Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. You know what makes you feel old? Rambling around for a few days in a row in two mile increments while wearing flip flops after you haven't worn them for a few months. Knees, don't fail me now.
2. Welcome back VEEP and Mad Men. I've missed you both.
3. Despite a weird cold stint this week, on the whole it's been warm enough to wear 3/4 sleeves. I am in heaven, especially in this Joules women's sweater, which I got to try out for free. I got it a few months back and have been waiting a freaking eternity to wear it. It's soft, lovely, and well made, and it has polka dots, which is why I picked it. Duh. I also love the top button detail. It's perfect for work or weekend. I'd never heard of Joules, so I spent some time perusing their website. They have some nice stuff. Click here to check out their full line of sweaters. As an added bonus, their packaging is awesome which just clinched the whole experience for me. When I take pictures like this so I can share something I want you guys to see, I feel like a total lunatic and it makes me laugh. Who do I think I am? A girl in no makeup and third day hair, that's who. So keep your eyes on the Joules sweater.
Sweater free from Joules, opinions are my own. I don't wear ugly or uncomfortable things. 
4. While I was taking those photos, Gus and Mae were clambering to get up on my lap. I think they wanted in on the photos. Mae diva'd up, but Gus sat like a bump on a log and looked like someone just killed his best friend.
5. Don't waste your time reading this book. The premise is really interesting but the writing style drove me insane.
6. For anyone going to the beach soon, put this on your list. It's whimsical and light hearted. I read it in a few hours.
7. I've spent most of the week spring cleaning at night so I can devote my weekend to yard work. I hate yard work. Expect a lot of bitching and moaning.

8. #YOLO squared from me & Laura. I obsessively pursued a YOLO coffee mug last month, saw these, and had to order one for each of us. We are dorks and I love it. We will never let hashtag YOLO die. If you also like the YOLO, I bought them from Tickled Teal boutique on Etsy and had her remove the bottom tag.
9. Remember the Back in My Day link up on Tuesday (April 22) with Suze @ straight on the ground, Steph @ Steph's Space, and moi. Bloggers, grab a button and link up on April 22. Non-bloggers make an awesome list of how things were back in your day and share them with me on April 22!
SMD's Blog
10. Last night I fell victim to my right now disease where whatever I'm thinking of doing must happen, you guessed it, right now. I ripped out the basement rug starting at 8 p.m., cut it into strips, the whole bit. I moved the furniture to remove the rug, moved the furniture back, then moved the furniture out again to clean the floor and back. Jesus Christmas that was a lot. I wish I was home today doing some more reorganizing in the basement. I have some ideas brewing.

11. Ecard of the week thanks to cousin Crystal:
Tomorrow, I pull a rabbit out of my hat.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Romance is dead because that's how I like it

About 10 years ago, MFD brought home this weird cooler thing. He was full of glee as he sat down on the bed and said, "Look! I got you a present!" I unzipped it and it was a picnic basket cooler with all the things you need to eat on some grassy knoll or the beach. "We can go on picnics," he exclaimed. "That'," I said.

Before you think I'm a total asshole (too late?) you should know I appreciated the gesture and that he chose something we could use on an outing together. I'm just not the girl who swoons over a picnic. We did pack it for vacation one year. Then he suggested ordering pizza so we didn't have to clean up, and I said, "Now you're speaking my language." When we moved, that went into the donate pile.
You won't find me in the awwww chorus when your man does something super sweet, I have to remind myself to ask to see your engagement ring because I just don't care about jewelry, I'm not into public displays of affection (go on with yourself if you are, but keep it clean friends!), surprises freak me out, I don't like the word cuddle, I like candles but don't want to live by candle light, I have no desire to be swept off my feet, I don't take baths, I'm not a When Harry Met Sally fan, and it makes me sad to see rose petals on the ground instead of whole in a vase. I'm just not a romantic. I never have been. MFD is a romantic, and he's awesome at it. He puts up with me anyway.

There are women out there who are all I want to live in a Nicholas Sparks novel! Movies & books have made people lose their fucking minds and think relationships should be a living dream brought to fruition by the perfect person. Two things: 1. There is no perfect person. 2. There is no perfect relationship. Work at it, communicate, and show up for each other every day even on the hard days. That's real life romance.

Then there's me, living with the master of the Grand Gesture, happiest when he's vacuumed so I didn't have to, cleaned the snow off of my car, or run an errand I didn't want to run. The flowers and surprises are nice, but it's the day to day stuff that really matters to me. Don't worry, I do like power ballads, when MFD asks me to slow dance in the kitchen, tales of 50 year long marriages, hearing about why your partner is awesome for you, iconic LIFE magazine shots, Casablanca, etc. The other typical romance stuff, eh.
What about you? Romantic or no?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do what you can.

