Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wednesday items of note: consumption of other humans (not in the cannibal way) and bathing

Nothing fancy today, just a short and sweet commentary on two things. Every week I think will slow down and I'll write more and that doesn't happen, or when it does the last place I want to be is in front of a computer.  

1. Simone Biles. No human being exists for our consumption or entertainment, be it a regular person like you and me or an elite best in the world at whatever they do person like Simone Biles. I hope you know you do not exist for other people or put your mental, emotional, or physical health in jeopardy to please others, and I sure as shit hope you don't expect that from someone else or there is something wrong with you. 

No human exists for you, period. No one is here on this earth specifically to make you happy or to please you or to fulfill your dreams or carry out your wishes or to perform for you (yes, even if they get paid any amount of money as a performer, they do not exist here solely for YOU and they do not owe you every part of them). That is some fucked up, abusive, Jabba the Hutt or a number of characters in Games of Thrones level shit. Or Mommie Dearest shit if you pull this with your kids. And you do not exist in any of those capacities for other people regardless of relationship: partner, child, parent. None of it for no one. This is toxic, cyclical shit that has to stop. 

2. Personal hygiene talk inspired by Kunis/Kutcher bathing. Listen. Most of us live in a developed country with access to unlimited water and soap. Even before but especially now in a global pandemic: USE SOAP AND WATER AND CLEAN YOUR BODIES. Every part of your body, in the shower. Wash your hands frequently. It was extremely upsetting when Covid started to find out most of the freaking free world was not washing their hands enough or correctly.

And, you know, wash the things you use on your body, obviously.

Swap if you have enough or straight wash your bath towels at least once a week and your hand and kitchen towels and for the love of God your wash cloths more than that. Change your sheets at least once a week.

People who live in developing countries or in poverty do what they can with what they have to survive, and some people with disabilities lack easy access to soap and water or the ability to do laundry with ease, but the rest of us have no excuse for being dirty, filth spreading MFers. It is also tied to privilege whether we want to acknowledge that or not, and history in America shows that most of us will absolutely not acknowledge it as privilege.

I am not doing this item the justice Luvvie did in her Instagram stories and she touches on the privilege aspect in her feed. Watch the stories before they disappear.

That's it. 

Have a good Wednesday!

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