Friday, July 28, 2017

Five Things I Love About Raising a Fierce Little Girl

Our BFF Frank joins me on the eve of his 40th birthday to give you a special Friday Five. Frank does a guest post for me every year around his birthday and I love it. I also love him and Amanda who I would be friends with without Frank and their fabulous daughter Eva the Diva. And how could I not love a post about a fierce little lady? Happy 40th eve Frank! 

When my daughter Eva was born Steph introduced us to an old Shakespeare quote "And though she be but little she is fierce" and Eva has lived up to that quote and then some. She is tiny but she is a powerhouse of personality and strength. It is equal parts fun and struggle. There are hundreds of things that I could list but here are the five things that I love about raising a fierce girl:

1.  It's funny.  

In the moment it can be very hard and frustrating but her faces, actions, and comments always make you laugh later on. She can explode or just give you a quiet stink eye. Either way its a riot to watch this tiny girl give off so much attitude.

2. It's rewarding. 

Anything worth doing is usually difficult and making her try things and learn new things is hard because of her strong will but once it clicks it is a thrill to watch her. I have learned that being fierce means that it has to be her idea.

3. It's inspiring. 

One great thing about her fierceness is the fact that she has no fear. This is a trait that she did not get from me and she inspires me everyday to get out of my comfort zone.

4. It's comforting.

Eva is very comfortable being on her own and doing her own thing. This gives me great comfort because I know that she is confident and sure of herself, something I hope she never loses.

5. It's taught me what fierce really means.

The fights, the sass, the attitude, and stubbornness are what people think of when they think fierce little girl. While all of those things are a huge part of my daughter, it is only half the story. The other half of her is intensely fierce in terms of love, caring, encouragement, and concern for everyone. If anyone has the tiniest thing happen to them she is the first one to ask if they are OK. In her class she always made sure that a child who was developmentally behind and a little ignored by the other kids was OK and included. That is fierce!! 

She will boss you around and mouth off but she will also tell you how great of a job you are doing and give you a giant hug if she thinks something is wrong. You need the mix of both to be truly fierce. A person who doesn't have the second half of the mix (encouragement and love) isn't fierce, they're just an asshole! I am so glad that she has taught me this and will make sure that she never lets go of these traits. 

Cheers to everyone out there raising fierce little girls who will be the civic, professional, and community leaders of tomorrow, shaping our world with their fiery vision. 

Thanks Frank - and happy 40th tomorrow. Welcome to the club! Love you!

Have a great weekend you guys! 


  1. Just beautiful. I have a fierce daughter myself 💖 Continued Goddess speed ❣️ What a perfect quote my Stephanie found for you st Eva's birth. Happiest and healthiest and kindest 40th birthday 🎂❣️✨😇🦄☮️🍀🎂🎂
    Love. Stephs. Momma

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yayyyy Fwonk! Go Diva

  3. Awwwww what a sweet little fierce girl!!!! I totally relate to watching Zoe's personality develop and hope she has some of these qualities as well!

  4. Happy birthday, Frank. I love this so much! These days, more than ever, we most raise fierce girls. And I especially love #5 because you are absolutely right - true fierceness is a combination of both sass and compassion.

  5. Love it! My niece is going to be a fierce girl too and she has an awesome dad like this birthday boy!

  6. My daughter is 10 and she is all of this. As a parent I can't help but sit back and admire what a fierce kid she is. I love that she is compassionate, smart, caring, and has zero time for what you think about her. She is her own person and that more than anything makes me proud.

    Happy birthday, Frank!

  7. Happy Birthday, Frank! And hell yes to those parents who appreciate the spark and fierceness of their children. Those little balls of sassy will undoubtedly grow into forces to be reckoned with!

  8. Happy birthday Frank!! It sounds like you all are doing a great job raising a confident little lady who will be able to shake things up for the rest of her life!

  9. Happy belated birthday Frank. Keep up the good job in raising a fierce little one. The world needs more like you!


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