Monday, July 26, 2021

TWTW - the one with the bridges

Friday I made salad and gnocchi for dinner and put it aside. MFD assembled my new desk and I worked until 8 pm. I ended up having to put the damn desk on the opposite wall, fucking up my gallery spread but whatever. I had no idea the one outlet was only two prong. I think it's the only one in the house. I fell out around midnight.
Saturday I was up, over the Walt Whitman bridge, and down the shore by 8:30. I went to the beach for a bit, prepped things for MFD to do turnover next week, had an easy turnover aside from a super gross grill which is why one of the reasons we do not provide grills any more, caught up with a neighbor, and was back over the Walt Whitman by 12:45. I stopped at HomeGoods then two damn grocery stores because the first one was our of salsa verde. Got home, made a quick dip, painted my nails (OPI Do You Have this Color in Stock-Holm? And four nails topped with Rainbows a Go Go), and had MFD load the car and buckle me in to not ruin them.
Back over to Jersey on the Betsy Ross Bridge for the return of the annual Sannelli summer party. Aside from Evan once last May, Darwin once last May, and Frank and Amanda, it’s been two years since I sat around with these people. Most we have known for 30 years, with families and partners and entire group adopted friends picked up along the way. Nothing makes me remember the person I have always been and what is good and true and important than being around my longtime friends. Nothing shows me the ways I’ve grown and changed more than being around them either. It was great to be together again. I was There for seven hours, back home over the Tacony, and got home around 12:45! Still got it. Not really but it feels good to say. 

Sunday These damn dogs were up at 6 even though we were all up until 2. There was a fight over food and Mae’s eye is fucked up so that’s being monitored. She is also having an allergic o episode and her wrinkles are infected. It is fun to wipe them three times a day. JUST KIDDING. I worked much of the day and night, did some purging and organizing in the basement, engaged in the business of running a household - placing Target same day delivery and Chewy orders, updating calendars, getting all the trash and recycles out (we missed last week and had a ton), cleaned the washer, etc - and made salad and grilled chicken thighs for dinner. 

I have my first in person meeting today since March 2020. So that's the focus! 

Have a good one!

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