Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five - Best Songs to Listen to in the Summer

TGIF mofos! Today's topic is best songs to listen to in the summer. Not top five favorite summer songs. They're different!

Example: Boys of Summer by Don Henley is a summer song, and it's also a song I like to listen to in the summer. Untouchable Face by Ani DiFranco is not a summer song, but it's one of my favorite songs to listen to in the summer. You see? I'm very seasonal with my music. I love A Long December by The Counting Crows but you won't find me listening to that in July. No way. Sorry. No can dosies.

When I asked one of our BFFs, Frank, to share his list, he asked, "Songs to listen to in the summer or summer songs?" As if I didn't already know he was perfect person for this topic, that cemented it. It's all in the distinction. Frank's birthday is Tuesday, wish him a happy one a bit early! Without further ado...
Frank at a gig/Frank, Amanda and little Miss Eva the Diva/Me & Fronk at Amanda & Fronk's wedding
I love music and I love top five lists so thank you Steph for asking me to combine them.  Here are my top 5 favorite songs to listen to in the summertime.

5. Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team.  This song comes on and you are transported to the 700 level watching the 93 Fighten Phillies. (Assist by Amanda on this one)
Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team on Grooveshark
4. Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band.  This song played on repeat one year at the Sea Side Heights boardwalk and to this day when I hear this song I can smell the ocean.
Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band on Grooveshark
3.  On the Way to Cape May – Bud Nugent (how many Mummers actually knew that?). Every summer since 1997 I have sang the song with Mike Capie playing the banjo with the Uptown StringBand.

2.  (Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding.  If you drank beer with me in a Levittown backyard in the summer you probably heard this song a couple times.
(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding on Grooveshark
1. Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.  Obviously.  
Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince on Grooveshark

Thanks to Frank for sharing his top five songs to listen to in the summer. What about you? What's on your list?

Weekenders and Instagram fans, I'm going to be all over it this weekend, especially on Saturday when we'll be out and about with America's Best Racing at Monmouth Park. I'm popping my horse racing cherry. Giddy up.

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Th-th-th-tha-that-that's all, folks! Have a great weekend!

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  1. He has some excellent choices! I got to see the Steve Miller Band not that long ago.

  2. abracadabra....omfg. i first heard this song (the original) when i was 5 or 6 on my dad's record player.

  3. For some reason I really like listening to country in the summer. Reminds me of being a teenager and driving through the country as fast as I could with the windows down. Ahh....

    Heads Carolina, Tails California (JoDee Messina) and anything by SHeDAISY are good in my book!!!

  4. Great picks. Summertime by Fresh Prince is always a hit. Summer in the City is one I always listen to for some reason, even though it is an oldie. Have a great weekend! Happy Birthday Frank!

  5. Whoop there it is reminds me of high school and sporting events so I'm glad it was tied to baseball. In the summer, I want to listen to pop music, no matter how crappy it might be, and my tolerance for it seems to decrease in the winter. Something about my ridiculous dance moves seems summer-appropriate.

    And good luck with the ponies! I place my bets on those with the best names, naturally.

  6. Dave Matthews Crush and Wastin'time. Earth Wind and Fire- September Song- reminds me of your wedding day and it's still summer in September. That Summertime song, too I never know the name or who sings many songs. And JMJ
    you don't want me to sing the song to you, not that you would even recognize it. Music soothes the soul and brightens our lives. Didn't know you would be around the horses this weekend. Have fun. Love your MOMMA

  7. Annnnnnnnd now the Sittin' On the Dock song is stuck in my head. Crap.

    I agree, i am seasonal with some of my music as well!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. School's Out - Alice Cooper. There's no point listening to it any time other than summer!

    Great list!

  9. Happy Birthday, Frank!! And um, yes. There is definitely a difference between summer songs and songs to listen to in the summer :-D Love this list!

  10. Whoom there it is is definitely on my list - I love that song, that one and Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Just classic and highly entertaining songs. :) Happy Birthday Frank and Happy Friday Stephanie :) -Iva

  11. Sittin' on the dock of the bay is probably one of my all time favorite songs like, ever. Such a perfect front-porch (or back deck in my case!) sittin' kinda jam!

  12. Love summer summer time. Such a great song!! Have a great weekend!!

    Best, Mree

  13. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay is one of my all time favorites. Reminds me of my dad!

  14. Amazing picks! I mean Summertime is my jam....not to brag but definitely know all those words by heart ;-)

  15. well this is a fabulous list. dont mind me, sitting at my desk singing and chair dancing to Whoomp There It Is. Summertime is probably the best on the list ;)

  16. Great songs! I love Steve Miller Band! Although listening to some Beach Boys is always a must each summer :).

  17. Ooohhh a horse race, so exciting!! I can't wait to follow along.

  18. Congrats on getting the NE Baton and happy Friday!!

  19. Whoomp There It Is must have been bigger than I knew a few years before my time. People a couple years older then me go crazy when it plays at one of my parties. I do seriously love it though!

  20. Happy Early Birthday Frank! Whoops There It Is will be in my head all day.

  21. Frank knows what's UP! Whoomp There It Is is one of my ALL TIME faves!

  22. Woooooomp there it is!! Ahhh that phillies team!,!

  23. I love some Wooden Ships and Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills and Nash in the summer, plus Get Out the Map by Indigo Girls

  24. I have no idea why this one is summery to me (since it really is about fall), but September from Earth, Wind, and Fire is a favorite to listen to in the summer.

    My summer song this year is Love Never Felt this Good, which is the new Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake song.

  25. Summertime. Absolutely my number one favorite summer song, ever. I haven't heard Abracadabra in years. I'm gonna go do that now.


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