Monday, August 2, 2021

TWTW - entering into August

Friday It was a hellfire day like olden times where I was out of the house by 7 and in my office by 8:15 to have a full printer issue up against a hard copy deliverable deadline. FedEx Office saved the day, I made the deadline, and managed to fit in an acupuncture appointment I was sorely in need of. I did miss my homebound train by three minutes and since they're only running on the hour, I waited an hour and got home after 7. I pan fried some salmon to go with leftover potatoes and cauliflower and put some of the stuff in the house to right before falling into a dead sleep around 11. 
Saturday I was up by 7, MFD was out of the house with all dogs by 9:15 to do shore turnover, and I did some cleaning and putting away, laundry, vacuuming, nail painting, etc. I even cleared the dining room table. My parents arrived to stay for a few days, and I left for Melissa's. Kim was down with Libby visiting her parents and her and set up a date with Melissa and Zo. The timing was perfect, the weather was perfect, and it was so nice to sit around and do nothing but talk and laugh and eat Melissa's delicious food and drink beer slower than her grandmother (LOLOLOL). I went to bed around 11:30. 

Sunday I stayed in bed until close to 9 and it was freaking amazing to get a deep solid sleep with no dogs and no time to get up. We had coffee and bagels and watched Libby's programs before I headed down to the shore. I stopped at the produce store and the library before heading to my house. It was a weird weather day, so we sat on the porch and took a few walks, I read a book, tomato sandwiches for dinner, and the remaining episodes of Dr. Death at night.

This week is free from external deadlines for the first time in I am not sure how long, and I plan to be balanced as a motherfucker with work and personal life. 

Happy happy birthday to Evan today! Anyone needing photography for corporate ( in studio or on location, headshots/web photo updates, events, openings, announcements, project documentation, product shots, catalogs, etc), wedding, engagement, kid pics, family photos, you name it, Evan does it via Evan Leslie Images, primarily in PA, NJ, and DE. 

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