Tuesday, September 2, 2014

While I'm away, can I interest you in $50?

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Be sure to check out the Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge for September. The theme for the month is fitness.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Shit MFD Said Vol. 9 - Birthday Edition

In honor of today being MFD's birthday, a special holiday edition of Shit MFD Said.
 Happy birthday MFD! Happy Labor Day to the rest of you. Enjoy!

Just as I was about to take the cutest picture of Geege
MFD: Come on let's go potty! All dogs jump up
Me: Man! I was going to take a picture!
MFD: I'm sorry! I know you don't have any pictures of the dogs.

As I'm washing my face
MFD: Hey Steph, can you hold this? 
Me: What? 
MFD: Just hold this like you're going to hit someone while saying, "No more wire hangers EV-ER."
Me: Seriously?
MFD: Yes.
Me: If I do this, will you let me wash my face in peace?
MFD: Yes. While I post it on Facebook.

Removing earbuds from his ears on the beach
MFD: Steph...just like the white winged dove.
Me: Yeah? Sings a song sounds like she's singin...
MFD: That's why I need these things (pointing to earbuds)...I never realized what she was saying. 
Me: What did you think it was? 
MFD: Just like the way we were...for 30 years of my life I thought it was that!...puts earbuds back in, now yelling STEPH! GOOD ONE RIGHT?
Me:Shhh! Yes, yes, right.

While eating dinner, Mister Softee drives by, MFD throws his fork down
MFD: WHAT THE FUCK! He only goes slow when I'm eating. When I'm sitting here with money in my pocket waiting he flies by. The bastard is taunting me! Can he see in here? Is there a hidden camera?
Me: No. everyone else laughing
MFD: I don't believe you.

After I stop short at a red light, he glances in the back seat 
Me: Wait, are you checking on your new old Star Wars toys?
MFD: Yes. 
Me: So after there was that huge stoppage on the Expressway and I almost got in an accident, you were rooting in the back to check on your Millenium Falcon?
MFD: No! For the speeder bike. 
Me: The speed what? Never mind. Maybe you should hold it like a precious doll. 
MFD: Well it is precious. Fragile too.

Mister Softee! Stop!
Happy birthday, MFD.
Enjoy your ice cream.
Happy birthday, MFD. Here's to even more love, laughs, success, growth, and adventure in your 37th year.

Happy birthday also to my BFF Debbie, our little buddy Griffin, and two of the May brothers. Lots of good people celebrating today! And my friend Mark tomorrow, when I will not be blogging, so happy birthday eve Mark! All of you September 1-2 babies, enjoy your birthdays in good health.

Let's give something away to celebrate, shall we?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge for September: Fitness

Happy Saturday friends!

Steph at Not Entirely Perfect hatched an awesome idea - a monthly goal challenge where we all work on one theme in a way that rings true to each of us individually. I'm basically going to copy a lot of this post of Steph's to share some info with you here.

Each month has a different general topic, such as food, relationships, organizing, etc.  Within that general topic, you pick what you want to work on.

If you don't blog, feel free to comment on my blog post on facebook or tweet me, Steph, and Ashley to let us know you're participating and how you're doing.

Bloggers, the link up will be the first Thursday of each month. You have a full month to work on your particular goal and write up a recap post.  The theme for the next month will be announced on the first of the month. I'll be sharing my goal for the next month with you then and hope you'll share yours with me. We'll all get by with a little help from our friends, am I right?

The challenge for September is fitness. You'll link up or report your progress on Thursday, October 2.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you want. You can choose one goal or more. It's entirely up to you to create your own adventure within the general topic of fitness. 

My goals for September's fitness challenge:
1) Walk four times a week 
2) M-F squats 
3) Three days of strength training every week. 

general guidelines:
1) If you want, follow your hosts not entirely perfectlife according to steph, and keeping up with ashley and cody.  
2) Non bloggers report in on your progress and bloggers link up your post about your results for the month - we want to hear all about what you did, how you fared, what resources you used, what you'd recommend to others, etc.
3) Bloggers, please link to your actual post about your results.  Links not having to do with the challenge will be deleted.
4) Feel free to use this button, created by the lovely sarah at venus trapped in mars. You can also copy the image and upload it to Instagram if that's your bag.

