained. Saturday night I was putzing around in my new Target pajama pants, drinking sleepy time tea, painting my nails (OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini) and sort of paying attention to VEEP which MFD is re-watching.

Sunday was fresh sheets, tired dogs, and coffee at the hospital with Pop. Gamma has been in the hospital and a rehab place and back to the hospital for over a week, so please say a prayer for her if you can spare one. I went to the hospital Sunday morning and missed the March for Babies on Sunday which was a total bummer but Team Eva the Diva kicked it out in the rain.

After I took Pop home from the hospital, I did grocery store take two, then bummed around with the dogs before we headed out to MFD's great Aunt Mary's funeral. Tough one - I so enjoyed her. She was a great, strong lady loved by many and a true matriarch of her family.
Weekly food prep: two zucchini pies, one for Pop and one for this week's breakfasts; lunch is soup out of the freezer; snacks are bell peppers and bananas; dinners are baked queso tacos with fresh salsa; turkey burgers (unmade here) and steamed veggies. The rest of the turkey burgers went into the freezer. 

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And today? Today I left my planner at home. About that forgetfulness I mentioned in the has spread like wildfire. 

Good thoughts to our Caldwell family today as they lay Aunt Mary to rest. 

That's all I got this weekend. What about you?
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Weekly Wrap Up

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: What I'm Currently

Reading...Out of the Easy ETA finished that last night, library day today!

Watching...nothing. I haven't watched TV at home this week. At the shore Sunday I caught a few episodes of Naked and Afraid. I love that show.

Listening to...All E-Street Radio, all the time. And some Prince tributes here and there.

Searching for...a waterproof watch that doesn't look like a plastic dork mess and isn't a trillion dollars. I finally found one for $60 I can clean with at the shore, wear in the ocean, and all that stuff so I'll pull my phone out less as a time telling device. Thanks, Overstock. Next up: pocket digital camera. Do you see the rely on phone less theme here?

Wearing...Pixie pants from Old Navy, daily. They're my uniform.
Drinking...Iced green tea with mint made from these Twinings Cold Brew bags. I'm about to try Honey Lavender Yogi tea too. get my summer schedule down for the weekends. When will I be home? Rarely. When will I be out of town? Most of the time. LOL

Stalking...A number of contractors at the shore. Mama's on a tight timeline. Weekend renters start on 5/11 and we're full up through Labor Day. The window for doing any inside work has gotten significantly smaller. Installation of a new split duct AC/heating unit on the main floor began yesterday. Huzzah! Exterior painters, drywall people, and handyman, please come through for me for the finishing touches.

Moving...shit around in the basement. Still. Ho hum. I could've done some last night but instead I got into bed before 8. I needed to. I would really like to finish this project up this weekend. Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

Loving...When the skies open up after a hard rain.
Hating...The anti-transgender shit thinly disguised as concern for women and children in public bathrooms. First of all, we've all been going to the bathroom with transgender people for years, we just didn't know it because no one is required to flash their private parts to go to the bathroom in a public restroom. Secondly, I have used the men's room a million times because the lines in the women's rooms are out of control. Will I be arrested now? Third, if you are worried about men pretending to be women so they have easy access to women and children alone in bathrooms, see below. Fourth, if you think for a fucking second that rapists or molesters have any respect for "safe places," or that safe places even exist you are sadly mistaken. You have not been concerned about our safety on streets in daylight or at night, in parks, in parking garages, at concerts, in schools or dorms or pews or stores or anywhere, so don't get in a huff about us peeing next to transgender people in public restrooms to suit your personal agenda. NEWSFLASH: We're always at risk. Kids have been molested IN CHURCHES. By PRIESTS. Women have been assaulted EVERYWHERE, including at their workplaces, in their own rooms at college, and in their own homes, by people they know and people they don't. Women and children get attacked and raped all across this country every day and no one gives a fuck until now, when people want to pee with people they look like instead of where the genitals they were born with say they should pee. Stop using your fear of something you don't understand as an excuse to vilify people who are different than you and concentrate your energy on making rape culture die an immediate death, making it shameful for the perpetrator and not for the victims, and prosecuting actual rapists and pedophiles swiftly and severely instead of putting the onus on victims to just deal with it, brushing it off, showing leniency because they're "good people," or saying she asked for it. The former Speaker of the House and child molester just got two years of supervised release. Supervised release...really. Be concerned about that bullshit, and the message that extremely lenient sentence sends to the people he abused and to others afraid to come forward against their abusers because of the shit they'll have to go through just for their abuser to get off with like no punishment. I have no time for this fake, very convenient concern bullshit. It's enough.

Behind on...Emails. In all email accounts. Apologies to the world.

Looking forward to...three concerts this summer, said the non-concert goer. Dolly Parton on June 15 with MFD; Paul Simon on June 25 with MFD, Stephen & Aubrey; and the Counting Crows August 10 with Melissa and Debbie for sure and maybe a few other ladies too. Considering The Beach Boys in OCNJ in July.

What's going on with you? 

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