Monday, July 19, 2021

TWTW - July style

Friday I started work early, then headed to the shore around 10. Ridiculous traffic. I stopped to pick up a library hold, hit my corner store for sustenance for the weekend, and finished out the workday. I set up my new foldout desk that will move to an upstairs bedroom when rental season is over. Your girl is too old to work from a not ergonomic position. For $50 the desk is perfect for my needs and I love that it folds totally flat and can be stowed if necessary. My big ass office chair which obviously does not fold flat and cannot be stowed but does have wheels so can be easily moved was also supposed to arrive but alas it did not. Allegedly it's coming today. I hit the beach at 5:45, which is a great time to do so in the summer. The tiger lillies are in full bloom down the street hanging out over the sidewalk like a riot. Tomato sandwiches for dinner, this week the tomatoes should be perfect. MFD and all the dogs arrived after 11. We did a final walk and then fell out.

Saturday Ben's Bark Box unboxing is a big event in our house. He likes to sit with all of his hoarded toys after. We did turnover and there were food in bedrooms again. Why why why. We packed a cooler and went down to the North End for the day. It was great when the boat was not docked on the beach blaring its music out. We came back and I painted my nails (Zoya Brandi and Essie tide of your life), finished my book, and started another.
Sunday I lazed around with coffee, did the business of vacation rentals by updating listings and photos, made potato salad, did some clean up, and hit the beach for two hours. I was annoyed with all people so I headed back home, lay down and read and took a small nap. I made chicken thighs and oyster mushrooms in the air fryer, took a quick shower, caught up with my neighbor, then biked over to see Joyce Maynard discuss her new book in the parking lot of the public library. Love my library here for getting a big ass tent so they can still hold events but not rely on the indoors as Covid is not magically gone. MFD met me there and I got my book signed and photo taken and talked with her a bit, then we biked to Aunt Betty's to get ice cream for National Ice Cream Day.

Send up a flare that FedEx finds my freaking chair so I can make my way back to Philly on a schedule that in any way resembles the one I had planned on. 

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