Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - some all-hot half-shot was headin' for the hot spot snappin' his fingers clappin' his hands

1. One of my favorite working from home things is to be able to always have adult lunchables without having to package everything separately. 

2. I was in my office Monday to collaborate with people in person for the first time in 500 days. I could not figure out how to get the fuck out of the train station because only two exits are open in Suburban. Good start.
3. Tuesday I was at a grand opening during which I said no thanks to shaking hands and will say no thanks to shaking hands for eternity. I also almost ran out of gas coming home due to turnpike gas being shut down. I also got caught in rolling lane closures and dead stop traffic. All of these things in this and previous to say Real World Re-Entry is not smooth. 

And to use this photo, which is blurring because my camera is not focusing in when I zoom too quickly, Apple's way of urging me to its newest model (I was dead stopped with lane closures, do not fret), but the sign says REPENT Confess your sins GOD WILL ABUNDANTLY PARDON and I saw this coming and going and I know many religions rely on spreading their beliefs to others but I wish more religious people relied on having love in their heart for all people. I'd rather a sign saying BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER than this tone. This pisses me off regardless of intent.

4. I'll be back in my office for a few hours tomorrow too to have something couriered out. Woof, this week. I've watched nothing, read very little of Elin Hilderbrand's latest (Golden Girl), not much else. Since I'll be in there anyway I might try to get an acupuncture appointment in.

5. I did get a new to me car dropped off. Is it wild that companies will just drop a car off at your house for you to own? What a world. We've leased a volvo for me for the past six or so years and decided to get out of that game and buy used. I got a little wagon and I love it. I never wanted a white car, still don't, but this had the interior I wanted and super low mileage and used cars are sort of scarce right now. Carvana. And our marriage survived. Sorry for the not great photo, I am not a big car person but am a big they dropped this right off for me at the curb convenience person. Thanks to MFD for getting this all done. I don't do the car things, I handed that over to him years ago after he drove off in my fully paid off car and came back in a new one.

6. We love a simple meal like grilled steak, fresh cauliflower cut up and steamed in water/butter/Penzey's fox point seasoning, and baby potatoes steamed then baked at a high temp.

8. The friendly household serial killer of all things stuffed.

9. Reminder: 

10. Ecards: Until the mosquitoes and gnats are dealt with at least.

Happy birthday to Frank today! As always he'll be here tomorrow with his annual birthday blog.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to or most recently heard when I'm starting this - this week is Bruce's Blinded by the Light

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