Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday Five - Frank's Last Year Learning Curve

It's that special Friday again, friends! That annual treat for me and you - every year, Frank writes a birthday guest blog for me (see 20202019201820172016201520142013), and today is that day!  
Well here we are again celebrating another trip around the sun for me. This makes 44 and I am happy to say that things are a lot more settled for me than they were this time last year. Eva survived Hybrid learning 1st grade, Amanda has a new gig that she loves and I am a little over half way to finishing my Masters program. Nice to report good things even though it made it hard to come up with a topic for my annual five. While I know that Steph would love a list of the five reasons that the Beatles are the greatest band in the history of music, I figured that I would reflect on everything that I have learned about myself as a 43 year old who is back in college full time and learning a new profession. I hope you enjoy and thank you Steph for the opportunity.

It is strange to be the example -  Having gone through elementary school in the 80s where the way of the world was the “3 R’s,” (Readin writin arithmetic) I am often called on to explain how it was in those days. My fellow students listen to my stories as if I am telling fables of ancient times and I feel extremely old yet respected for having survived school in the days before google and cell phones.

I have great time management skills - I always considered myself to be a procrastinator but this last year has changed my perception. I managed to pass my praxis, take seven masters courses, help Eva with Hybrid learning, and build a Halloween and award winning Christmas display in my front lawn.

Elementary school is completely different - I am lucky to have a soon to be 2nd grader in my home to observe as I learn how to become a teacher. What I have learned and witnessed is that these children experience school way differently than I did. Forget the hybrid component, classrooms today are filled with activity, tools, and student interaction that provides them with experience. Eva is learning material that I didn't touch till I was much older due to this change in philosophy and classroom dynamic and I wish it was like that for me when I was her age.

I enjoy writing - When I first went to college in the 90s my roommate Brian Compton, a professional writer for the NHL, would wonder if I was ever even taught the English language in school. 25 years later, and in my third stint of college coursework, I find myself not only enjoying my writing assignments, I have even received compliments from my professors. I still spell like a dumpster fire but I have learned to convey my thoughts, have a voice, and provoke thought.  

Zoom Classes are torture - I give credit to anyone who tries to teach a class via Zoom or any platform like it. Between the technical problems, people who don't know how to mute themselves, and the lack of appropriate clothing (I'm not joking) it is almost impossible to run a proper lesson or class.  Kudos to anyone in the profession who has taught this way due to Covid.

It is so great to know someone for so long like I've known Frank. You get to see all the versions of themselves your friend has been. I am super pumped for now loading teacher Frank and happy to see embraces writing Frank because he's pretty good at it in blog form at least, right friends? We love to see it. 

Beatles loving Frank can get to the back of the line with  AJ, Jimmy, Mark, MFD, and the rest of you.

Happy birthday Frank, thanks for doing your annual post which I love. Happy weekend all!

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