Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Take me to the sea

The ocean has inspired many a book and poem, as well as artists from all mediums. There's something restorative about being beside the sea. Even though I dislike when people just post a shit ton of quotes all down their blog, today, that's exactly what I'm presenting to you made from my own photos Enjoy! I hope one speaks to you.

And then it was July.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

All about that tile

MFD and I are considering getting our bathroom done in the current months and there's a big wide world of tile out there that I don't know much about. This is a sponsored post by Jesse Hughes on a topic of recent interest to me - tile.
What is the difference between a wall tile and a floor tile?
You may be thinking that a tile is a tile, right? Actually that’s not quite true, there are tiles that are suitable for use on a bathroom floor, and tiles that are suitable for use on bathroom walls.
We’re going to take a look at what separates a wall tile from a floor tile; information that you need to consider when you’re researching bathroom tiling ideas.

The difference in the finish
Whereas bathroom wall tiles can often be slick and shiny, this isn’t the case with bathroom floor tiles. If floor tiles had a shiny surface they would be dangerous to walk on, especially when wet. In fact, many bathroom floor tiles are specifically designed with a non-slip surface. Wall tiles with a textured surface are often used to fit with an overall design theme, whereas textured tiles are not suitable for use on the floor, as they are uneven underfoot.

The difference in thickness
Tiles used on a bathroom wall can be relatively thin, since they don’t need to withstand much wear and tear. Floor tiles need to be thicker and tougher, since they see a lot of foot traffic. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are all given a PEI rating which is an indication of their hardness and durability.

Wall tiles generally have a PEI rating between 1 and 3, which means they have limited to moderate hardness and durability. Floor tiles have a PEI rating of between 3 and 5, which means they have moderate to extra hardness and durability.

The difference in size
Smaller and more delicate tiles can be used on a wall to create an intricate pattern. The tendency is to use larger tiles for bathroom floors, as they help to create a sturdier and more even surface.
It’s possible to manufacture a wall tile, with much softer clay than is used in a floor tile, since no one will be walking on it. If you are looking to purchase ceramic or porcelain tiles for your bathroom, you should pay attention to the PEI rating in order to ensure you get tiles that will last for the longest time possible.

If your bathroom gets a lot of use then it’s a good idea to opt for the highest PEI level in your floor tiles. You also need to think carefully about the PEI rating of your bathroom wall tiles. These tiles can be used on window ledges, and in storage areas, as well as on the walls.

Depending on how much wear and tear these areas are going to encounter you may need to think about investing in tiles with a higher PEI rating, in order to ensure that when your bathroom is re-tiled, the result is long lasting. 

What about you - have you re-done your bathroom and been lost in the world of tile? Have you ever done tiling work yourself? Tell me your secrets. 

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

TWTW - the one where vacation started

Salutations from vacation, mon frers. Vacation started Friday when we left our house before 5 a.m., picked up DD and Stephen and Aubrey, and headed south. Stephen drove the whole way so nine hours seemed to fly for me. I forgot how freaking hot the south is in the summer. Like a freaking blanket of heat. Yes, we did take some roadside photos in tobacco fields.
We made great time, and met my parents at the house before official check-in. Stephen and I did an insane Supermarket Sweep type grocery and booze run then we ordered pizza, ate, and hit the beach.
We got some nice sun time before the storms - I love a great time on the beach but there's nothing like watching the ocean get angry and a storm come in. Lightening was branching across the sky. Nature is a bad ass bitch.
We all thought it was going to rain Saturday but we ended up with an awesome beach day. Sunday too.
Vacation scenes...
Sunday night magic hour was made even better by knowing that we don't leave until Saturday. I'm so happy we could check in a day early.
Is this where I talk about food? I think I usually talk about food during TWTW. Hotdogs/hamburgers/mac salad/corn on the cob & watermelon on Saturday, Italian and a strawberry trifle Sunday. We're all pitching in cooking breakfast, dinner, and dessert.
What else? Oh you know you're on vacation with MFD - he is a quirky labeler (that Sugar Ray contains no Mark McGrath but does contain actual sugar), leaves halved lemons he uses in his hair all over (there's one in one of the bathrooms on the soap dish, I forgot to photograph it), and he sets up an office because as long as he has internet access, he's working. Even when his office set up makes him look like Doctor Evil from behind. How you know you're on vacation with me: I'm a compulsive picker upper and organize like with like. Carol is calling the table in front of the TV Stephanie's Garage Sale. Everything is a dollar.
If you need me this week, I'll be here. You can't argue with being able to sit up in bed and see the ocean. I finished a book on the way down, read one Saturday and one Sunday, and started another on Sunday. My book nerd ass is on fire.

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Speaking of reading, the next Show Us Your Books linkup is Tuesday, July 14. 

Toodleoo, mofos. Stay tuned on Instagram & Facebook for more vacation scenes.

p.s. Fuck yeah, SCOTUS. As you can imagine, my equality loving bleeding liberal heart is full of glee right now. To all the judgey judgers, may I advise you to leave that to God when the time comes? I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't want self righteous people crapping all over the choices of others in his name when he left the Earth. Just an educated guess giving his very loving and accepting personality. And can everyone now just call it marriage? Okay, thanks.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Project 52 - Q2

Back in the beginning of January, I talked about doing a Project 52 - one photo a week. You can see that post here and you can see Project 52 - First Quarter photos here.

