Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - there's a pale moon in the sky the kind you make your wishes on

1. The Olympics and sports leagues are having a time. As FeministaFabulous said on Instagram in two separate posts, "Are the Olympics okay?" and "Alternately, we could just let women live" in regards to attire. The racism, sexism, and ableism on display in the Olympics and various sports boards or whatever in leagues wherever is straight fucking trash. Not to mention disqualifying a track woman for marijuana, which has never made anyone faster at anything or enhanced performance regarding speed in anything. Can we fucking do away with archaic "laws" that are just there to oppress people? Man alive.

2. Hard agree. Me yesterday.

3. I'm letting my toenails breathe, which I never ever do in the summer. They're always polished. It's quite liberating and also feels like something has been left undone, been overlooked, got lost in translation.

4. Through work from home life, I started working at the dining room table, then eventually I moved to a room in the basement, made MFD give me his big desk, set myself up nice, then decided I wanted to move my office to the top floor. So this is in progress. The pink cabinet was brought home from the shore a few years ago. The chair is from the basement. I'm building out a gallery wall the way I like to do it which is not measure jack shit and just assemble things I like which is eclectic and also loud. My pink desk is coming in a little over a week. The second desk we had in the basement that I made MFD take is over 10 years old and is about to collapse. 
5. Yes, that's a new dog bed for the new office too. MFD was like, "Can we stop buying new dog beds? We have so many." No. We cannot. Go on about your business and worry about your own self. 
6. I am trying to build a routine where I go into the office once every other week at least with the goal possibly being once a week by the end of the year. I need a day out of work from home life and I miss a lot about the city. There's a lot I don't miss too, but I do miss some.

7. I will never understand not getting this vaccine if you are able to get this vaccine. Imagine your children or grandchildren getting Covid because of you. Imagine them having long-haul health issues because of you that negatively impact their whole lives. Hell, not even kids related to you closely, just kids you pass by in the store because I know for shit sure people who are not vaccinated are going to stores and out in public and not wearing a mask or maintaining distance. Going mask-free and closing up the distance is for people who are vaccinated. Not people who refuse to get the vaccine. Imagine in general thinking 600,000+ dead from a virus is not a big deal. 

8. Co-sign this. In my world this time of day is good for absolutely nothing except laying around, reading, or doing other things that don't require serious brain power. 

9. Reminder: We have a tendency as humans to count small things piling on each other - or more typically a big thing piled on by smaller things. Sometimes, unfortunately, a few big things in succession that feel like knock outs. Most of us still have so much going right for us and it's good to remind myself (and you, in the process) of that. 

10. Ecards: can't hurt to give yourself a leg up.
Happy birthday to Mr. Chris yesterday!

And you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to or most recently heard when I'm starting this - this week is I don't wanna fight by Tina Turner

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