Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Five: Frank's Top Five Jersey Shore List

No, not that Jersey shore, although MFD is all wrapped up in Jersey Shore Family Vacation right now but you didn't hear that from me. This is about the Real Jersey Shore. Happy Friday, friends. Last Sunday was our BFF Frank's birthday! Happy birthday Fronk. Every year, Frank is gracious enough to do a birthday guest blog for me (see 2017, 20162015, 2014, 2013).

I love the Jersey shore.  From trips to Seaside Heights as a kid, vacations with my family and parents in Sea isle city as an adult, visits to my in-laws in Ventnor, and nights on the Ocean City and Wildwood boardwalks there are too many memories to count. The shore gives me peace, cleanses my soul, and keeps me young. I drive Amanda crazy when I repeat this every trip we take but it amazes me that we live so close that we can be on the beach in a different world by day and on our couch an hour later.  This list could be a top 100 but I will only do 5 favorite things to do at the shore.

5.  Play with the Fralinger String Band on the Wildwood Boardwalk: It’s such a mix of everything that I love. The Boards, Mumming for happy vacationers, and hitting rides with Amanda and Eva.
4. Sunday Funday:  Since we started vacationing with my parents Amanda and I have been going out for Sunday Funday in Sea Isle. We try to relive our youth and have even dragged Steph into our Funday vortex which ends with LeCompt at the Springfield.

3. Mike’s Dock seafood: We love this place so much some years we do it twice. An awesome place with great seafood and great atmosphere. Last year we found out that Eva loves lobster and crab legs.

2. Eating Ice Cream: This one was hard because I can literally eat my way up and down the OC and Wildwood boards but a trip to the shore just isn’t complete without ice cream.  Kohr Brothers, Yum-Yums, and Sundaze are the favorites but I think I get as excited as Eva does when it’s ice cream time.

1.  Just get me in my chair on the beach:  As much as I love the activities above my absolute favorite is just planting my ass in my chair by the water with Amanda, Eva, and my family/framily.  There is nothing better for my brain than a sun soaked day by the ocean.  A cat nap, sand castle, chasing Eva, and just talking is all better on the beach. I am lucky to spend so much time with the people I love at the place where I am the happiest. 

I always enjoy being a guest blogger here and this one was by far the easiest.  Thanks again Steph.

No, thank YOU, my friend, for your guest blog every year. And this one, that is so close to my shore loving heart.

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