Instead of choosing an overall theme for the year, I just picked photos taken on Thursday. Every Thursday for the 52 weeks of the year, I set aside a photo I've taken in a folder. Aside from the first one, no other photos have been shared anywhere. Here are my pictures from Thursdays throughout the first quarter.

April 2 - LOVE Park fountain before it was filled for the season / April 9 - Walking back to my car after getting off the train / April 16 - Cool white bark trees on my way to the library / April 23 - With my hairstylist and good friend who takes weird squatting photos with me without batting an eye / April 30 - Big old bust of Ben Franklin in Girard Fountain Park in Old City

M A Y  
May 7 - Pay phone near my office / May 14 - Exterior of the Academy of Natural Sciences / May 21 - The Book Corner / May 28 - I think this is the corner of 17th & Locust. I like the chandelier and the reflection in the window.

J U N E 
June 4 - Loved the hashtag / June 11 - Logan Square / June 18 - Windows at Alma de Cuba / June 25 - Geege letting me know it's time to eat

Peace out, cub scout. Enjoy your weekend. It is the last one in June, after all.
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Vacation Eve version

1. Me today. Just hanging on until 5.

2. The Confederate flag. I don't care if people choose to fly it over their homes, wear it on a shirt, wallpaper their bathrooms or wipe their asses with it. I also don't care if retailers sell it. I do care if government buildings fly it on their flag poles. That's what's great about this country - you have the freedom to do all of those things if that flag is a symbol of history and heritage to you. Do you know that the swastika is a symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism? Probably not. You probably know it as the symbol of a Nazi regime that systematically murdered 6 million Jewish people and 5 million non-Jewish people during the Holocaust. So what was initially a symbol meaning success and favored by fortune hundreds of years later came to symbolize evil in the hearts of men and genocide. So, you know, no one wanted to fly it anymore. The Confederate Flag was designed to indicate that the South wanted out of the Union. Sure, it's only a flag and absolutely people can look away if they don't like it flying on your lawn. To some it represents history and heritage, but to many it's a symbol entrenched in racism and slavery. In 1860, 3.9 million of the 4.4 million black people in America were slaves. Owned by others. Sold when it suited their owners. Forced to live and work like animals. But we are pissed off that people are offended by everything these days so we don't want to hear about people being offended about this! Right? Wrong. If you think anyone is wrong to be offended by the Confederate flag flying over government buildings, you do not understand the distinction of the personal choice and freedom granted to all of us by the laws of this land to fly that flag versus the states of the union who are bound by law to represent all people flying that flag. We talk a lot about the softening of America, being too politically correct, and everyone being offended by everything and in a lot of instances, I agree with the things we've gone soft on. But this isn't one of them. We should absolutely lay down the things that hold down minorities, including women. Leave them in the past where they belong. Level the playing field and really make everyone equal. Or are we too afraid to?  Just because things have always been some way doesn't mean they should continue to be that way.
Image via The Atlantic
3. Now that that's out of the way...I'm looking forward to recharging next week. If you blog and you post something awesome, please email me a link at so I can check it out. Otherwise, it'll be marked as read. And don't be afraid, ever, of telling someone something you wrote is worth reading. That goes for bloggers and non.

4. Tomorrow, we road trip. Me, MFD, my brother and Aubrey in a car for nine hours. Road trips are fun and funny and annoying. I'm sure especially annoying for MFD and Aub when Stephen and I do that sibling back and forth disagreeing banter...which is also funny, to us, but probably is annoying to others. Anyway, I can't wait! Thanks as always to our awesome dog sitter and her fiancee for camping out at our house and taking good care of our dogs and house while we're away.

5. Speaking of dogs, we refer to Mae as Honey Badger because, you guessed it...she just doesn't give a shit.

6. I should probably show you some dog photos since you won't see any next week...I mean, I'm sure I don't post nearly enough of them. If you'd like to see Gus and Mae in an empty vet waiting room, click here to watch the video. Imagine this times a thousand when people came in 10 minutes later.
7. Right before vacation, the commute becomes unbearable. Monday night I stood the whole way home and had to tell a grown ass man to mind his manners. Tuesday morning this guy was sprawled out like he was in his living room. I said excuse me, but he couldn't hear me over his loud ass headphones. The lady next to me said you just have to kick him. So I did. Is this adult life? Before doing anything on public transportation I wish people would ask themselves, "Is this something better suited for the privacy of my own living room?" Usually, the answer is YES and that means it should not be done on public transport. Go ahead and catch some ZZzs if that's your thing, but do not act like you're laying on your couch. Rude.
8. You are not ready to go on vacation until your nails and toes are ready to go on vacation. Am I right ladies? Toes are Essie Sunday Funday. Nails are gel, which I only do twice a year for vacations. I like to not have to worry about it!
9. True Detective. Who's watching? I'm in.
10. Ecard of the week

Blogging will continue as normal when I'm away, but I might be a little slow on the replies. Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook to see what we're up to on vacation. Update Instagram eleventy billion times a day? Don't mind if I do. 

Tomorrow: second quarter Project 52 photos. 

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