Monday, July 12, 2021

TWTW - a typical July weekend

Friday I was up early to get the shore trash out and had coffee on the porch. I ran a few fruitless errands at lunch, which annoys me, but also did pick up dog flea/tick/heartworm meds at the vet and Gus's CBD oil. I walked down to the beach after work to see the post-Elsa waves and as usual after a storm when the tide comes in, it comes up fast, and my ass was wet on the walk home. I was in bed early reading.
Saturday Coffee, books, dogs on the porch. The people leaving were late leaving by 20 min which seems to be a thing this summer. It's not a long time to them but with only four hours in between guests it's a long time to me. They were super nice people and left the house nice, which I was thankful for since MFD was working and I did turnover on my own. I was a sweaty mess at the the end, so I closed my doors and windows, put the fan and AC on, showered, painted my nails (9th & Maxwell dahlia and aqua-rius - freaking amazing polish, Black-owned company, try it!), and relaxed until MFD arrived. We had pierogies on the beach from The Pierogie Place on the boards (new and good!) then met up with Jenn, Joe, & Katie. It was a fun night! Except for the homemade chipwich we walked all the way to the promenade for that was expensive AF and...not it. Two bites and trash. The cookie was too hard for it to function as a chipwich. 
Sunday was a good mix of productive and relaxing. While MFD was at his meeting and fishing in the morning, I purged and organized some drawers, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, did some personal care, walked the dogs, rode my bike to the library to drop off books and pick up a hold, and when MFD got back we ate lunch then headed to the beach for the afternoon. It was sunny then overcast, and we both fell asleep - that is rare for me. I was dead out. We had dinner from Crunchik'n on the boards before heading back to the house. Showered, finished my book, and packed up.

I drove back to Philly this morning and have been fighting with Adobe ever since. It's a system-wide down. Grand.

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow!!

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