Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shit MFD Said Vol. 11

Watching COPS, which is on 24 hours a day in our house
MFD: Steph, you secretly love COPS.
Me: Why would you think that?
MFD: I know it. You do. Watch! Did you see what happened there?
Me: I don't care.
MFD: Stephanie, you do care. You do.

Scary music on TV
Me: What is this?
MFD: Hmm.
Music gets scarier
Me: Mike! What is it? 
MFD: Cujo. 
Me: No! Turn it off. 
MFD: Steph, why? We have dogs.  It's okay.

Upstairs getting changed, Mister Softee music plays on the street as Softee rolls by
MFD: Look at him going by all slow! He sees my light on upstairs! Yelling out the window STOP!
He finally got it - in October. He pulled up in his car as Softee was
driving byand honked a million times, then ran right at him. 
MFD: Steph, where did the apples in the fridge go?
Me: Seriously? They were moved down one shelf
MFD: Yes!
Me: Did you look?
30 second pause
MFD: Oh. 

In bed, 11 pm
MFD: Shit. I put an apple in the freezer and left it in there. 
Me: You'll need to throw that out. 
15 min later
Me: Are you eating? 
MFD: Yes. 
Me: What?
MFD: The frozen apple. It's very good. 

The note he wrote to leave for the cleaning lady

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  1. I can't tell you how many times either John or I have been looking for something and it is right in front of our face. These are too funny! The ice cream man taunts us by being a street or two down but never coming down our street.

  2. You tell that ice cream man who is boss!!!! Gotta love just moving something just a little bit throws it all off. That note is the best part though!!

  3. Hahaha so glad he finally got his ice cream!

  4. hahahahahahah! those notes for the cleaning lady!!!! i swear, those damn ice cream trucks...they come by RIGHT AT DINNER TIME and make the kids go batshit crazy. and including some men, apparently LOL!!

  5. LOL at actually looking in the fridge.... my husband every.single.time....

  6. HA! I love these posts makes me laugh and the note for the cleaning lady...hilarious!

  7. Always an adventure with our Mike Doyle. Love it all ! Mr Softee and the light, cleaning lady notes! Always a fun, lol-ing read!
    Love you both!
    Love, your MOMMA

  8. You never disappoint with these! I love that because you have dogs you can watch Cujo. The note for the cleaning lady is priceless. You married a gem Steph! haha!

  9. Those notes!!! I love them!!!

    Scott has the same problem with not being able to find things that are RIGHT IN FRONT of his face.

  10. Oh my god this is hilarious!! I love the conversation with the apples in the fridge! I have a similar convo about dinner every single night!

  11. i'm curious about those frozen apples! ;)

  12. Your hubby is hilarious!! That ice cream cone looks yummie.

  13. I love when you do these! The mr. softee thing had me laughing out loud--so did the apple thing (both where are they and the frozen apple). I get "Honey...where's the" ALL THE TIME. USE YOUR EYEBALLS! haha

  14. HAHAHAHA - did he really scream asshole out the window at the Ice cream man?

    And the apple thing - OMG - I can't even tell you how much I giggled. Klay gets up at midnight - or 2am - for a snack and when he comes back to bed - I can always pin point what he ate - It's SO funny.

  15. First of all, why haven't I been following you all along? Second, I keep a journal of all the ish my future husband says. I mean, I could write a best-selling book with this shit.

  16. I love the creepy note on what appears to be the back of a receipt. I am intrigued by these freezer apples...just to get it cold?

    Also, please tell me you have seen the story about the little boy who has memorized all of the Dirty Dancing dances? He was on the Today Show today and he is fantastic.

  17. COPS is the worst, it's the default program when Tyson can't find anything else on.

    That note is hilarious!

  18. Usually the second I see Isaiah open the fridge or the pantry, I immediately ask "What are you looking for?" Because otherwise I know it will take him 10 minutes to find something that I know exactly where it is. Kinda funny because we spend almost equal amounts of time in the kitchen...

    I LOVE the cleaning lady notes. The "LOL" makes it almost sound like he did it on purpose, hahaha.

    It's a good thing we don't have cable. COPS would be on 24/7 at our house, too.

  19. the first question is: do you really like cops? second, that ice cream looks so good. i would have to get that if that was within my reach.

  20. haha the mister softee thing could be a blog post all on its own "The Plight of MFD's Never-ending Battle with the Mister Softee Man"

  21. I feel like I should leave a note like that for the cleaning ladies on my front door sometimes! So glad to hear MFD finally got his Mr. Softee! And COPS has filmed in Springfield MO a couple of times... there is a really crazy segment they filmed here with a high speed chase then the car the police are chasing wrecks and bursts into flames. So be on the lookout for that bit of classiness from my town while you are secretly watching!

  22. Why in the world would he want a frozen apple! My bf likes to watch cops too but he usually narrates which isn't as funny as insisting that I must be the one who loves it!

  23. LOL yes men say the darndest things don't they.. The sad part is I can only focus on that ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles :'( I'm goign to have to indulge and get some on Friday!! HAHAHA Wonder what the cleaning lady thought of that note, I'm sure she appreciated the forewarning! Have a great one Stephanie -Iva

  24. So is this you, confessing your love for Cops and trying to pass it off as MFD forcing you to watch it? DONT LIE!!!!

    Also, asking where something without looking? Sounds familiar. So familiar.

    LOL @ eating the frozen apple!!!!

  25. Cracking up again! Always love his sense of humor. My husband actually does the same thing when looking for something and can never find it. It drives me nuts when it's right in front his face and I have to stop what I'm doing (get up from being lazy) to show him. Gah!!

  26. Okay, why can't you eat an apple after it's been in the freezer? Do tell? I need to learn something new today.

  27. oh my gosh my husband does the man look all the time. I just roll my eyes and wait now.
    I've never had a frozen apple.. interesting :)

  28. Now I want some ice cream with sprinkles.

    My husband loves Cops too.

  29. Hahaha. I love frozen grapes. But an apple? I'm not too sure about that. :)

  30. You have dogs it's ok!?! I actually think that makes it scarier :) I love the epic battle between MFD and the ice cream man...basically a Seinfeld episode!

  31. I just read the frozen apple one to Scott. He laughed. And I said eating in bed is a terrible habit. He, obviously, disagrees.

  32. I do the same with Jack when he has scary crap on t.v. I want to smack the Mr. Softee guy.

  33. Bad boys, bad boys...

    Our Mister Softee guy is a Misses Softee.

    How the balls did he eat a frozen apple???

  34. LOL this cracked me up! The apples in the fridge conversation is a daily occurrence in our house. I'm just like you can NOT seriously be asking me that right now! Ben would totally leave an apple in the freezer and then eat it too. Hilarious.

  35. I love these posts! The frozen apple is hilarious and why does the ice cream man torture everyone at dinner time!!! Ever since I saw Killer Clowns From Outer Space I can't go near it. Sorry kids!!

  36. A note like that would make me want to snoop. That's hilarious. Also, I think the ice cream man needs to recognize a good customer and be a little more consistent :)

  37. He needs some of your magic for his unorganized shit show!

  38. I'm surprised you didn't have to get up and show hand him the apples from the fridge. I would have had to. Haha!

  39. HAHAHA "you do care. you do." I can absolutely picture him saying this!


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