Monday, January 31, 2022

TWTW - the one with the snow

Friday Before work and on work breaks storm prep included cleaning out the leaves, moving a bunch of shit into the outdoor shower, securing porch items upstairs and down, picking up holds at the library, and making cauliflower chowder a la Damn Delicious. We took the dogs down for a good long run since they would not be doing that the next day. Mae nearly walked into the ocean thinking I was in there and MFD had to run and get her. It was a sight to see, I wish I had it on video. Secured some treasures and lolled around at night.
Saturday The snow drifted well up over our apartment door so MFD worked on clearing that right away and the dogs just went in the driveway and came back in. It was still snowing pretty good so after clearing off a path to get into the house upstairs we stayed in. I painted my nails (OPI Ready, Fete, Go, which is beautiful, and Olive & June Besties - I know the world loves Olive & June but I am meh), showered, and started a new book. 

When it let up, we took Billy out for a bit, and I went upstairs to do some dinner prep while MFD watched endless Gold Rush episodes. We took a walk down to the beach when the storm was over over to check out the scenes. 
I wish we waited another hour because it was a banger sunset. There was no way I could get anywhere good to see it as my boots weren't on and I was in the middle of 50 dinner dishes - I made a pretzel crusted chicken in the air fryer, sauteed shaved brussels sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes (not pictured), bratwurst with sauerkraut in the crock, and then raspberry pie filling, a bit of cake mix, some pretzel shortbread, and Jeni's. After cleaning up we went back down to our apartment and I played fetch with both Ben and Billy. Billy plays fetch like a dog.

Sunday was quite lazy and nice. I made sheet pan pancakes (probably will not make again, maybe I would if I liked pancakes more?), then breakfast burritos to freeze. I shoveled for a little over an hour to help free the cars and shovel a path around my neighbor's and MFD was out there for hours digging out and moving snow. I read, hung out with pets, cleaned up a bit, changed sheets, and set up a new habit tracker app because Google sheets is too clunky for me. MFD headed back to Philly with all the pets around 8 and I stayed up late to finish a book.  

First time I've been without any pet at all in a while!  I'm on the move this week a bit myself. 

Have a good Monday!

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