Life According to Steph

Are you in? What are you going to work on? Do tell.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites: Why I Like Gus Better than Most People

1 - He's secure with himself. He knows he's the king and doesn't need anyone else to stroke his ego. When he's scolded, he recovers quickly. You can't keep him down.

2 - Gus does what Gus wants. If you don't like it, he does not care.

3 - He will stare you down like no other.

4 - He's independent but always returns to sit or lay next to me. He's my SnuffleupaGus. Get it?

5 - He greets me at the door every day bearing a gift. It's a dirty gross dog toy but still, it's a gift.

Happy 9th birthday to my Gussie, my first dog. Please live until the day I die...you can go a few hours before me. Wouldn't that be something? If our beloved pets could all die at the same time as us? Cheeseburgers for the dog members of our household tonight!

My posting schedule will be a little different next week due to a travel weekend:
Monday: Remember to look out for a special holiday edition of Shit MFD Says - it's his birthday
Tuesday: No blog post
Wednesday: Things I think are worth every cent
Thursday: an overview of the books I read this summer
Friday: Our trip to Chicago. So basically a TWTW post on a Friday - hashtag YOLO.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. I'd like to buy every woman in the free world a bottle of the Undercover Colors nail polish that changes colors when exposed to date rape drugs, invented by four male students at North Carolina State University. I hope they get flooded with donations to make this a marketable reality.
2. When you forget your lunch on the counter at home, you get to eat Chipotle. Silver linings.

3. I got my first Stitch Fix shipment last week and I hated every single piece. hahaha. I hope next month is better. You've got one more chance, Stitch Fix. Get your shit together. And maybe read the survey I filled out telling you what I don't like...and don't send me those things. 

4. Have you guys followed Iva at Why I'm Cray? She blogs once a week and I always find it really interesting because it's not something I'd write myself. I always learn something from her and sometimes it's even (gasp) math. Seriously, the title of last week's blog was 0, 1, 1 Reasons The Fibonacci Sequence Kicks Arse. I was intrigued and I read it and understood it even though it was about math. Now that's cray, friends.  I also liked this post on suicide, quite a timely post with good information on the topic. We can't ignore shit because it's unpleasant to think about. Check her out. 

5. I have a time honored ritual of watching the Emmys with naughty snacks and writing down snarky things about what everyone is wearing and saying. I was working Monday and could not prepare my naughty snacks and since I was away this weekend I could not sit around on my ass watching them and crafting snarky live posts about them. Can we go back to a Sunday in September? For the love...

6. My Emmys best dressed - Lizzy Caplan, Amy Poehler, January Jones (I usually hate what she wears), and Julia Louis-Dreyfus
7. My Emmys worst dressed - Allison Janney (Whyyy with the 80s bow? The color is great and you are so cool, I'm disappointed), Kate Walsh (are you stoned?), Katherine Heigl (a dull dress that ages you...never good), Lena Dunham (your bad attire schtick is getting old), Kerry Washington (I don't care who loved it, I hated it, it looks like a Gym Night costume with sparkles hot glued on it), Laura Prepon (you're better than this), Blossom (this is not a period piece, dress your age), Kate Mara (EMO), Julie Bowen (this is your best?), Sarah Paulson (I'm not even sure what to say)
8. Yesterday Philly threw the Taney Dragons a parade for their performance in the Little League World Series. It seems odd, a parade on a weekday for kids who didn't win it all, given that Philly has $0 to fix schools, roads, etc. the recognition at the Phillies game probably would've sufficed. Still, I started crying, of course. I don't really cry when I'm sad, but I do cry when I'm frustrated and when I'm really proud for someone or something. Like in situations like this or whenever the National Anthem is played. LOL
9. I know now that summer's winding down, you're all up for a challenge. I know it. Luckily for you, one is presenting itself right here. Join the Create Your Own Adventure monthly goal setting challenge - click here to read the particulars on Steph at Not Entirely Perfect's blog post. There will be a theme for each month and you'll set goals around that theme and if you blog, link up with your progress the first Thursday of the following month. The theme for September is Fitness. So come up with a goal(s) on that theme, do your thing, and link up with us on Thursday, October 2, to report in on how you did. Personally, I know it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I'm going to be using these months to do some habit making and breaking. My fitness goals for September are 1) Walk four times a week 2) M-F squats 3) Three days of strength training every week. I can't wait to see what yours are! Grab the button code below and prep your 10/2 post - no excuses! You got this. 
Life According to Steph
10. Ecard of the week:

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