Thursday, July 8, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - summer's long, but I guess it ain't very sweet around here anymore

1.I feel like my brain looks like this. Yesterday was my 10th day in a row of work during which I logged 100 hours in advance of a deadline for a document. I went to bed thinking about it, woke up thinking about it, had dreams about it, worked through the entire Fourth weekend for it. It feels weird to let it go but also nice to return to being a balanced person. 

2. When receipt was confirmed, I floated out of my house on autopilot and did a bunch of shit that I had not been doing the past 10 days. I returned something to TJ Maxx, picked up storage bins and outlet covers from Lowe's, returned shit to Target and got a few things, picked up a few things from Aldi. And since I was cutting through Feasterville to avoid traffic I popped into Trevose Pizza and had a slice. Penndel Pizza forever but as always Trevose will do.

3. Still in the process of getting shit together upstairs. This artful shot was taken while I was laying down at the end of the day referenced in the two bullets above. This is our old room, which is now a guest room, but right now specifically will be my Dad & Carol's room/has all their stuff in it. Still need to hang curtains and some stuff on the walls and remove some extraneous shit like MFD's freaking moon pod from in there. All of my Grandmom's bedroom furniture is in here and I love it so much. I am thrilled to have it. The other spare room is completely empty. We will likely get the floors done in there before the twin bed that is temporarily in this room to make one large bed goes back in there. Maybe paint? I don't know. The walls probably just need to be cleaned. No one ever goes in there. 
4. Speaking of home items, aside from the Target threshold printed sheets (NOT the solid sheets), the Tommy Bahama stone washed (There are a few different types of these and I like them all. NOT other random Tommy Bahama sheets, only the stone washed) are my favorite. They are hard to find and definitely a Marshalls/TJMaxx/HomeGoods score when found. 100% cotton or death. 
5. When my brain can take in information again...I'll finish out The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives from Netgalley. I tried reading it last night and 10 minutes in I was like what am I reading? So I put that down. LOL Show Us Your Books is Tuesday! I need to get my ass to the library to pick up some holds too. That's on my list for this afternoon or tomorrow. 

6. We've come to the point in the summer where I'm ready to throw out all annuals. It comes earlier every year. These are gaillardia perennials. I planted them and they didn't come in. The next year I planted annuals over them. This year, here they are. 

7. There was a weird incident out front Tuesday night in which a Penske rental truck that had been parked immediately in front of our house since like 2 pm was half in and out of the road, apparently ran out of gas? It was a huge thing and now there is a fucking river of gas on the street. I am convinced it was a mobile meth lab. The picture is blurry but it sets the scene. 

8. Not even a thin line of iced tea in this pitcher. This is, of course, and act of war.

9. Reminder: It's just not. Art via Letter Shoppe, a lettering artist & shirt designer in Michigan. I just bought a poster of another image for my office. 

10.  Ecards: Can the humidity not.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to or most recently heard when I'm starting this - this week is Incident on 57th Street by Bruce 

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