Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday Five - Frank's Rock Star Deluxe Edition

TGIF mofos! Today my long-time friend Frank Sannelli is taking over to bring you not one but TWO Friday Fives, like a rock star! We've been friends since high school, he was in our wedding and MFD was in his. Him and his wife Amanda are framily. He's a musician (guitar, vocals, entertainer), a mummer in the Uptown String Band (banjo, sequins, feathers), a salesman (windows), a husband (Amanda), a dog dad (Jackson), a Pearl Jam aficionado (fan club gold star member, son), a master griller (apron and all!) and a great friend. Take it away Fronk!
I am so honored to be a guest on Life According to Steph.  Brian Compton, who used to edit my papers in college and wondered how I ever passed high school English, will be very proud of how far I have come.  When Steph sent me suggestions for Friday Five categories to write about I was really torn between two of them.  So I figured since it is technically the start of my birthday weekend (and we all know that Steph is an advocate for extended birthday festivities) that I would do two Friday Five lists.  So here goes.

Five Songs I Love to Perform Live
1.  Penny Lane - The Beatles
This song generally does not get the best crowd response but because of the difficulty involved, it is a song that makes me feel like a true musician.  Plus Paul is god.

2. I Want You Back - The Jackson Five
This song always gets people dancing and it is by far the most fun song to play.  I mean c'mon its the J5.

3. Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty
I love the funky groove of the verse and I can really nail the chorus vocally every night no matter what shape my voice is in.  Plus AJ usually ends up singing the back up vocals from the crowd which makes me laugh.

4. Two of Us - The Beatles
I usually don't get to sing harmonies because I primarily play solo so if I am performing this song it means that I am performing with Doyle and once we figure out who is Paul and John we usually hit the harmonies in a way that only we can.

5. Take it Easy - The Eagles
I often open with this song because it's easy and fun and helps me shake off any nerves I may have.  If you come see me play and I open with it, I am nervous. That is why it is the first song I ever performed at my first gig at Scruffy's/Diego's/Benchwarmers.

Ok on to my next Five.  I look back to my high school self all the time and think, "what a Jackass" so here are the

Five Things I Would Tell My High School Jackass Self
1. You will see more of the world and devote more of your heart to music than you will do anything related to football so get out of the weight room and into the concert choir room.

2. The people who tell you that this is the best time of your life really mean that it is the easiest.  Thank god it is not the best.

3. Open up your mind to people who you think you have nothing in common with, some of them will be groomsmen at your wedding.

4.  You have absolutely nothing figured out......Jackass.

5.  To quote the great Eddie Vedder, "Those who can be trusted can change their minds." Be careful who you give your heart to and see #3.

Hope you enjoyed my birthday Friday Fives.  Thank you so much Steph this is a true honor.  Cheap Plug....if you guys are looking for a fun night come see me play at Dolan's Irish Pub tomorrow night (Saturday 7/27), starting at 8 p.m.! Dolan's is in Burlington, NJ: 603 US 130 South.

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  1. I'm standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.

  2. How cool you had a guy take over your blog! AWESOME! Thanks for linking up today, and HAPPY WEEKEND!

  3. And now Tom Petty is happening in my office. Great picks!

  4. Well done, Frank and Happy Birthday!

    I like what you said about Penny Lane - while you certainly want the audience engaged, there are some things you want to do for yourself.

    When I visit Steph I hope I can hear you perform. (Let's get to work on that, SMD!)

  5. Happy Early Birthday! Love the throwback pic with Steph!! Have a great weekend & thanks for getting The Eagles stuck in my head!

  6. I love live music ... especially at an Irish pub! Wish I could be there!

  7. Happy Birthday Frank & excellent job on the Friday Fives!

  8. Happy Birthday Frank!

    I've been to Dolans! Woot Woot for Jersey!

    Steph- love the bangs and brows circa 1994

  9. Take it EEEEEEEEEasy. Take it EEEEEEEEEEEasy. Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive ya cra-zayyyy. Good song. Too bad you're playin' wayyyyyyy up there. :/

  10. I am late to post this but Frank!!
    Wonderful job!! Happy birthday!
    Love "I want you back", too.
    Maybe we can all sing it next time we are at Steph and Mike Doyle's house.
    Really great blog!
    In my head I keep saying, especially for a guy LOL!
    Carpe diem always.

    love Steph's Momma

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Great job Frank! I love you calling your highschool self a jackass... I think we can all relate to that!

  13. Oh how we have all changed! Love all of those songs ;)


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