My best friend dresses up in costumes for sick kids. My husband gives rides to a homeless vet working two jobs and trying to get his head above water. An artist friend of ours just donated his time and talent for a bedroom makeover for a little girl diagnosed with leukemia.

The world is full of people who need help, and people who can give it. We're not all comfortable with the same level of giving and that's okay. As long as you give something - time, talent, money, whatever - you're comfortable with giving when someone needs it and look for nothing in return except a good feeling in your soul, you're a good human being in my book.

I think we're experiencing a bit of a giving backlash. Too often we politicize giving. It's a liberal thing! Or we feel inundated with requests for donations and we just turn them all down. We start to judge who's really deserving and who's not. We don't want to deal with large corporations and their charity machines. Avoiding all of these things is easy. Open your eyes...there are people all around you that need help. Think less, help more, and if you don't publicize it no one can politicize it. We live in our own heads too much sometimes.

Sometimes the people in need are people you know, and sometimes they're not. Need is need. Help when you can. But don't help just so you can pat yourself on the back and get praise. That's lame. If someone shows you kindness, pay it forward. If you're in a situation where you can't, wait until you can. There's no time limit on doing good. 

The world runs on those who are not afraid to reach out and lift up people around them. I'm glad to know so many of them and to be one when I can. I think it's cool that something so small on my part can make such a great difference in the life of someone else. I hope you do too. It makes the world a better place.

be a friend to friends
and to strangers, sometimes too
kindness changes lives
Are you into random acts of kindness? Check Kerry out at Till Then, Smile Often. Her Be the Change project rocks.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The weekend that was - Cape May edition

On the way to Cape May...I fell in love with you...
On The Way To Cape May by Al Alberts on Grooveshark
We try to do a long weekend in Cape May every year. It's a cool town with beautiful homes and a quaint town center at the far end of the South Jersey shore towns.
We kicked this weekend off by visiting with MFD's cousin Christen and her kids then having lunch with MFD's gram and Aunt Jean at the Lobster House in Cape May. It was nice to linger and talk. The lobster bisque was not too shabby either. We love the Lobster House, Gram, and Aunt Jean, so it was a great start to the weekend.
Saturday was amazing weather. Except I forgot sunblock, hat, beach umbrella, and razor. Me, the owner of a packing excel spreadsheet broken down by length of trip, season, and types of destinations. Not to mention sunblock comes with me everywhere, all the goddamn time. Why did I forget it? Because I decided to wing it and pack Friday morning before we left, which I never, ever do. Type A personalities should not go against their grain.

We spent most of our time on the beach, which is a great place to spend your time. I read 2.5 books, and drank coffee all goddamn day. Perfect.
I rambled into town a few times, so I got a few two mile walks in. I had a late afternoon lunch at a drugstore soda counter followed up by ice cream and some shopping. As well as covering up my embarrassing sunburn like I was trying to cover up nudity in public.
Naturally I got up both days for the sunrise because that's one of my favorite things to do. MFD got up on Saturday but wanted his beauty sleep on Sunday. I could show you 478 photos of sunrises but I'll settle for these six.
The shore is my happy place, I'd rather go here than anywhere else in the world. I want to live here, like soon, which means MFD has to sell a lot of houses and I have to write a book and beg you all to buy it and ask your friends to buy it too. I love the shore all the time, but I especially love it when the towns are empty and it feels like I'm one of the only people there.
Sunday morning we packed up and MFD went to Mass at Star of the Sea while I sat outside on Washington Mall, drank coffee and read magazines. Now there's my heaven.

We collected Gram and drove home the back way, which always makes me think of the line My machine she's a dud all stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey from Rosalita by Bruce.

Food shopping, food prep (stuffed shells for dinner, egg salad for breakfasts, baked chicken topped with greens for lunches, fruits and veggies for snacks), dog snuggling, and VEEP watching took up the afternoon.
Mad Men returns. I love that ridiculous conflicted lunatic Don Draper, but I love Roger Sterling and Joan even more. I couldn't stay up to watch so I'm on it tonight.
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On Mondays I'm doing a picture thing with Kelli at She Crab Soup. If you'd like to participate, here are the prompts. This is my photo for the prompt person.
This is my first five day work week in two weeks...and I'm already looking forward to my first weekend home in two weeks. Whoops. Holler at me, Monday.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Community Photo Project: April

One Community is a monthly photo project in which participants photograph their lives and communities with a theme in mind. The theme varies by month. The goal is to both showcase similarities and differences in our communities worldwide – and bring us all closer together in understanding through art. To learn more, visit Sarah at Beauty School Dropout

The words for April: Spring, Flowers, Purple and Rise

I'm using one photo to encompass all. Purple hyacinths are my favorite spring flowers - I love the scent and purple is my favorite color. Seeing them rise out of the earth means warmer weather and greener times are coming. 

 photo purple_zpse5f7f916.png

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